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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police have charged a child with armed robbery of a food delivery driver. It happened just after 10 p.m. Monday.

The delivery driver said he was robbed at gunpoint while trying to deliver a large order of Chinese food on Hunt Club Road.

Responding officers set up a perimeter. A K-9 team began a track and found multiple containers of food behind several units in Lullwater Village.

Based on the description of the robber and officers’ previous contacts in the area, they identified a 14-year-old as the suspect. Both the victim and a witness subsequently identified him as the robber, and he was detained on a secure custody order.

The suspect’s name has not been released because he is a juvenile.

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  • Drophim

    This took place in Colonial Parke Apartments. I used to live there a while ago. It was an “OK” place to live. I had my car broken into a couple times and drunk fights. But the worst were the African American juveniles that lived arcoss the fence off of lullwater. They would tear down the fence and come into the apartments parking lot and go through cars, damage property. They would slso spray paint “MS-13” on the side walk. If these little hood rats would just stay at home with there parents eating on my dime. Everything would be fine but they decide to take whats not theirs and get a slap on the wrist. That kid would have took his last breath right in that parking lot if i still lived there.

    Law abiding citizen,

  • Guest100

    Resources are being used by the district attorney ,law enforcement and media on ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans. I rather have the tax payer’s money focused on real crime. Remember the saying “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me” I guess the spoken word, printed word and social media postings are more important than robberies, assaults and rape !

  • Guest Lee

    Maybe “I was home” was the excuse he gave everyone, but this guy was NOT at home. He was positively identified by the victim AND a witness that he’s the one who did this crime.

    Grow up, babigurl!

  • Guestkjhf

    Yeah, babigurl’s right! He was robbing people from his own home with a gun… Stop judging!!

  • babigurl36

    The child they accused was at home!The news publish what they think is true and then others run with it not caring if it’s true or not.So quick to judge and ignorant when it comes to getting true facts.Get a life!!

  • Grand Ole Party

    How do you know he was home? Cause Mama says so?? Haha yeah right he was home. We have a life, and none of us intend to spend it behind bars. We actually work for a living.

  • Local-Rez

    You know, what’s sad is that you are defending someone that held another human being at gun point. The “victim” happens to have been someone very close to me. And you seem to be the person who doesn’t have the whole story. When an idiot 14 year old with a gun decides to rob someone in a well lit location and put his finger prints all over the place and leave the evidence behind his own house he deserves to be caught. He was POSITIVELY identified for a reason. SO if anyone needs to get their facts straight it’s you.

  • Guest11212121

    Once this person made the decision to get a firearm and use it in the commision of a felony they lost the right to be considered a child in my books. Send his a#* to prison.



  • Guest Lee

    Unfortunately, if he’s a first time offender, he’ll probably just get probation and community service. He’ll probably kill someone next time.

  • Guest CommonTater


  • anne

    The 14 year old should have been at home. This young man would get the spanking he deserves, and then, other than school, this young man wouldn’t see the light of day for a while. What is going on with these kids and where are the parents? His moment of stupidity can ruin the rest of his life.

  • Guest461

    …he shouldn’t have been in possession of a loaded firearm and he shouldn’t have been attempting armed robbery. You get a SILVER star for your acute observation.

    “…young man would get the spanking he deserves,…”? A Spanking? For ARMED ROBBERY? We’re going to divey out the GOLD star to you for that one!

    Sorry, but that wasn’t a “…moment of stupidity…”! That was a deliberate, planned and cognitive act of severe and violent aggression. That kid is a well street-educated thug at the ripe age of 14. He is what he is and it isn’t going to change now…it’s about 12 years too late!

  • RSimmons

    When a child has an easier time getting a gun than he does food!

  • Guest Lee

    What are you talking about? There’s no problem with these kids getting food.

    Besides food stamps from DSS, there are dozens of centers in Wilmington (along with dozens of area churches) that hand out free food.

    These kids not only get free food, but free health care and free cellphones…all on taxpayers dimes. I wish I had it so good!

  • ali

    First of all ..you don’t know his parent’s or the child you don’t know what they been thru with this child or what’s going on in this teens life.. the parent’s probably did all they can to help their child. people are so quick to judge stop talkin and help put sum of these children on the right path. Stop sayin what she or he should’ve did .Get the whole story first!!

  • Grand Ole Party

    Why does anyone need to know what him or his parents have been through? How does that change any facts? He is a little punk. His parents need to put him on the right path. It is not our job. What whole story are you talking about? Who needs any more of the story? He was armed and robbed another person. He needs to go away for a very long time. End of story!!

  • Guest461

    …his parents, what dis chile been through or what be goin’ on in his pitiful little life. NOBODY cares about that and there is no reason to. What we REALLY care about is how long will it be before he murders, rapes and robs his next victim and WHO will it be? Will it be YOUR daughter or YOUR mother or YOUR sister?

    You see, when a young man performs a violent crime like armed robbery at age 14, he just set the rest of his life up for disaster. His demeanor is established. His methodology of how to make money and take other peoples things is established. Now he’ll quickly learn from the court system that armed robbery is okay and that he can do it over and over without consequences.

    This isn’t about judging, this is about facts. Breaking a well established thug mentality at age 14 just isn’t very likely.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    A tough life is no justification for being and armed robber and threatening someone with a firearm.

    As far as helping this little piece of trash or any like him, I already raised my two kids. It’s not my job to raise someone else’s. If you can’t raise and care for your children why are you even having them? And if they go bad, you cut them loose. YOU call the police. YOU turn them in. You don’t have a nightmare kid ruining your life.

    Too bad the delivery person didn’t have an Uzi on him. It would have meant one less criminal who is threatening productive, working taxpayers.

  • Tracie C

    This kid should be GLAD he’s not MY kid. He’d get prosecuted as an adult at my request! If it’s known who is parents are….I would hope they’re being held accountable in some way.

  • Guest111

    The parents need to be held accountable. They aren’t doing their job and need to be charged with neglect. It’s time to start reining in these parents who turn their kids loose on society.

  • Guest311

    The parents probably aren’t even in the picture. Dad’s most likely in jail and Mom is too busy making more babies to live off of the free services our wonderful government provides to these societal leeches.

  • Brian

    Not to mention free dental care. My hard work makes that possible, even though I can’t afford it for myself. Liberal programs for the win!

  • guesty

    Just another punk entering the system for his slap on the wrist. We’ll see him in a few years once he commits his first rapes and murders.

  • babigurl36

    U one smart @$$!!!Get a life and quit being an online news freak!As long as his family know where he was f what u saying.Everybody on here talking down about him and his family, do you know them?Heck no so go jump off a bridge with your judgmental @$$

  • guesty

    It is true I don’t know this punk or his family and I don’t care to know them. I associate with people that work for a living, don’t commit crimes and can speak proper English.


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