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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger is still having a hard time getting over the fact that he was not reappointed to various community boards this year.

His fellow commissioners voted him off, because they say his lack of being on time and his dysfunctional personal life are embarrassing the board. Nearly a month after the move, Berger fired off another e-mail this week.

In an e-mail sent early Tuesday morning, Berger again demands a legal explanation from County Manager Bruce Shell to why he was “forcibly under threat of violence and imprisonment, for seeking enforcement of the law regarding removal of dss board members (sic).”

Berger sat on the DSS Board up until last month. Berger was asked to leave the meeting and escorted out by a sheriff’s deputy, but there is no obvious evidence of any threats of violence or imprisonment.

He goes on to write, “Is the county working under a more defined legal interpretation in threatening me with imprisonment, and indicating that my safety and civil rights… are insignificant in the county’s corrupt, unprecedented and dangerous effort to scare and threaten me on pain of physical force… so you could install jonathan barfield (sic) and bully me?”

Shell e-mailed Berger last month and told him that according to both the Sheriff’s Office and county legal staff he had not been removed from the DSS Board but had simply not been reappointed. He tells Berger after this rant that he needs to take up his concerns with his fellow commissioners.

Commissioner Jason Thompson responded to Berger’s latest e-mail.

“This is a waste of staff time. No laws were or have ever been broken… except possibly by commissioner Berger. I believe the board should address all of commissioner Bergers (sic) accusations once and for all,” Thompson wrote Tuesday.

In a follow up e-mail Wednesday, Thompson wrote, “I have asked him for a year now to quit making allegations and provide evidence of… corruption… I am tired of the slander and libel on his part.”

We called Commissioner Berger this afternoon about this latest battle among the commission. He has not yet returned our calls.

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