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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A new addition is coming to an historic Wilmington church. This morning four new bronze bells arrived at First Presbyterian Church.

Six months ago, some members of the church were looking for a way to honor their parents, Hampton and Betsy Tillery, so they decided to purchase the bells for the bell tower.

Even though the church was built in 1929, it’s never had any bells.

A company in France made the bells. Now they’re here, ready for their new home.

“We’re excited about this possibility,” Pastor Ernie Thompson said. “The church has been a landmark for the community, and having the bells in the tower we think completes that and this will be something the whole community enjoys.”

The smallest bell weighs 480 pounds. The largest bell weights 2,000 pounds.

They will be on display at the church for the next few weeks, until they’re placed in the tower in february.

The goal is for the tower eventually to hold 43 bells.

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  • Will the tower hold that much weight. Do we need the city council to do a very expensive study on this? Do we need to send our council into a retreat session at a luxury resort to analyze the bell situation? Do these bells meet Wilmington Historic Society’s standards? Are we really to believe there is a separation of church and state in Wilmington N.C.?
    Time will tell…

  • john

    What venom you have. From your post I assume the state of North Carolina purchased those bells. I assume from your post that no one from the city of Willmington has a right to notice anything nice going on in your city.

  • taxpayer

    Brendle99 brings up some very valid points. Did the family who purchased the bells make sure the church will be issued a contruction permit for the installation of the bells? Has an engineer completed a structural worthiness study of the tower to determine whether the supports will actually hold the weight? Has the Downtown Hysterical Society approved the color of the bells as well as their shape? Will the Mayor and City Council use the installation of the bells as another photo op?

    And lastly…was Councilman Sparks asked to perform a mold study inside the tower to determine if whether mold was present necessitating remediation work prior to the bells’ installation?


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