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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Gov. Bev Perdue says she is eying an increase in the state sales tax to help pay for education.

“I am suggesting today, and I am going to fight for today, for our children’s future by doing a fraction of a penny for progress for schools and for children to invest in public schools, universities and colleges,” Perdue said Tuesday.

This is not the first time this tax has been a political football. The state sales tax was increased to the 7.5 percent from 2009 until the Republican-led legislature let the additional tax expire this past July.

People we talked to are not in favor of the state sales tax increase.

Julia Knorr of Wilmington is not impressed with the tax plan.

“That is very disconcerting to me, because I just don’t feel like in my situation that I can afford that to happen to me,” Knorr said. “The lottery is supposed to help education, and I don’t know if that’s even happening at all.”

Brunswick County Commission Chair Bill Sue does not think the money will get to the schools.

“Gov. Perdue, when she was Lt. Governor, made the deciding vote to initiate the school lottery in North Carolina, yet in her budget proposal to the House this past year, she recommended reducing money going to the schools, so the people of Brunswick County will have to be their own judge,” Perdue said.

The governor says she will fight for her tax increase, and she will have to. Republican Senate Leader Phil Berger says the tax plan is dead on arrival in the General Assembly.

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  • Guest461

    …to commit political suicide. GO for it!!!

  • John A. Difloure

    committed political suicide.

  • Sherri

    Is she crazy!! Who elected this woman? Oh, we did. Oops. So what is the EDUCATION LOTTERY? I guess somebody didn’t pay for her education.

  • Guest000000

    The Education Lottery can only be used for capital improvements to school facilities, not operating expenses or salaries.

  • Guest111

    Where is the education lottery money going? I would like to see a breakdown of how this money is spent. Do we have the right to ask to see it?

  • Guest9743

    I think New Hanover got about 7 million from the lottery….ask Tim Markley what did they do with it.

  • RSimmons

    Schools are getting more rundown as maintenance is deferred, utilities, school supplies and motor fuel keep rising. Federal funding keeps decreasing . We need to find a fair way to pay for public education. Funding schools through a sales tax makes more sense than any other tax. Rich or Poor everyone benefits from education, therefore everyone should pay for it, no exemptions no loopholes. A sales tax is IMO the only fair way to fund education

    Problem is Gov Perdue is the wrong messenger, with the Lottery quickly becoming a fiasco and her own waffling on public education policy she doesn’t have any credibility left to sell the idea.

    Any tax considered for education needs to written that provides that the tax receipts only go to education, not the general fund.

  • Guest461

    …because I’m tired of putting out. I don’t even have and have never had children in public schools, but I’ve paid for a lifetime anyway. That’s really fair too right? I was double dinged all of those years, but it was my choice and a damn good one!

    We still have the fundamental problem of simply cutting spending. Why can’t we cut out “Free cell phones”, shorten up on the food stamps, start sending the illegal aliens back home and off our free meal and healthcare ticket. They actually spend taxpayer dollars to advertise free cell phones on radio and TV. Why don’t they just kick me in the butt and call me clam as to throw waste in my face in such a fashion? Let’s take a closer look at what the spending for the state government is and how it is done. The increase in employees and the increases in pay and stipends? Nope…that isn’t going to happen.

    Another fundamental problem is that we are quickly approaching a society where there are simply more people collecting free sh*t than there are hardworking Americans to supply it. 3rd grade mathematics, try it!

    So tell us a bit more about your “fairness” theory there Einstein…

  • Guest Lee

    They wouldn’t have trouble managing all their funds if they used the monies for the purpose for which they were intended. Lottery money was supposed to be used on education…NOT anything else.

    Feds are the same way with Social Security…borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.

    “Any tax considered for education needs to written that provides that the tax receipts only go to education, not the general fund.” – Yeah, right. That’ll last about 30 seconds, even if put in writing.

  • Guest2020

    Instead of raising taxes the state should trim the fat. The should be more responsible with the money they already have. The answer is definitely not putting a greater financial burden on people who are already struggling.

  • Citizen of the Republic

    The taxpayers have been lied to repeatedly with the same “rallying cry” we need more money for education.

    Let’s look at the facts. The “education lottery” has pumped 2 billion dollars into “education” since it’s inception.

    But teachers need more money? This temporary tax is nothing more than a payoff for the education portion of the Democratic party.

    “At risk 3 or 4 year old children”. This is nonsense. It amounts to state subsidized child care for people that make nothing. If you have a job, home, car, chances are that you can’t qualify for it. If they’re at risk, maybe the state needs to take a closer look at the parents, and make sure the mother is getting CHILD SUPPORT FROM THE FATHER!

    Where does it stop? The next money grab will probably be at risk embryos, requiring state subsidized payments to unmarried pregnant mothers to stay at home with music playing to babies in the womb, so they can be more culturally educated.

    One thing needs to happen before another dime is taken from taxpayers, and that is ACCOUNTABILITY from teachers.

    The public is tired of rewarding all teachers, regardless of performance. And make the results from proficiency testing public so taxpayers can see the teachers that aren’t making the grade.

    But, no can do. That would be too much like a program that would get some results. Not another dime, until the taxpayers see some “CHANGE” in the way teachers are hired and fired. Reward good teachers, and weed out the career loungers that just show up and collect a paycheck.


  • TS

    I totally agree…there needs to be more accountability for teachers and also quit tenuring those because they have been there hugging and kissing up to keep their job. I am unemployed but while I was working I had to be accountable for my work and actions. What makes them any danged different????

  • Old Man

    How about requiring some accountability from parents and students? Our teachers are supposed to teach, not parent the brats. There is no accountability anymore for kids. It’s all about self-esteem. God forbid any child should fail…at anything…until they get out of school and can’t perform.

  • Guest12345


  • That’s odd, because it has only been a year or two since this same governor appropreated 100 million dollars from the lottery fund and put it into the general fund.

  • Guest111

    Then I feel we were mislead.

  • Reginald Denny

    I believe she has robbed the fund at least twice, possibly three times, All the while cutting the funds the state already had allocated to education to make up for the waste in the other departments she can not financially manage.

  • RSimmons

    You are ranting about 3 or 4 different things unrelated to education. The subject is about funding education.

    NC State and the federal government are going to keep cutting education funding and ultimately shift a greater burden of the cost to the cities and counties. When the costs shift to the county and municipal level the only people to collect from will be the property owners. Take a look at other states where many homeowners are taxed at upwards of $5000 on a $100,000 home to pay for schools. Is that what you want to happen here?

    Time to drop the gimmicks and lotteries. Make everyone contribute from Winos to billionaires.

  • Erlkoenig

    This has absolutely nothing to do with education. Ii’s more big government getting bigger and using lies to sell it.

  • Guest90210

    lets all vote and clean out raleigh and start fresh

  • Guest111

    Good luck with that. Wilmington can’t clean house in their own local politics.


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