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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina’s leading teacher lobbying group has sued to block a new law from taking effect that would prevent its members from having their dues removed automatically from their paychecks.

The North Carolina Association of Educators filed a lawsuit Monday in Wake County court, just four days after the House voted in an after-midnight session to override Gov. Beverly Perdue’s veto of the bill.

The association said a Superior Court judge issued a temporary restraining order blocking the law from being enacted late Monday. The judge’s office couldn’t immediately confirm a decision.

Republicans pushed through the override just after holding a session to consider another veto bill involving racial bias and the death penalty. GOP leaders are unhappy with the association’s political and lobbying activities in recent years.

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  • Erlkoenig

    The union should compete for customers like any other business. Liberals whine all the time about a level playing field. But demand their pet groups get special treatment.

    As for taxes, that is a great idea. Why should the government confiscate my money before I even see it? What are you liberals so scared of? Start earning your keep instead of confiscating your keep.

  • John A. Difloure

    The difference is quite obvious. The other deductions are applied to society as a whole. Deductions for the NCAE apply to a select greedy segment which costs all society.

  • Ken

    “GOP leaders are unhappy with the association’s political and lobbying activities in recent years.” So to get back at the Association, Republicans pass a law to prevent them from paying their dues via payroll deduction. Why not State and Federal Taxes, Social Security, Health Care Premiums and other deductions? You would think politicians could find other more important things to do than making things hard on the very people they are suppose to represent. Do they not realize that elected Democrats do not just represent Democrats and elected Republicans do not just represent Republicans. They are supposed to represent “The People”. Sure would be nice to see that happen again.

  • SurfCityTom

    how are “the people” hurt by this action. Now, rather than having dues automatically deducted from their paycheck, they have the right to issue paper checks or sign up for automatic debit of the amount from their account.

    Now they, the employees, will be in control of when and how dues are deducted.

    The only ones who may suffer will be the union officials and shop stewards who are dependant upon the dues payments to maintain their lifestyles and to fund donations to political candidates.

    AAHH, maybe that last item is the real kicker. They may not have the funds readily available to issue a multi-million donation to the Committee to Re-elect Her Majesty.

    So pray tell. Specifically, how do the people suffer?

  • John A. Difloure

    I challenge any teacher to show where she/he is hurt by the veto override. Teachers should consider it a blessing. Now they’ll be able to see what their dues are and not pay them if that’s their wish. It also will rein in the crooks in the NCAE who blow the dues on questionable expenditures.

  • Guest teacher

    Teachers have always had the choice to join and pay dues, or to not join NCAE. The decision that was made is a part of an ongoing effort the Republicans have in their agenda to dismismantle NCAE. I do not understand why they are so intent to destroy the education system in NC. Taking away the rights of teachers to join an organization that will allow us to pay with a payroll deduction, but allowing other professions to do exactly the same thing is just plain unfair targeting of teachers. This needs to stop! When are they going to realize that they are supposed to represent teachers as well as the rest of the people in NC??

  • Brian

    Why are they worried? If they’re doing a good job and providing the services that they should be providing, then teachers should be glad to pay the bill without someone automatically taking it from their checks. Are they worried that they’ll actually have to earn their paychecks now, since there will be more control of when and if they get paid?

  • Guest7969

    is the problem nitwit…NCAE is using the STATE to gather its dues…which is stupid! If NCAE wants its dues…it can PAY TO GATHER THEM ON ITS OWN! Otherwise…I want the state to get my hunt club dues from my members every year…


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