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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington of the future will look a little different than it does today. Two high-end businesses are coming, and it appears another well-known national chain wants to set up shop here. All this despite the state of the economy.

For years, restaurants have come and gone out of the building at 6317 Market Street. Now, another young entrepreneur is giving it a try

“That location’s got some history, you know, there’s a lot of negativity to it to me. I try to take a postive outlook on it,” Leo Andrades said. “The building just has a Brazilian steakhouse face. When you look at it you’re like, that is a Brazilian steakhouse.”

Andrades is partnering with the owners of a Brazilian steakhouse, known for its endless servings of grilled meats on large skewers, in Myrtle Beach. Together, they will open a restaurant here. With menu prices hovering between $19 and $35, it isn’t cheap.

“The restaurant has the ability to do well in Wilmington, but you’ve got to have a niche,” Andrades said. “You’ve got to have something to offer the people, either an experience a culture. There’s got to be something, you can’t be your average bar and grill.”

Are high-end businesses taking a risk in this climate? Economists say we’re not stagnant right now. Things are actually looking up.

“It reflects the fact conditions are improving,” UNCW Senior Economist Woody Hall said. “We’ve got a long way to go to get back where they were. We may never get back to the way we were. I think what you’re seeing is an increased willingness to spend.”

Meanwhile, work has been underway for months at the future site of a Whole Foods across from Independence Mall. It’s another high-end business coming to the area.

Whole Foods capitalizes on its natural and organic food selection; healthy options that usually cost a bit more than your average grocery store chain.

City planners say businesses like these point to good things about our area.

“I think it means the economy is OK and there’s a interest for these type of businesses to be in Wilmington,” Wilmington planner Ron Satterfield said.

In December, Trader Joe’s also met with the city’s Technical Review Committee about building at Oleander Drive and College Road, but nothing else has happened since then.

Harris Teeter is also expanding its store across from the new Whole Foods. The store in Hanover Center is adding about 6,000 square feet.

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  • Guest21

    I can afford to eat anywhere I choose, but I choose not to be ripped off. Hardee’s or Waffle House is fine.

  • ddfabdbadb

    You know you’re a Redneck when the Waffle House is your choice in dining out.

  • Das Weibstück

    Whats the difference between a Brazilian steakhouse and a regular one? I didn’t know Brazil was famous for its food, the idea doesn’t sound all that great to me. Also wouldn’t it be wise to open a “high end” place on the high end side of town?

  • djsrtjsrjwrjy

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MAN you are missing out!!! A Brazilian steakhouse is where they bring EVERY type of meat you’ve ever seen in your life to your table. They bring it out on Huge skewers and cut the meat right off the bone for you, and you get to eat as much as you want. Its the best freaking meal on the planet, although every one ive ever been to is quite expensive. But WELL worth the price!!!

  • GuestRioDeJaneiro

    Brazil is actually famous for its meats, although Argentina takes the prize for the best tasting meat.

    But Brazilian steakhouses specialize in rodizio where meats are placed on skewers and cooked – usually just with sea salt – the way the old-style Brazilian cowboys (yes, other countries have cowboys) – gauchaos – used to do it.

    Myrtle Beach has a few of these – Rioz, Gauchaos. They are terrific if you love meat and, while the price seems steep, they are all-you-can-eat culinary experiences.

    I, for one, will definitely go to the new place. There are also differences on the kinds of meat cuts served at ‘traditional’ vs. Brazilian steakhouses.

  • Guest461

    …would you possibly know what (or where) the “high end” of town is? Geeeez…

  • guesty

    Are you drunk? Beast steak? Is that like the roast beast from Dr. Seuss?

  • alex

    goooood,this place gonna be buuummm ,i eat there before . the food is the beast,beast steak in myrtle beach now in wilmington,,,,,great

  • Guest461

    Congratulations! You, my pitiful friend, have just won the “Most ignorant and unreadable post of the year award.”!

    I may have just given WWAY another survey point to consider.

  • Das Weibstück

    It most certainly isn’t that section of Market street surrounded by used car dealerships. Unless you consider KFC high end. Which you probably do. Taking bets they wont be there in 2 years.


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