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HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) — From national to local levels, politicians are hot on the campaign trail, including a young, born-and-raised Pender County man. Conservative Chris Millis is looking to be the newest member of the North Carolina House of Representatives. We caught up with the fresh face Saturday at his Hampstead meet and greet.

“I want to meet you. I want to tell you what I believe in. I want to see where you stand,” candidate Chris Millis said. “I want to do my best to be able to protect freedom, liberty and make sure government is acting within its bounds and is being efficient and the best that it can be with your tax dollars.”

Chris Millis is a 28-year-old civil engineer and a Pender County native. He’s running for the 16th District spot in the North Carolina House of Representatives.

“Chris is a family man. He has great values,” supporter Debbie Cardamone said. “Chris is also a businessman here in Wilmington. He understands the community. He loves North Carolina. He has great family values. He knows what we need, and he’s willing to step up for us, and I admire that.”

Millis believes this area, state and country need patriots not politicians. He said he’s new to the political realm but believes his strong Christian and conservative values make him the right man for the job.

Millis’ goal is to reassess the role of government and stop it from becoming overly oppressive. He stands for education reform, spending reform, regulation reform and tax reform.

“The tax environment that we have to bear, from citizens all the way to businesses is absolutely unbelievable,” Millis said. “We need to have a proper perspective that it is not revenue, but it is the taxpayers’ money.”

Millis feels the tax and regulatory burdens are keeping businesses and people from coming to our state.

“Just as government has a role, regulation has a role also, but both of those roles need to be limited in order for prosperity and freedom to exist,” Millis said.

Millis says his campaign and his life are rooted in his faith in Christ.

Representative Carolyn Justice currently holds the 16th District seat and has served for nearly a decade. Justice has announced she is not running for reelection and supports Millis’ bid.

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  • Here we go again

    A Berger in the making.

  • Guest2020

    I checked out his website a couple of weeks ago and I would definitely vote for him if I was in his district.

  • Brian

    I feel that Christians who use Christianity to advance a personal agenda – be it business (fish symbols on advertising) or politics as seen here – are going against Jesus’ direct advice and example as outlined in Matthew 6:5.

    Christians may do well to consider Jesus’ own advice and example as written in John 18:36. The setting is that Jesus had been arrested by the Romans at the insistence of the Jews, and was now in the presence of a Roman politician who was charged with deciding his fate. At that point had the right and ability to step up as King and rule over mankind on earth. He did neither, instead telling the politician that his was not an earthly government, and demonstrating that he was going to be patient and wait until such time as God decided that He was to take action to govern.

    True Christians follow that example, and realize that Christian involvement in human government is a waste of time and effort, as true Christians have faith that God’s government will take over at His appointed time.

    Anyone claiming to be Christian and running for public office is simply using Christianity for their own personal gain. Jesus likely does not approve.

  • Dodd

    I have known Chris for a long time and I know he will represent us well. He is passionate about making a difference and not just being a complainer like most of us. More importantly, he is a man of integrity and that is what we need in all levels of our govt. Vote for this brother in Christ!

  • Guest22

    I love God, America, and the taxpayers.

    However, God has nothing to do with Chris Millis’ blind ambition! Chris Millis is a sleazy, hypocrite who violates Biblical teachings and mocks God by pretending to run as God’s anointed. Chris Millis is an egotistical maniacal jerk. Chris Millis should be ashamed. Chris Millis is a crazy Berger-like jerk. If he wants to run for a church position, go for it. However, please end your crazy campaign now.

  • TMorgan

    Guest 22…I don’t believe you have a clue what you are talking about and you certainly are not talking about the same Chris Millis that I have become acquainted with. Sleazy…NO, hypocrite…NO, Mocks God…absolutely NO. It is little wonder that you did not list your name with these unwarranted comments. Chris Millis is respectable, meek, humble, caring, and willing to listen. Wow, talk about mean spirited.

  • Rodney Graham

    I am completely baffled and angered at your ridiculous comment that hints of jealousy. You are either smoking some dangerous stuff or referring to a completely different Chris Millis from whom I have known, loved and respected for many years. By your comments,you have shown yourself as a candidate identified as an unattractive under-achieving coward bent on blocking positive societal progress to make your shortcomings more acceptable to your peers. Go look in the mirror, take a deep breath and tell yourself you’re going to start a new day creating a polite and positive environment. You can do it. Believe in yourself.

  • doc000

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Chris Millis for a number of years, we actually grew up together. Being a follower of a non-Christian faith, I have never felt that Chris has ever pushed religion as to better his own goals or aspirations. He is a man of character and faith, faith that he strongly believes in.


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