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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The problems keep piling up for New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger.

Just last week he was caught driving without a license. Now he could lose his home.

Documents filed last week show steps are being taken to foreclose on Berger’s home. We also have paperwork that proves his ex-girlfriend, who is also listed on the deed, has been trying to sell or rent the home, but Berger has been less than cooperative.

Berger and Karyn Crichton bought the home on Commons Way back in 2005 for $215,000. Shortly after they refinanced it in 2009, their relationship ended.

According to court documents, Crichton moved out of the home because of psychological, verbal and physical abuse. At the time, Crichton agreed to pay part of the mortgage. The home was also put up for sale, but it never sold.

In court documents, Crichton claims Berger refused to list the property at a fair market price. Their realtor e-mailed them in September 2009 and January 2010 saying they needed to lower the price to $245,000. Four months later the realtor notified them that she would be removing the lockbox on the home, because of lack of communication. Crichton claims Berger never returned the realtor’s e-mails or calls.

Crichton also tried to find berger a roommate. An affidavit Crichton filed in court included these e-mails from seven prospective renters interested in moving into the home. Crichton claims when she went to stage the property toilets were dirty, there was standing water in the kitchen and the floors and carpets were dirty.

Crichton went six months without paying her share of the mortgage in 2010. In August of that year, she paid Berger $2,100 for what she owed. Now, it appears, no one is paying the mortgage.

An “appointment of substitute trustee” was filed with the Register of Deeds office Wednesday. That is one of the initial steps taken in the foreclosure process.

We spoke with Crichton earlier today. She did not want to comment.

Commissioner Berger has not return our calls.

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  • madame k

    Berger is the issue here, he is the only person responsible for his actions. Berger is the loser you elected. After reading the posts, why does it appear everyone other than Berger is responsible??? Berger exhibits no personal responsibility for his complete lack of judgement, and continually exhibits little regard for himself or others. Berger is delusional, and needs to wake up and accept responsibility for his actions. His girlfriends past and present have nothing to do with Bergers behavior…Berger is a one man wrecking ball and has created his own path of destruction.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …or a guilt-ridden White liberal who hates herself for being successful.

  • jonny bloznalis

    is it my imagination, or are every one of the retort/ replies for comments never address the actual comment? comment aboy berger” …reply: obama said…blah blah. Comment abot berger, reply: obama said balah blah. comment about berger, reply: the moon is made of green cheese. blah blah.

    I’ve read these posts for a long while. It doesn’t take a model rocket scientist to figure out who is creating the “word salad” replies.

    Its my understanding this bereger is a troubled individual who was probably coddled his entire life, receives financing from his parents or some other benefactor since he cannot, will not or is completely incapable of being responsible in obtaining or holding a job.

    From the PDF document pertaining to the refinance, berger and cryton are listed as “non married” at the top of the document. I’m sure Obama had nothing to do with this fiasco.

    For anyone who reviews the history of berger, you come to the same conclusion…a troubled narcissitic baby who has been exposed time and again as a fraud and a minipulator.

    I’m sure more dirt will surface about this lowlife.

  • You should be ashamed of yourself! Obama is a fine man who is trying to help us out of what other presidents put us in. He is making progress! I hope he wins again! Good luck Mr. President!!!

  • Missy

    Brian Burger has proved that he has no ethics, morals or integrity.

    He should be ashamed of himself.

  • guesty

    Obama was elected with the promise of free stuff to the moochers in this country.

  • bmore Guest

    I know both Karyn and Brian personally and I can tell you that Karyn is a brilliant, friendly, hardworking, outstanding young woman that Brian has taken advantage of for years. Karyn was forced to end her relationship with Brian and move out of her home because she was so afraid of him. Brian moved another woman in and forced Karyn to pay half the mortgage, or the house would go to foreclosure and that would negatively impact her credit. She paid half the mortgage for years (even though she didn’t live there) and hoped that they could sell or rent the house. But no, Brian wouldn’t communicate with the realtor,and he trashed the house in what seemed to be an effort to keep anyone from wanting to buy or rent it. That way he and his girlfriend could stay there while Karyn paid half the mortgage for them. I was outraged when I heard this. Only the lowest of the low would be so unethical. I hope the house does go to foreclosure so Karyn can finally be done with this nut. I’m just sorry it will impact her credit for years, but I guess that’s the price she will have to pay to get rid of him.
    I’ll never forget the day I read that Brian had won an election. I was in shock. All I could think of why would anyone vote for someone they knew nothing about. I guess it was just the old…I’m voting for anyone but the other guy thing that was going around that year. Hopefully, people will learn from this and do a little research before the next elections.

  • Peyton Garrett

    Could there be a little fraud pertaining to the mortgage? Don’t forget the Unemployment benefits He received while a commissioner. Does that not constitute another look? This man has a penchant towards bending the rules to His favor. The amounts in both of these situations would qualify to felonies I believe. I may be wrong. One thing is for sure, Berger is a boil on the behind of the County and from Me, that’s putting it mildly.

  • taxpayer

    “All I could think of why would anyone vote for someone they knew nothing about.”

    I agree…but that’s how Obama got elected.

  • Raindrop

    Response to Guest 1234 – Obviously, you don’t know Karyn or the truth. Karyn has worked very hard to earn her position as a planner. Putting herself through school with student loans and earning her Masters degree with honors. For years she has tried to work with Berger to sell the house and go their separate ways, but as many in Wilmington have experienced, Berger refuses to work with anyone, and blames the victims for his shortcomings.

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