Wife of beaten Marine feels compassion for husband’s killer

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Submitted: Tue, 01/17/2012 - 5:28pm
Updated: Tue, 01/17/2012 - 10:25pm

JACKSONVILLE, NC (WCTI) — A Marine’s wife says she feels nothing but compassion for the service member who investigators say fatally wounded her husband.

Staff Sergeant Jimmie Senn, 34, died from severe head trauma Saturday, days after police say he was punched by fellow Camp Lejeune Marine, 22-year-old Brandon Cotter (above, left).

Senn was a motor transport maintenance chief at Camp Johnson. He served as a Marine for 16 years, and was deployed for three tours overseas. His wife, B.J. Senn, said in a phone interview Monday her husband was not wounded in a bar brawl, but hit his head on the ground after a single punch.

“It was just a freak accident,” Senn said. “The doctors and detectives said this could happen 500,000 times, and this one time it was fatal.”

Senn said she and her husband went to Duck’s Grille & Bar in Jacksonville early January 7. She said they had a pleasant conversation with Cotter and Erik Ketterman, a 22-year-old Marine also facing charges in the incident. The conversation later deteriorated, but Senn said she could not explain what happened, citing an ongoing police investigation.

“There was no boasting about rank, or anything like that,” Senn said. “We were saying to them, ‘Welcome home, thank you for serving in Afghanistan.'”

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  • longcolt says:

    so it was another marine. you just made my point. you guys are way too emotional. marine corp needs to tighten up, stop the spinning & get back to basics. suck it up.

  • Guest0 says:

    You forgot to hit the caps key to show just how mad you are, that you are yelling, you are not only a sad excuse for a man but also a backassward kind of story teller. Get your facts straight, read Warlord and remember “ammo is cheap, how much is your life worth” Pantano didnt have to join a second time, he did it to defend the country after the attacks on the twin towers. Ammo goes fast when you feel you need to use it. Cesar Laurean didnt muder his wife it was another marine; Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach. Now Laurean is probly as backassward as you. Know what you are talking about, you are way off. This quote is more along your line “Knowing is half the battle”. You have the freedom of speech and with it comes right to keep your mouth shut, so please do so, or in your case your nasty fingers off the keyboard. Thank you.

  • longcolt says:

    she’s been hoodwinked. as usual they’re “really innocent, honest”. the doctors & detectives say it was just a freak accident. sure. a doctor also just said Pantano shot an Iraqi teenager 60ish times & it was ok. the marines at Haditha were just room clearing, it was a freak accident that women and children were shot in the head. sure. and what about the little pudgy marine Laurean that chopped up his military wife? has he been executed yet?? oh, the marines didn’t lose to an archaic militia in Fallujah, they retreated out & called in for more help for civility reasons. the usmc spin machine is unreal. its time to overhaul the usmc, because right now its a joke.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Someone doesn’t care for the Marines. Do they make you feel like less of a man? I take it you were to scared to enlist boy? Did one of them steal away your woman? Just another cupcake wanna be man.

  • Guest461 says:

    …sounds like you need a new venue and place to live if you hate America’s armed forces so bad. Iran and N. Korea desperately needs more left wing, mis-informed nutjobs like you to support their cause. Please go at your earliest convenience and allow me to assist you with a one-way passport…we really don’t need the likes of cowardly whiney butts like you here.

  • longcolt says:

    cut back on the hormone shots. certainly not scared & you’re making some really dumb assumptions. truth hurts man, sorry. your generation (probably in your 60’s) is completely brainwashed re: the military. most marines are a waste of money & aren’t helping this country at all. i’m still right, the marines need a total restructuring. as far as the woman thing, i thought marines only liked their moms??

  • Mel says:

    Those people you seem to like to call names and throw stones at are the very people that fight for right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and freedom of speech. So while you call it playing GI Joe I call it heroes who sacrifice their personal wants, needs and desires to defend this country you live in. You don’t like the military or this country…. Leave…. We certainly don’t need anymore liberal ignorant tree hugging idiots here. You obviously haven’t served in the military so you have no idea what it takes to be a man and sacrifice to serve and protect others. Might I suggest you man up sir and show respect for the men and women who choose to serve this country so you can have freedom of speech to spew your anti military rhetoric. Go back to the Internet cafe you probably sit at drinking overpriced coffee and spreading your anti American hate posts for all the world to see. You sir are the worst kind of American the mr high horse holier than thou know it all sand know how the world should be run but you’re nothing more than ignorant liberal trash. Maybe you should actually serve in the very institution you condem

  • Rita says:

    Totally agree…marines are bullies against women, esp military widows. And it is a male environment here that look at the women as second hand citizens. Wives hate you too as they can’t stand you have a pension. And retired female ranks have jealousy issues as well…If you are a homeowner with renter issues…good luck…. they don’t keep up the houses, you have slumlords that the city can’t keep up with, and I am biding my time to leave this town. These marines love themselves and think they are above reproach. They whine, they connive, I work with em everyday and see the BS they try to pull and get caught at…even friends that are civilian cops aboard base can’t stomach these jerks. Have excuses for everything, PTSD, blah blah. Grow up…WWI and WWII guys sucked it up and moved on….

  • longcolt says:

    certainly not a coward & definitely not a liberal. having a large useless group of guys on the govt. dole is getting stupid. we need real jobs in this country so these guys can actually work (not play gi joe). If you get all your info about the marines from hollywood your head will stay in the sand. again, major restructuring is in order, its hard to hear & its a tough conversation for a lot of you guys to have. kinda like putting down a dog that you should’ve put down a long time ago.

  • anne says:

    Just want you to know ma’am that you are a special kind of lady. The fact that you can show compassion for these men says alot about you, and don’t let people tell you anything different. You will be criticized for it, but be true to yourself. You would have made your husband so proud.

    As for the two, I hope that they get some measure of justice for taking your husband. We reap what we sow and they have consequences to face.

    Even though your husband can’t hear the words, I thank him for serving. He has left a great legacy.

  • Mel says:

    Wow um I don’t think nice is the word I’d use? Idiot would be one, dumb also comes to mind. What person gives that statement to the media the day after her husband dies from use getting punched and falls as a result of being hit and lest we forget the guy hit her too and she feels compassion for HIM? The compassion should go to his 3 daughters that are fatherless because their dad and step mom were out carousing at a bar @ 0230. yes it was an accident but bottom line the guy killed her husband and punched her and she feels compassion for them? That’s idiotic and not a normal response to a spouse passing away from such tragic circumstances. She needs to keep her butt out of a bar and be at home with her 5 kids and grow up. Yes it was a tragic accident but it was also a bar fight and bottom line if you’re not out at a bar drinking and whooping it up when you’ve got 5 kids at home it could’ve been avoided. Compassion for the guy that caused her husband to die? Gimme a break something isn’t right with her logic

  • what what says:

    yes because she started the whole fight and based on life insurance she had to make it look like she was an innocent woman…i pray for the children but the two guys who are innocent in “killing” this man who argued because his wife was pushing him to fight…are like i said….innocent

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