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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A group of Wilmington residents are taking a unique approach to hitting the campaign trail. Martin Goter and John Gray are leaders of a local group literally going the extra mile supporting Republican candidate Ron Paul in his race for the White House.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, you probably have, the campaign’s been going pretty well,” Paul said during a recent campaign event.

If you read between the lines, the GOP candidate and Congressman from Texas may be referring to the overwhelming support he is receiving from grassroots efforts. One of those groups, Wilmington Liberty, is a big part of those efforts. Members have been traveling with paul helping to spread his message of liberty.

“My thought process was I’ll drive up to New Hampshire, help out there for a week, do what I can up there for Ron Paul for a week, rent a U-Haul trailer, pull it behind my Jeep and drive all those signs to South Carolina,” said Goter, who started Wilmington Liberty.

And that’s exactly what he and other members of the group did.

Monday, Goter was outside of the Myrtle Beach Convention Center waving those signs he got from the Granite State. Meanwhile Gray and others were outside a Newt Gingrich event trying to sway undecided voters.

“People are starting to pay attention, and it’s exciting,” Gray said. “A lot of us feel like it’s less of a campaign and more of a revolution.”

As these Wilmingtonians attempt to spread their message nationally, they also have a plan of attack for right here in the Port City.

“We’re doing quite a bit of activism,” Goter said. “We will get out there. We’ll do sign waves. Every one of my group members talks to everybody they can about the message of liberty when they get a chance.”

Members of Wilmington Liberty are so passionate that they take old, uncollected signs off the roadside and repaint them. They say it’s the least they can do for the candidate they have made a special connection with.

“My experience at Myrtle Beach was that of seeing a rock star,” Norman Smith said of Paul. “He’s 76 years old, but he has so much energy. His aura was bright. His words rang true like the Liberty Bell, and I was so inspired.”

As they pack up here in Wilmington and head back to the Palmetto State, they begin to conjure up a plan for the future.

“After the primaries down here I’m actually trying to coordinate to get all the signs that I brought from New Hampshire and send them to Florida as well,” Goter said.

Wilmington Liberty has nearly 250 members.

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  • starhustler

    It’s really good to know so many local folks are interested in constitutional government, sound money, and personal freedom.

    Makes me more optimistic about the future!

  • Wade Griffis

    Some people think he is a little bit nutty. Maybe he is. Never mind! I believe he is the sanest and most honest of the bunch.

  • Wade Griffis

    He may come across as a little nutty, but he is still the sanest and most honest of the bunch.

  • KCTed

    Keep up the support for Ron Paul, because he has real solutions to the real problems. He is marginalized because the status quo fears him. Trying to keep 3 and 4 wars going all the time, and playing world cop is crazy. Ron Paul wants to stop that. That’s not crazy, that’s the most sane words I have ever heard.

    They only say “he’s crazy” because they can’t get any real dirt on him, because there isn’t any. He’s exactly as he appears; honest, experienced and highly intelligent. (That’s what really scares them)

  • Norman Smith

    Thank you Cliff for such a nice piece of work.It is such a breath of fresh air to see a journalism covering pro-activism in it’s proper light.Dr.Paul is an inspirational candidate and a valid choice. May the best man win! Dr.Ron Paul is the logical choice….So says Common Sense.I saw that Dr.Paul has 82% in the WWAYTV3 S.C. Presidential Primary Polll..this is VERY encouraging!!!

  • guesty

    I’ve been caught in the WWAY time delay for posting comments. You wait and wait but it never shows up. So you try again and the next thing you see, both are posted.

  • Guest Lee

    How can Ron Paul be “a little nutty” in one breath, and “the sanest” in another? That doesn’t make sense, but neither does posting the same post twice.

    I wouldn’t vote for Ron Paul if he was the only one running. Do you think he and Ru Paul are related? (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

  • Guest2020

    What do you have against Ron Paul?

  • guesty

    Maybe they work 3rd shift.

  • Guest644

    You know if someone comments at 2 am they may have a delay.

  • GuestReality

    It amazes me that posters have commented more about the twice posting issue than they have about your comment of “a little nutty” vs “the sanest”. Just shows where everyone’s priorities (and IQ’s) are.

    BTW, I agree with you that the “nutty” vs “sane” comment doesn’t make sense. I wouldn’t vote for him either, considering he knows zilch about foreign affairs, terrorism, and immigration. His only claim to fame is knowledge about the economy and finances, which are indeed well earned praises, but I’m also concerned about my country’s safety. We need a more balanced candidate, not a “specialized” candidate.

  • Guest644

    You just got to have the last word. Maybe you should follow some of your own advice and learn reading comprehension. I was saying if you post something at 2 am expect a delay, not why they posted at 2 am. Waiting on reply.

  • Guest_99x

    I’ll take a try at answering this 2020…. Many ex-military have formed profitable businesses providing “support” services for the numerous bases we have here in NC. Ron Paul is saying loud and clear that these pigs are no longer needed at the trough. Ron Paul has my vote.

  • Guest Lee

    Because of his lack of national security intelligence and his wishy-washy stance on immigration. He scares me.

  • Wade Griffis

    If someone posts at 2 or 3 Am they are insomniacs or alcholics or both. I plead guilty on both counts.

    I was at the city meeting about the sign ordinance. I was sober enough to make some good comments.

    Where wure you?

  • Wade Griffis

    I would be able to say you are a little nutty because of your comment. That certainly does not mean that I think you are crazy. You have the same rights to your opinion as I do.

    Let us look at the Republicans for a few moments:

    Mitt Romney changes his opinion every time the wind blows.

    Newt Gingrich has more baggage than American airlines.

    I racked my brain to think of another likely candidate.

    God knows, I would love to vote for anybody except Obama;

    If there seemed to be ANY sane Republican out there.

  • Guest Lee

    OK, I’ll bite. What kind of support services are you talking about? Since I don’t know the answer to that question, the rest of your post doesn’t make sense to me either. Please enlighten.

  • Guest_99x

    I think I read that Ron Paul favors deporting the Kardashians and the cast of Jersey Shore, including the ones who escaped south to work in the Leland police department.

  • guesty

    Don’t be mad just because I gave a valid reason both for posting at 3am and for a delay. Just be mad.

  • Guest_99x

    Guest Lee,

    My apologies for the lack of clarity in my brief post, your criticism of it is well taken.

    A GW Bush era report issued by the General Accounting Office is exhaustive in its treatment of the errant behavior of some government contractors i.e., providers of “support services” to the military as I had expressed in my original post.

    The summary of this report states:

    “The amount of unpaid taxes for DOD contractors registered in CCR ranged
    from a small amount owed by an individual for a single tax period to
    millions of dollars owed by a business over more than 60 tax periods. The
    type of unpaid taxes owed by these contractors varied and consisted of
    payroll, corporate income, excise, unemployment, individual income, and
    other types of taxes. In the case of unpaid payroll taxes, an employer
    withheld federal taxes from an employee’s wages, but did not send the
    withheld payroll taxes or the employer’s required matching amount to IRS.”

    The entirety of this report may be found at http://www.gao.gov/new.items/d0495.pdf

    This report states that 27000 vendors failed to pay nearly 3 billion dollars in federal taxes, a large amount of these taxes comprised trust fund taxes, withheld federal income taxes and Social Security taxes.

    On average, this shows more than $110,000 default per contractor.

    Some folks around here get mad that poor people get no cost limited use cellphones, subsidized housing and assistance to buy food. I get annoyed when rich people, making big bucks on government contracts can’t show the responsibility or decency to pay their share of taxes back into the system that enriches them.

  • Wade Griffis

    If I say that Ron Paul is a little nutty, but the sanest one of the bunch- it simply means that I think the rest of them are nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake.

    How hard is that to understand?

  • Jaed Deaj

    Ron Paul supporters: go to http://www.VoteRonPaul.us/ and make your pledge to vote for him. If the media doesn’t want to believe he can win, take a look at the map that is shown. We’ll show our support when we turn it completely red.

    Please, pass this link on to all supporters!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    ..the concept of forward deployment and the need to fight “over there” than over here has no buisness being the Commander-in-Chief.

    Any man who can say, “I would have arrested Osama Bin Laden and put him on trial” with a straight face is beyond dillusional.

    Based only upon his domestic policy, there’s not a doubt in my mind that Ron Paul would be the best thing that could happen to this nation. Unfortunately, no president is immune from national security and defense issues, and the utter nonsense I hear coming from Ron Paul’s mouth regarding those areas clearly indicates that he is in no way qualified to be president.

    As I stated earlier, 85% brilliant, 15% totally and dangerously insane.

  • rael

    1…the concepts of WAR is secondary but absolutely critical. First-things-first:

    2… the concept of “Indefinite Detention”, & the need to DEFEND the Constitution of the United States of America against DOMESTIC enemies [fill in the blank with ANY other candidate, incorporated] is what is top-most in danger! Those who support Paul know this.

    3…the concept of “Following the Money”, this election boils down to a simple choice for any honest analytical observer: Ron Paul vs. Goldman Sachs! Those who support Paul know this. Public Data:–> http://www.opensecrets.org

    4. What Dr Paul has said is that he would PREFER to have taken Bin Laden ALIVE. It’s a RATIONAL STRATEGIC preference that conveniently happens to coincide with the GOLDEN RULE, something you might need to know Christ in order to wrap your heart and brain around. Dr Paul voted for the authority to find, capture, and kill Bin Laden but unapologetically promotes and maintains the principle of demonstrating WISDOM when wielding power under the RULE of LAW and the COURAGE to admit it to the nation in the toughest moment; the sale of his candidacy. That’s the BEST quality that makes him a BETTER Commander-in-Chief; his restaint in waging war and his honesty. This isn’t a football game, this is WAR and I admire his clarity to not give-in to the beating war-drums and execute our might wisely. Those who support Paul know this.

    Back to #1 now: The Endless War A.K.A. “Fear Game”
    The FEAR is that IRAN is going to nuke us? They have everything to lose by even hinting that they can possibly do that. Are you really going to subscribe to that claim without any facts to back it up? The fear a decade ago was that IRAQ had WMDs which we now know wasn’t true.

    It’s unconstitutional to go to war without congressional approval has been played out for over a decade… to where all you have to do is ASK the TROOPS you so eager to place in harm’s way? They overwhelmingly agree with Dr Paul, whom despite your own admission that he understands economics, sound money, medicine, and how the deceptions actually work, you call “insane”.

    Those who support Paul know this. We stand with the soldiers who support him. If you insist that Paul is the insane one in this argument and all the active military that support him overwhelmingly, all I can say is that I am respectfully sorry we disagree, but I am siding with THEM, … and HIM!

    5… the simple concept of basic math: Dr Paul’s support is ROCK SOLID, as in it’s NOT GOING ANYWHERE ELSE. The RNC knows it, the DNC knows it, and we know it too. If you really don’t want NObama then you better put your plastic sword back in it’s sheath and warm up to Ron Paul, PERIOD (sorry, but you have GOLDMAN-SACHS to blame for that one)!

    r3VOLution 2012 – We won’t get fooled again!!!

  • John

    If you truly want a sound economy, and liberties restored to this nation you have no other choice than Ron Paul. Too much money is spent on foreign policy and military activities. How can you expect to restore our economy if nothing changes… You have to do the right thing for everyone… I’m a veteran, I’ve served over seas… I agree with Congressman Paul that these people can determine how they want to live. If we stop telling people in other countries how to live, and what to do they will leave us alone. Everytime we go to war with a country overseas we kill innocent people, people who have children who will grow hating what we took from them much like you and I would. As long as this vicious cycle exists we will have wars. We will have these wars because ten/ twenty years ago we killed someone’s mother, and they hate us for it so much they will kill a few of us in return.

    Ron Paul simply wants a world were we can live without putting our nose in other peoples business. Let them fend for themselves, and we will take care of our own.

  • Terra Easters

    I’m in wake forest, will gas up the car and be there!!!


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