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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Tom Eagar is out as executive director of NC Ports. The announcement became public in a letter from NC Secretary of Transportation Gene Conti to business associates of the port.

“I would like to inform you that effective today, Monday, January 9th, Tom Eagar will no longer be the executive director of the NC Ports,” Conti wrote. “This change is part of a larger strategic logistical reorganization that is taking place within the Department of Transportation and the entities that operate within the NCDOT reporting structure.”

Conti said in the short term, NC Port Chief Financial Officer Jeff Strader will manage day-to-day functions of NC Ports’ business.

“As valued clients and partners, I want to reassure you that there will be no changes in the level of service we intend to provide to you. The rest of the NC Ports’ management team remains in place and will continue to work closely with you,” Conti wrote in his letter. “It is my intention to continue to find synergies across NCDOT, NC Ports and Global TransPark over the coming months as we receive the results of the NC Maritime Strategy and continue to work closely with the NC Logistics Task Force and the Logistics Coordinating Council created by Governor Perdue last year.”

Conti said in the coming months he will start a national search for a “Statewide Logistics Director who will help lead North Carolina boldly into the 21st century and help direct our implementation of a greater, bolder vision for connecting people and moving goods across this great state and improve our ability to compete in the global economy.”

Eagar joined the Ports Authority in 2000 as deputy executive director for operations. He was promoted to Chief Operations Officer in July 2003 and appointed CEO in August 2004.

Eagar, who lives in Wilmington, has not returned our call.

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6 Comments on "FIRST ON 3: Eagar out as port chief"

Guest 4545
2015 years 10 months ago

Call Titan Cement if you need to work because that plant will be up and running long before there is an NCIT.
And you can take that to the bank!

2015 years 10 months ago

To all of you who seem to think there will be thousands of jobs available to Brunswick County residents if the port is built, think again.

Yes, there will be construction jobs during build out, but those jobs will be filled by large contracting firms from all over the East Coast. And once build out is complete, those jobs go away. Forever.

And once complete, we’ll be lucky if there are 200 permanent jobs. This port is modeled after APM in Virginia – a fully automated, state of the art facility. At its height, there were 47 direct employees, plus longshoremen. At a cost of $4.4 billion, which of you can do the math? Then ask yourselves if $20 million per job is worth it when our state ports are taxpayer subsidized the the cost to build will be taxpayer funded.

As for Tom Eagar, I think his public hanging was a disgrace. NCDOT apparently wanted to humiliate him. He deserved better. We banged heads on many an occassion, but he was a loyal soldier who took his marching orders from Carl Stewart, Gene Conti and the Governor. This is not a proud moment for NC DOT.

2015 years 10 months ago

Joe Sixpack I live and work in Southport and I am all for the port! Bring on some more, better paying jobs…And help keep our children in the county instead of leaving looking for better jobs! Just my one thought sure it doesnt mean a thing to the other side!

Guest 123
2015 years 10 months ago

1) WWAY didn’t break anything on this story… NCDOT sent all the media a script. WWAY simply repeated the script, no investigative journalism involved
2) Wilson – you are crude & insensitive to kick a man when he is down. Where is your Christian heart these days?

Joe SixPack
2015 years 10 months ago

Everyone who has studied this seems to be moving toward the NCIT except for you. You must live in South Port! Me? I need to work for a living. At the end of the day, it is uninformed amatuers like yourself who enjoy the fruits of our local economy while cursing the very engine that keeps it moving.

This is not the crotchity old grump city. You live in the Port City. Love it. Own it.

Then again, maybe we can all work on the set of On Tree Hill. Oh, wait…

2015 years 10 months ago

Congratulations to WWAY for breaking this story! The resignation of Tom Eagar should have happened in December 2005 when he helped Carl Stewart (Chairman, Board of Directors) take the NCSPA down the misguided and ill conceived NCIT Project path by purchasing 600 acres (300 acres of wetlands) for $30M to build the NCIT. Current tax value is approximately $12M. An extremely flawed business plan and data followed proving a disaster was looming on the horizon. Now, the Maritime Strategy Study Team is all set to continue the same ill conceived action. Time to stop wasting the tax payers money, can the deep water port concept for NC, and move on to making our two good little ports more competitive internationally and profitable.


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