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CHARLOTTE, NC (AP) — North Carolina’s largest city is hearing from the public on new ideas by Charlotte police and city attorneys to limit protesters during this year’s Democratic National Convention.

Charlotte officials hold a public hearing on the proposed ordinances Monday.

The new convention-related ordinances crack down on protesters and ban camping on city property. Charlotte officials are worried about violence during the four-day convention.

The rules are modeled after a ban in Denver imposed the 2008 Democratic convention.

The American Civil Liberties Union worries the rules would give police too much power. The ACLU is specifically worried about banning a number of items during the convention, including backpacks and duffle bags if police think they are being used to conceal weapons or other prohibited items.

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1 Comment on "Charlotte proposes cracking down on DNC protesters"

2015 years 8 months ago

let them protest, for once they would be protesting the right party,the dems and obama. far left socialist Obama and hes failed run as president. 4 dollar gas , bad economy, over 20 million out of work ,mandates,illegal aliens,spending trillions of tax payers money no results. vote Obama and dummy Obiden out nov 6


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