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NAVASSA, NC (WWAY) — The town of Navassa is no stranger to conflict, and that continued Tuesday night during an emergency town council meeting.

The council met to discuss a personnel issue and $4,000 of FEMA grant money for Hurricane Irene damage, but residents who were there had a lot more to talk about.

The council immediately went into closed session to discuss the personnel issue, but in the meantime residents said they are sick of having so many questions and not getting answers.

“Right now and more recent years, there’s just been so many things that have come into question,” said Dorsey Jones, a Navassa resident and former mayoral candidate.

Residents say many questions revolve around the town’s budget issues. The town just completed its 2009-2010 audit, which was due in October 2010, and another audit is also due.

“We’ve got to do the audit for 2010-2011,” said Mayor Eulis Willis. “The auditor is scheduled to come in here on January 18.”

Jones says the audits are not the only thing of concern.

“There have been a lot of things highlighted as questionable in terms of practices, in terms of handling money, whether it be for grants and or loans,” he said.

Several residents say the new board, which has been in place for about month now, needs to get its act together.

“What they need to do is give the new board a chance,” said Mayor Willis.

Jones says transparency is something that needs to become more readily available among the board.

“I’d hope that somewhere along the line that we would be able to get the answers because there are a lot of questions and we have yet to hear really concise information,” said Jones.

Willis says folks just need to give the new board and him a little time to work through the issues folks have with the town.

“What’s important to me is that i need to understand and represent all viewpoints, you know the new board, the old board and still try to get this town where we need to be,” said Willis.

Residents were also concerned with how the town is dealing with issues surrounding the sewer system.

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  • Bench Warmers

    I am all for doing what is right, but why must we always be a part of the problem and not a part of the solution. It is easy to post negative comments about an individual, or a community as a whole when there is only talking and speculation involved. Maybe all of what is being said is true, maybe there are some elements of fabrication. My point is that predominately black neighborhoods are already looked down upon. Must your dirty laundry be aired for all to read! We are already seen as a group of barbaric, uneducated, violent, unorganized, and unprofessional people. Let’s not give anyone anything else to talk about. If you want to be productive, go through the proper channels and find a resolution. This post was not meant to degredate but to motivate others to live, even on the world wide web like God is watching.

  • Guest28451

    Leland has major issues with the PD along with the impotent wonders of the Council, Mayor and Town Manager. Navassa council is also impotent and the Mayor is like a small town version of Marion Barry it seems. Belvilles Mayor has issues with sexual misconduct. I mean the whole of Northern Brunswick is a bloody joke to say the least.. At least in Oak Island its just some reality star whos 15mins were up a LONNNG time ago

  • Challengetheworld

    The mayor has a pending DWI case and is really not comfortable talking about it because he was clearly in the wrong. The more people that look into the town’s finances find gleaming discrepancies and now they are having trouble documenting things. They brought back an employee who was KNOWN for hiding and cooking the books so they could some how cook them some more to make up for lost funding. The mayor had some of his family members and friends run in the last election so he could control the town again.

    Citizens of Navassa, keep asking questions and demand answers immediatley. If there is no transparency of a town this size, then there are major issues. The longer it takes them to produce results, the longer they are trying to manipulate the situation.

  • Guest2012

    Where is the infamous Hugo Neu money? I want to know how Frank Willis can adopt resolutions and ordinance when he can’t read? Which proves your statement, he needed Bun and Frank to be elected so that he can gain control of the Town. That just shows just how much he cares about Navassa and its future. His ego is more important.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Navassa residents should be dissapointed they even live in Navassa.

  • deputy 25

    these council members are so crooked that when they die , they will have to be screwed in the ground!!

  • kblue2221984

    Timillicky was here!!!Say’s who? Say’s the smoken hot Kblue!

  • Myconcern2012

    What I don’t understand is how Council can rehire Charlena Alston and pay her back pay since the time she was terminated. The citizens should be upset about how their tax dollars are spent. I’ve heard that one of the guys was terminated that work with the public works department because of his job performance. How is he different from Charlena Alston? I wonder how the rest of the employees and Town Administrator feel about council’s decision. It appears that the personnel policy doesn’t apply to Charlena. I guess not when you need her to cover up the theft that has occured with the Town. Hopefully the SBI will come in and put handcuffs on both her and the mayor.

  • Guest99877

    How come no one stated the fact that the reason Ms. Alston has her job back is because the Mayor is her uncle?!! She does not perform her job, has horrible work ethic, is to blame for the financial issues the town is facing for being crooked, and assaulted another town employee. However, because she is the Mayor’s niece, she gets her job back!! How is this legal? I wish WWAY would ask the Mayor how his niece is qualified for her job?

  • Guest2012

    Now it’s all coming out in the open. For years only Mayor Willis and Charlena Alston handled the finances for the Town. So that makes it real convenient that Alston is his neice. Like you, why isn’t anyone talking about that and the assault against Claudia Bray? I feel for her that council rehire alston and now she has to work with her. How is that suppose to happen? I was told that Ms. Bray went to the emergency room for her injuries that was caused by Charlena and now council is throwing in her face. I’m glad I don’t have bosses like that. Ms. Bray is good and I don’t know how she does it. It takes a strong person to come to work and get her job done knowing what is against her. For what I can see Charlena don’t know her head from her butt and Mayor Willis isn’t too far behind her.

  • seriously_really

    Well here we go again. The taxpayers will be suprised when they find out where all their tax money is at if the SBI will come in and do an investigation. They hired back Alston so she could continue to help the mayor hide the misappropriation of funds and the hundreds of city checks that are unaccounted for. They are now trying to go after Ms. Bray, the one person in the office that is trying to do the right thing. I guess the Mayor was forced to hire Alston back to keep her quite about all the laws that have been broken. Maybe the SBI can find the thousands of dollars of drug asset forfeiture money that Ms. Alston says is not there. This money is to be used by law enforcement only, oh by the way, it would be a federal offense to be used any other way. It is funny how they payed her vacation pay when they wouldn’t pay a police officer his vacation since there is not enough officers for him to take his without another officer working his/her off day with out any compensation. Yea they only have four who work all the time. They don’t even have a cheif since the board decided to put on a hiring freeze. Funny they hired back Ms. Alston during that same hiring freeze. Another example of backdoor politics. Kinda like the mayor said on his arrest statement for the DWI, ” these boys are in some deep politics now”. More to come.

  • Guesttoo

    Town staff and (sic)mayor do some crooked deeds and get caught. Existing town council takes the keys away from the mayor and facilitates the dismissal of an employee who wasn’t doing her job.

    Fast forward to post 2011 election. New council gives keys, checkbook and all hiring decisions back to (sic)mayor. They also roll out the red carpet for the previously-fired employee.

    Tough to feel sorry for the residents of this town. They spoke when they voted.


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