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SHANNON, NC (AP) — A North Carolina Agriculture Department official says she regrets tipping off employees at a Hoke County turkey processing plant that sheriff’s deputies were investigating the business.

The Fayetteville Observer reported Dr. Sarah Jean Mason with the agriculture department’s poultry division
issued a statement that she regrets her notification of a veterinarian who worked for the plant in Shannon.

A search warrant released last week accused Mason of tipping off Dr. Eric Gonder, who worked for Butterball, the plant operator.

Mason says she tipped off Gonder to try to stop animal abuse immediately.

Sheriff’s deputies searched the plan Dec. 28, finding some turkeys that had to be euthanized. No charges have been filed.

The investigation started after an animal rights activist secretly recorded workers at the plant.

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1 Comment on "NC Ag official regrets warning turkey farm"

2015 years 9 months ago

Too often this actually happans in Law Enforcement, when Local, County & State Officials ” tip Off ” violaters before a raid, or search of the premises . N.C. Dept. of Justice must now enact a: “Snitch Law” Ordinance — which prosicutes any government official or employee for tipping off violaters of pending investigations or searches. It must become a Felony w/fines and prison terms.

I repeat; — this happans more times than one can imagine throughout our State and must be addressed by the Legislature.


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