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RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) — The battle between Brunswick County District Attorney Jon David and District Court Judge Jerry Jolly finally had its day in the state Supreme Court. WWAY was the only Wilmington TV station in the courtroom in Raleigh as justices heard arguments from both sides today about a dispute over traffic court.

Each side had half an hour to state their case. Jolly and David were both there, but it was their attorneys who addressed the Supreme Court.

David’s attorney Isaac Avery said Jolly’s administrative order stopping a traffic court program overstepped the judge’s powers. Avery also told the justices that Jolly’s accusations of corruption against David are unfounded.

“He made the entire determination… on his own by talking with people on the telephone and surfing the web, and that is not the appropriate way to do this,” Avery said. “We don’t need a hearing on that. What we need is a determination of this court that you can’t do that.”

Jolly’s attorney Coy Brewer had his chance to address the court second. He asked that the court recognize that a district attorney cannot set up a traffic court without working with the chief district court judge.

“Any type of administrative traffic court, of necessity, should be one in which the judicial and the district attorney join in a cooperative effort and create the procedures and protocols,” Brewer said.

After Tuesday’s hearing both Jolly, David and their attorneys declined to comment until the high court makes a ruling.

No decision was made Tuesday. According to the clerk of the Supreme Court it can take up to a year for a ruling.

As of October 1, a version of traffic court has been enacted in Brunswick, Columbus and Bladen Counties as part of a mandate from the state legislature. The StreetSafe program, which is at the center of the Jolly-David saga is not currently an option for offenders.

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  • Guest 25

    Who are the individuals sitting on the same row as Judge Jolly?

  • Ronnie Ekster

    Judge Jolly had Mitchell Tyler sitting with him. Mitchell is a long time power behind the throne, staunch political activist democrat and party fundraiser sitting in an RC Soles-created job. I am not sure who the others are. It boils down to this:
    The new DA is not with the good old boys’ program. You would have to know some history about Columbus County (this district) and a little operation code-named Brunscor and Colcor to understand what is going on. If and win Jon David ever kisses The Machine’s extended ring finger,as did RC Soles, Rex Gore, Bill Gore, Jerry Jolly, Ola Lewis, Mitchell Tyler, Bill Rabon, Mike Easley, Roy Cooper and many many more, he will be accepted and can live in peace. Otherwise the boys and girls club will not accept an honest crime fighter.

  • Rob Lapp

    That’d be Mitch Tyler, RC Soles’ top man and Gov. Bev. Perdue’s go-to man in Columbus County. Mitch is known as the most powerful man in Columbus County. His wife, former democrat chairlady in Columbus County was given a judgeship by Gov. Perdue, despite owing $80,000 in unpaid taxes. How dare this new young district attorney come into their area trying to change things? Jon David must go!

  • Justin LaNasa

    Why would 2 well experienced Lawyers not represent their self’s.and did the state pay their attorney fee’s. If so what a waste of tax payer money Jolly & David !!!!

  • Guest4242

    It is not right how Judge Jolly acted in this matter. If he thought a fellow officer of the court acted improperly, due process mandates that the judge go straight to the prosecutor FIRST. Then and only then(after not correcting the perceived problem)would Judge Jolly have been ok to go public with this matter. Has Jon David been charged and or convicted of the alleged offense Judge Jolly claimed? No he has not. The NC State Bar also has rules regarding such which requires a fellow attorney to start at the source of the perceived problem which in this case is Jon David. What did Judge Jolly do? Openly claim the prosecutor was running a scheme thereby insinuating corruption. Does a judge who acts upon impulse while disregarding basic civil rights need to be deciding cases? You tell me.

  • Guest112212121

    Who pays for their attorneys? Just wondering

  • Jim Garrison

    There are many sites now popping up on Facebook and other places that will tell you a little more about what is going on. Most of the corruption in the judicial and prosecutorial district has come from Columbus County. The handful of men who have stolen votes, brokered power and sold influence continue to thrive while going unpunished. Why is that? Long before Mike Easley, RC Soles, Jr had Jimmy Green and Ron Taylor. Research these men, both convicted criminals; Taylor was a lawmaker convicted of fraud and burning a warehouse. Green was the lieutenant Governor convicted of burning a warehouse. His son, Jimmy eventually took the wrap and went to prison for 5 years. Green senior, in line to be governor, went out of office-his political career officially ended. Mike Easley took over as the district’s DA. Honest Mike ran on a platform of fighting corruption. Please Google NC’s former governor Mike Easley to see where he ended up-out of politics and with a felony conviction to boot. Roy Cooper, the attorney general is a longtime friend of ex-senator RC Soles and Easley and others in Columbus County. Former district attorney Rex Gore hung out with the Easley, Cooper and Soles boys. Now Gov. Perdue, Easley’s former lieutenant is friends with Mitch Tyler. Look at how RC Soles divided the district for a banker’s son to become high judge replacing retiring Bill Gore, another of the good old boys and longtime Easley friend. Look around and you will discover why Jon David is catching so much flack. Jon is way too honest for this area. God be with him.

  • Guest april

    Thank you WWAY for reporting this story and allowing us a voice.
    If you want to know one area of corruption, research the division of former Judicial District 13, now 13a and 13b. RC Soles took Bonner Stiller a draft of the bill which was eventually made law thus creating a job in newly-created 13a for former UCB President Rhone Sasser’s son-Douglas Sasser. To keep the more popular African American female judge at bay-13b was given to her. Judge Ola Lewis would have beaten the lesser-experienced judge Sasser hands down, had the district remained 13. Sasser, who had personal problems brought upon by a divorce then marriage with a former secretary, would have never stood a chance in a fair election. In fact most judges in the district owe initial appoints to RC Soles’ politicking with governors like Mike Easley. RC Soles created Mitchell Tyler’s job. Mitchell Tyler, the courthouse administrator for Columbus County while being paid $70,000 a year with benefits, does little more than act as Soles’ errand boy while collecting funds for the local democrat party. These men have pulled so many shenanigans that they do not need or want an outsider like Jon David around. David threatens their house of cards. This same group, along with longtime power broker Dennis Worley, were the players behind Operation Soccer and recently caused the loss of 2000 possible jobs.
    Judge Jolly, when the truth comes out, was only a tool of the powerhouse that has been in place for decades. In fact it was Judge Ola Lewis that launched the attack against the new district attorney. The truth will eventually come to the surface. It is high time that Judge Jolly, appointed in 1984, retires. Judge Lewis, who has since joined the good old boys’ club should follow.

  • Guest 357

    That is Dennis Worley on the other side of Judge Jolly. He is the other machine, I do not know who the second man is.

  • Ezra Sears

    This issue in between Judge Jolly and Prosecutor David reflects politics at its worst. Prosecutor David appears to as if a cowboy riding in on the preverbal white horse, upsetting the villain Jolly’s apple cart. To understand what is happening one has to have a complete understanding of how the Columbus County system really works. By placing chosen officials and representatives in key locations, those important crossroads that make up the entire grid, those interconnections that control the system of the matrix is power. The district, prosecutorial and judicial, has for so long, embarked upon a path that has brought us to where we are now. Judges, lawmakers, county officials and others have been put in place by actions of immoral characters whose thirst can only be quenched by control, greed and power. These authors of injustice have sadly filled the halls of justice in Columbus County (and the district) so completely that they have in a few decades formed the perfect plutocracy.

  • Guest20126

    Some things have remained the same in Columbus County. There, you see, are two powerful and corrupt political machines. One is ran by Mitch Tyler and the other is controlled by Dennis Worley. These captains of crime have their schemes down to a science and make the Cosa Nostra look like a kindergarten. Nearly ALL judges are connected and a few powerful law firms have benefited by thrown criminal and civil cases, rigged juries, fraudulent land deals and you can just about name it. Political activists have been organized to man the poles while voters (some who cannot read) are ferried to the polls on Election Day. From a ten dollar bill to promises of appointments to committees and jobs, these Columbus County power brokers use any tool available. Sadly Old Lady Justice is a criminal in Columbus County and the courthouse has become another platform for a power base. More cases have been decided at 9 p.m. on a Friday and in a bar room or on a golf course than from the bench and in a court room. A few bankers and attorneys like Jeff Etheridge, Rhone Sasser, Dennis Worley, RC Soles, Jim Hill, and ex-judge Bill Gore have disgraced politics and the law practice field. They even went so far as to solicit, endorse and now own Senator Bill Rabon. Never mind Rabon was with another political party, they sensed the need for change-and they turned their hats around and gave it! I can understand why they would not want the likes of a DA who is not from this area hanging around. So what did they do? RC Soles first tried to divide the district and further isolate the power grid. When the press caught on and it was made public that the corrupt Rex Gore might be reappointed to a newly-formed prosecutorial district (just like Rhone Sasser had RC do with the judicial district for his son Doug Sasser), the people became angry(and reached out to the lawmakers) and the idea quickly went away. The plan now appears to be to go after the new DA’s reputation or at the very least to tie him up in litigation, while draining his resources. I believe it is called Columbus County character assassination. Next thing they will do is forge or alter some documents against the DA or send a nice looking lady into the DA’s office and claim some sexual harassment lie. These men in Columbus County will do anything to maintain power and quench their greedy appetite. Roy Cooper has allowed it to foster into a major enterprise this Columbus County corruption. The next governor and attorney general should be made aware of how bad things have become and should appoint a special prosecutor to look into Operation Soccer, the six schools which have burned and the seven stores Rep. Dewey Hill has had to burn. Accordingly the vote buying and graveyard votes should be looked further into.

  • Guest3334

    This group of men that has run Bladen, Columbus, Bladen and a few other areas are power hungry thieves. They lie cheat and steal to feed their quest for more power. It is a shame that Bill Rabon fooled so many people. He is a tool of a man named Mitchell Tyler who is best friends with Gov. Perdue. Judge Jolly and Ola Lewis and a banker’s son turned judge named Doublas B Sasser are also players that act as tools of this corrupt machine of power. Members of BB & T Bank and Waccamaw Bank take part in the corruption and power. These guys, along with Dewey Hill and previously RC Soles control the power. These men and women use community organizers much like Obama while manipulating African Americans and their valued vote.

  • Seeitall

    Now, don’t let Ola Lewis off the hook here. That RINO (Republican In Name Only) worked the strings on her puppet (Jolly) but you don’t see her in the picture do you? Hung Jolly out to dry and still trying to kiss up to the GOP which by the way, she proves she cares little for! Watch how this turns out. David will win, Jolly will be made a fool of and Lewis, will get by without so much as a scratch!

  • Guest 25

    I can make out Mitchell Tyler, but who are the other gentlemen around Judge Jolly and how are they connected with this?


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