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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — For the second time in a week “Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans found herself behind bars last night. Her latest charge is violation of a domestic violence protection order.

Evans did not have much to say as she left the Brunswick County Jail this morning. Earlier in the day, she made her first appearance at the Brunswick County Courthouse Tuesday for allegedly violating a protection order set by her ex-roommate Hannah Edmond.

One week ago deputies arrested Evans on charges of harassing phone calls and communicating threats.

“The allegations that are against her right now are frustrating for me to see and experience,” Evans’s Dustin Sullivan said. “She’s been doing absolutely everything correctly.”

Tuesday the judge granted Evans $1,000 secured bond for her latest charge.

Friends of Evans would not go on camera, but they said this is the first time that she’s ever spent the night in jail.

Sullivan, who has represented Evans for more than a year, says although he understands the significance of her charges, he does not quite understand the attention her cases receive.

“There are some pretty doggone important cases within our county, and it’s always amazing to me how some of those cases don’t receive the attention that some of these, what I would consider, small things, insignificant things, do,” Sullivan said.

Whether her alleged crimes are big or small Evans is due back in court February 7.

Friends of Evans say these past two incidents revolve around an acquaintance of hers named James Duffy. Evans pressed charges last week against Duffy for cyberstalking.

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  • texas

    Get a clue Janelle.

  • Enough

    No f–king wonder she has a smirk on her face as long as the judge does nothing EVER this is what the @ss is going to do.

  • Guest111

    Has DSS taken this girls child away from her yet? She is a unfit mother and I am concerned that her child is in the middle of all this chaos.

  • Guest23

    cant take her child away from her…..her mom has custody of him

  • anne

    Okay folks. It is time to get rid of her once and for all. I personally am fed up with her and her stories. If the people of the tv show had any sense, they would let her go. Oh excuse me – I forgot. This is the kind of publicity that a reality show needs to keep on going. If you are tired of all this stuff, stop watching the stupid show – maybe they will disappear.

    Perhaps she could be sent to California to join some of her bad girl friends – you know: Lindsay Lohan, Kim Khardashian and some of the others who can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Sure would be nice to get rid of all of them.

    I feel for the child. Personally, I think grandma should sue for rights to the child and get this girl out of the child’s life. She is an accident waiting to happen – and I hope the child is not a casualty.

  • Guestaholic

    I am a big fan of Jennelle Evans, and I would love to get her autograph.

    In my opinion, she has star quality, and I am surprised Hollywoodlawn has not chosen her for a role in an upcoming movie.

    But perhaps she’s too cool for Hollywood, the super dooper trashy movie kapital of the whole wide world.

    But we’ve got a little piece of Hollywood right here in dear old Wilmington–Hollywood East–as the hipsters call it.

    Keep on doing what you do, Jenelle. We’re all pulling for you! There’s no business like show business!

  • Guest12

    Guestaholic I really hope you are being a smart@ss in your comment. If not you are as STUPID as she is…

  • Guest-git er done

    as Forest gGump said “stupid is as stupid does”

  • Wade Griffis

    She should hook up with Brian Berger. Then they could truley produce the child from Hell.

  • guesty

    I really didn’t know that so much stupid could be packaged in one person.

  • jojo.

    why do you all have tp talk mess about this girl? if you dont like her theres a simple solution leave her alone. people who talk mess about her are the reasons for her actions. YOUR GIVING HER THE ATTENTION SHES BLOOD THIRST FOR ! i serioucly think shes not a baad kid she just missunderstood and needs acceptance in her life, she needs a better relationship with her mother and she needs to get herseelf a good friend thats not going to endup stabing her in the back.


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