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EAST SPENCER, NC (AP) — A Rowan County fire department’s chief and his assistant are out after investigators say they used a stun gun to repeatedly shock an 18-year-old junior firefighter at a Christmas party.

The Salisbury Post reports part-time Chief Shane Cranfield and East Spencer’s assistant chief and volunteer firefighter Allen Carlyle were dismissed last week.

Sheriff’s investigators say the two shocked the North Rowan High School student with a Taser last month and were charged with misdemeanor assault.

Investigators say the teen ran into another room to get away from the firefighters, who followed him and shocked him as many as nine times.

Investigators say the firefighters had borrowed the Taser from an on-duty police officer.

Town Administrator Macon Sammons’s letter dismissing Cranfield said leaders must serve as role models and set standards. They need “the wisdom, the courage and the judgment” to guide others in the right direction, he said.

“Instead, as our fire chief, you were the ringleader of an incident which created community disdain toward the reputation of our fire department and a major source of embarrassment to the town,” Sammons wrote.

A similar letter to Carlyle is more frank.

“Your behavior in this incident was abusive and totally unacceptable,” Sammons wrote. “Further, we believe that you have become a negative influence within our fire department.”

Information from: Salisbury Post, http://www.salisburypost.com

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12 Comments on "NC firefighters fired after stun gun incident"

2015 years 10 months ago

Brian this also happens in a fulltime paid department, not just Volunteer .And if I am not mistaken the Chief was a paid employee and this is a combination department run by the town. So please don’t go around stereotyping volunteers. It does not matter if you are paid or not, there is all ways going to be a bad apple in the bunch

2015 years 10 months ago

While not true in all cases, volunteer fire departments tend to attract bullies, who then take over the top ranks and build their own personal empires of control. I believe that this is largely a result of the fact that they aren’t paid, or paid very little for what they do as volunteers, so there is little or no questioning or oversight of how they run the organization. There is a lot of this type of thing going on that never gets reported because it will be swept under the rug and end badly for the victim of the abuse. Glad to see that it was dealt with swiftly in this case.

firemen fred
2015 years 10 months ago

You are very clueless.
This is by far a isolated event. I doubt you have ever joined a volunteer company. These men should be booted from the dept. There act was very childish and dangerous. To group all firefighters, who give of there time and own money to do this job, into the same group as these, is not only unfair but hateful. Come and join a volunteer dept and see for your self. If not, do not judge or steriotype.

2015 years 10 months ago

I watched a former LPD officer be drive stunned by a taser in the rear-end by Lt. Dellapia, and heard stories of him doing the same thing at parties at his house. Guess he should get charged and fired too. However, with victims scared to come forward we know this won’t happen.

2015 years 10 months ago

Was the fun you had worth losing your job and your reputation over? I doubt it. And for those with you who thought it was funny, how funny would it have been if you had been tased? I doubt you would be laughing now.

I hope that the 18 year old gets over this and I hope he presses charges – isn’t this assault?

2015 years 10 months ago

“Sheriff’s investigators say the two shocked the North Rowan High School student with a Taser last month and were charged with misdemeanor assault.”

2015 years 10 months ago

…with potentially dangerous consequences. This sort of behavior uncovered in any other workplace would constitute immediate firings, no investigation needed.

It’s a shame when people in a professional position of leadership such as a fire chief or a police chief (take hint Leland chief Jane) can’t keep from acting like stupid little boys with big toys.

Now Mr chief Shane (…and Jane) and your blind but loyal follower, practice this diligently for your new position, “Paper or plastic sir?” or perhaps, “Would you like to supersize those fries?”.

Ya did to yourselves…dummies. How many “ha ha ha’s” are you gonna get for this one?

Das Weibstück
2015 years 10 months ago

This is what happens when you give weapons to stupid good ole’ boy rednecks. An 18 year old shouldn’t be hanging around with these old farts anyway. I hope they are all charged with assault.

The on-duty police officer that gave them the taser needs to be fired as well. People can die from being tased… its not a toy, ask the families of the 500+ that have died.

2015 years 10 months ago

My apologies, I wasn’t trying to single out volunteers. It simply seems to be more common in volunteer organizations – especially since they have less oversight and accountability than paid organizations. Yes, the chief may have been paid, but it was a part-time position. Therefore I would classify it as volunteer, as I’m sure that most of the rest of the department, officers to rank-and-file are also volunteer.

2015 years 10 months ago

Because I believe you must have tiny little feet to go with that tiny little brain. The more you post, the more it shows.

So tell us more, Mr. Expert of volunteers, where do you get your basis of, “…it seems to be more common in volunteer organizations.”? Have you personally performed audits of “horseplay among civil servants”? I doubt seriously if you’ve ever stepped foot in a firehouse, and here’s why:

You state statistics without basis and without knowledge. You have no idea who does what, where or when in a volunteer firefighting organization or a full-time operation of the same. Secondly, the oversight and accountability is just as serious as with full time organizations. These volunteers are well trained, certified and fully accountable for saving the life and property of those found in their emergency situations.

Now, since you’ve had a double helping of your size eight, you can go for dessert, although it may cause you bend over twice as hard to get to it.

deputy 25
2015 years 10 months ago

until somebody dies!!! then it will matter, sa

2015 years 10 months ago

I think the fire department should show some unity and tell the council to piss off. The whole fire department ought to band together, tell the council and public if you can do it better here are the keys.

Hazing is a rite of passage. Obviously all the rhetoric against it are from people who know nothing about TEAM environments.


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