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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The man charged with murdering a young mother could face the death penalty.

Andrew Bernard Adams made his first appearance today for last week’s murder of 24-year-old Latricia Ann Scott. Adams has a criminal record that goes back decades and includes rape and assault.

In addition to Scott’s murder, Adams faces first degree rape and murder charges in a 1978 New Bern cold case.

District Attorney Ben David says Adams may face the death penalty as well as more charges in Scott’s murder.

David says investigators plan to review cold case files to see if Adams fits any evidence of those unsolved crimes.

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  • Guest326

    If the two scum bags that kidnaped Eve Carson and shot her in the face while begging for her life don’t get it, this guy probably won’t. How many people have to be raped and murdered before the system uses the death penalty?

  • Guest7969

    WILL NEVER get the death penalty…he deserves it…but he wont get it

  • Guest2020

    Given his history he needs the death penalty if convicted. And when they say he is facing murder charges they mean currently as he is on the calendar for those charges. My question is why is he out since he is facing those charges in New Bern?

  • mad

    It happened in 1978. The question I have is why didn’t they use DNA from any of his other cases? He has been locked up starting 1973 has the system helped a monster take all these victims life’s? She could still be alive or at least had a chance to aviod his path .The more you learn about him it’s more than him serving is time and being released. Cold case!!! Wow!!!! How many more cold case’s out there that ….. no need to finish LOL . Got to love the judicial system!!!!!!!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    They’re constituents!

  • Guest Lee

    For God’s sake, Common, I really wish you would stop trying to turn everything into politics. This is about the murder of a young woman, possibly many women, and the animal who murdered them. At least try to stay on subject. There are plenty of other articles you can spew your political satire on.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    If you had any knowledge of the history of the death penalty in North Carolina over the past forty years you would know that the greatest driving forces in delaying executions and attempting to end the death penalty completely have been Democratic legislators and Democratic activists.

    If this guy never gets strapped to the gurney, you can thank the Democrats. BTW, they’re also fighting nationally for guys like this to have their voting rights restored.

    So considering that I was:

    A. Directly responding to a post discussing the odds of this guy being executed, and…

    B. The fact that the death penalty is so difficult to obtain because of the efforts of Democrats….

    my post was VERY MUCH on subject!

    Don’t forget, any time you get tired, annoyed, or offended by any of my posts, you’re under no obligation to read them.

  • Guest Lee

    I’m flattered you thought so much about my post that you responded twice to it.

    You’re right, I never paid any attention to the politics part of the history of the death penalty, but I’m very much pro capital punishment, since there is a slimeball sitting on death row right now who brutally murdered my next door neighbor many years ago. It’s something I think about almost on a daily basis, even after all these years.

    Politics are pushed down people’s throats on a daily basis on this forum, and sometimes I just get fed up with it. That’s why I got rid of Cable TV, bought a ROKU, and never have to watch politics again if I so desire. (I know, it’s hard to believe not everyone is interested in politics.)

    BTW, Common, I always find your posts entertaining, intelligent, and witty, so I will never get tired of reading them. On the occasions when I do get annoyed or offened at any of your posts, I will continue to post my objections, but that doesn’t mean I don’t value your opinion. Although we are miles apart on some of the issues, I always look forward to your posts.

  • nikkimickey

    I think he needs to suffer.no death penalty,let someone in prison make him their b…h.and if it were up to me, i wouldnt give him soap,food,a book,a cot,a blanket,no phone calls,no visits,no outsidw.make him suffer.he put families thru so much pain.he deserves to be put thru hell.no one deserves to be killed like that,and she is a mother of two children,what a shame.i pray for her family,and her kids.this story has me teary eyed .so,so sad.
    I am just shocked at the system as well,wtf.im just saying.be blessed.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    A. I was replying to a posting about his odds of receiving the death penalty.

    B. The greatest driving force in delaying executions and attempting to end the death penalty completely has been Democratic legislators.

    If this man will never, ever be executed, and you can thank liberal Democrats for that.

    It is very much on subject.

  • GuestLee

    Sometimes I like to eat soap.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I think that WWAY segregates my posts and someone high up has to clear them. They often take longer than anyone else’s to post. You’ll note that the longer of the two posts was written last night, but had not posted by late this afternoon, which prompted the second. Of course, they may treat my posts no differently than anyone else’s. They may simply drink alot at work.

    Sometimes, not often, they completely censor me. (ME??!!) I wrote a thrilling micro-play about Creepy Old Guy and his boy-toys that never posted. (I’m reworking it as a musical and will then try to get on-air for a weekly “Rant” when a breaking story out of Tabor City makes the timing right.)

    They also failed to post it when I defended them for offering the story about the, ahem, “dog lover,” by pointing out that not all news has to be deadly serious. Perhaps my additional comment about them missing the breed of dog (which I offered) and the disparaging image of the perpetrator it implied made them try to preserve some smidgen of decorum and good taste.

    Those are two traits I try to avoid at all costs…and for future reference THIS is an example of a post that has nothing to do with the topic.

  • guesty

    I’ve had a number of posts that have been delayed up to a day before they appear, and I’m not talking about posting on weekends. In the meantime I figure maybe I was too harsh in my wording so I reword it so as to not be so blunt. Then both posts will show up. I have yet to figure out the logic as to why/how some posts are deleted and others sail right through.

  • Das Weibstück

    SO he is facing 2 rape and 2 murder charges? I bet there are more women than the ones the police know about, hope they solve some cold cases. I cant believe this animal was roaming the streets. FRY HIM !

  • Guest Lee

    Unfortunately, they can’t fry him. They can only nicely, gently, and quietly put him to sleep. They don’t want him to suffer, you see. It doesn’t matter about the victim or her family. They want to make sure HIS final days are easier. God forbid HE should have to suffer like his victims.

    I think I’m gonna be sick.

  • Guest Lee

    Adams went to Polk Correctional Institution in 1973 on a conviction of assault with intent to commit rape (a New Hanover County case). The state paroled him in April 1977.

    Two years later, Adams went back to prison after convictions for several rape and attempted rape charges, and a count of escaping jail. He spent the next 3 decades in prison, until the state released him in January, 2007.

    His prison record contains 31 infractions, from threats and disobeying orders to gambling, fighting and assaulting staff with a weapon. In August 1999, he cut a fellow inmate’s face with a razor blade. The injuries were severe enough that the inmate was hospitalized at Central Prison in Raleigh. A judge then added an assault charge, which tacked on an additional 75 days to his sentence.

    WHY was this animal allowed to walk the streets? WHY didn’t they throw him in a cell for the rest of his life after he committed the first rape? This case makes me sick.

  • Guesty Mc Guestalot

    Why was he paroled AGAIN in 2007???? After he was released in 1977 he committed even more crimes of the same nature (Rape/Attempted Rape) and was sent back to prison for those charges, as well as an escape charge! That should have been a huge red flag that this guy should never be let out on parole again. Now we have this cold case from 1978 where he is the suspect, who knows how many more crimes he may have committed during the time he was free or before he was caught the first time around!

  • Guest72

    He wasn’t paroled in 2007. His sentences had all expired which means he was released with no supervision. DOC kept him as long as they could. By law, they had no authority to keep him in prison any longer.

  • Guest78888

    Perhaps they should check the cases on Carolina Beach Road. Sounds like he’s been all around

  • Guest CAM

    Today was very sad for the family… This was my boyfriend cousin… and I cant believe this sick freak was even out of prison… Man she had a family that love her deeply and she had her children… I just dont understand why this happen to her??? Be careful out in this world its a sick place… RIP and I pray that this sick freak get wants coming to him…


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