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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Scammers taking advantage of the federal government’s Black Farmers Settlement are targeting the local black community.

Word got out that if you showed up Friday at the Ekklesia United Holy Church on 17th Street near Market, filled out an online form, then had it notarized on site for $20, you could apply to receive part of the proposed $1 billion settlement. The qualifications to apply for the settlement are very strict and only apply to very few black farmers and their families.

Officials tell us the online form is free to download and does not need to be notarized. It’s also illegal to charge more than $5 for a notary stamp in North Carolina. A spokesman for the Black Farmers Claims Administrator, the independent group overseeing the settlement, says what’s going on in Wilmington is “a total scam.”

“Anyone soliciting clients indicating that they can get them into this lawsuit, by paying any amount of money is a scam,” said Greg Francis, who is part of the Black Farmers Lawsuit Council. “There’s no way to pay to be in this lawsuit at this point.”

Francis says they have heard of these scams happening in other places around the country. He says they typically notify the United States Department of Justice.

We went inside the church looking for someone in charge. Everyone we talked with said no was in charge was there. The people taking applications also scooped up their forms and left while we were trying to get answers.

Det. Kevin Smith with the Wilmington Police Department says exchanging $20 for a notary stamp isn’t fraud, because it’s payment for a service. However, he says paying $20 for a worthless piece of paper is definitely a scam.

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  • Watching Wilmington

    Typical comments that spews from hatred and ignorance.

    Once again, you changed my words to take the focus off the truth.
    Wilmington whites are a classic example of pure hatred and evil. Reading these posts bring tears to my eyes knowing that some of you are deacons, or elders of a church. Hatred is like a disease. The only way that you can be cured from this evil sickness is to face the fact that you are consumed with this disease.

    Once again, my main point is: there is no superior race of people.
    There are people in all races who are doing the same things to get by.
    The only difference is, some try to hide it, and some don’t.

    The end.

  • guesty

    But unfortunatly too many people, black, white, hispanic & other races consider welfare a way of life. Why work when you can get it for free? That is the basis of the democratic party and their hatred of the evil rich.

  • Watching Wilmington

    This is so sad to see and read early this morning.
    Blacks are definitely committing crimes all over the world.
    But please sweep around your own front door.

    Whites are committing all kinds of crimes and sweeping them under the rug.

    The main cause for all crimes is sin and being separated from a loving God that willingly died for all races of people on the cross so that we would not have to turn to a life of crime to get by.

    Bottom line.

  • Watching Wilmington

    MY PRESIDENT: 1. Got Osama Bin Laden…check 2. Unemployment rate 8.5%…check. 3. 1.6 million jobs created with no GOP help…check 4. 22 months of job and economic growth with no help…check 5. Ended war in Iraq …check 6. DADT repeal…check 7. Not one tax hike in 3 years….check 8.Brought out of racism in the Gop…check 9.Still carry 80% of the black vote…check 10.Same wife for 15 years ……wi…th no extra marital affairs…check 11. Save auto industry and 1.5 million jobs.. check 12. Assisted in ousting Khaddafi…check 13.Only active President to receive Nobel Peace prize while in office…check 14. Mortgage modification to prevent home owners from losing their home…check 15. STILL fighting for middle class families…check 16.Reform affordable healthcare…. check. Despite what the GOP would have you believe the President has been doing these things and more by himself. Obama 2012-

  • Watching Wilmington

    Whites killing their own family members for insurance money.
    Hmmm…whatsup with that?

  • Watching Wilmington

    Social Services does not give out foodstamps without verifying income. However, the whites DID NOT WANT US to CALL THEIR JOBS to verify their income. They preferred to bring in every check stub possible in order to avoid the embarrassment.

    Evidentally, I did my job correctly. I worked there for 10 years.

    Face the truth about all races of people. There are liars, schemers and crooks in all of the bloodlines. The purpose of my post was to bring out the fact that a lot of these racist comments are incorrect.

    Blacks did not try to hide the fact that they are receiving benefits. Life happens. Whites are too ashamed to admit that they need help and prefer to put on a false front among their family and friends when they are in fact doing the same things that other races are doing to get by.

    Don’t get upset! Just look at both sides of the fence. There is NO SUPERIOR RACE! Cons and crooks, and welfare cheats are everywhere in all races of people.

  • Guest2020

    I can add one. Charles Warren. He refuses to abide by an ethics policy that he voted for, not to mention that he’s a big cry baby. If you can’t stand the heat then stay out of the political kitchen.

  • Guest461

    …and happen to find his ideology/questions quite correct and in line with the topic. Do you routinely have difficulty with your reading comprehension and recall of current events?

  • Grand Ole Party

    I’m white and I will be the first to tell you that his post is based on facts. So do tell how is that in anyway racist?

  • Guest CommonTater

    She will never figure it out….. Statistics are like quicksand to some… they just never see it the whole while it takes them down. **sigh**

  • Guest1165

    I’m white and I will be the first to tell you that your post was racist.

  • Blacks consider it a fact of life????” Don’t you think earning your own living should be considered a fact of life instead?

  • Guest Reply

    All this bickering going on…and the main thing is…”Elvis has left the building”.
    I suspect these spammers are miles away by now thanks to quick responses by the authorities…”NOT”!
    I think the 2 ladies names in question collecting the notary funds were:
    1. Mrs. Cleep Hogroy
    2. Mrs. Flark Flapazoid
    Don’t worry…the authorities have their names and it shouldn’t be too hard to track them down….HA!!!!
    Sarcastic you say? Yes…to prove a point of ignorance of all concerned.
    As these 2 sail off into the sunset with everyone’s name and bank info…it shall be considered a…”Hard Day’s Work” and nearly caught…but escaped safely because no one had the police there. BINGO!
    Regardless of color/religion/etc., there are too many people falling prey these days to these types of situations…whether it be by email or any other method. IMO…this being held in a church was/is a smoke screen to make people believe “All is well” in their place of faith…but there is no faith now. All is well now…for the crooks.
    No need to defend people taken for a ride because this took place in a church…a parking lot…or any where else for that matter. The fact remains that people let themselves fall prey to situations such as this when something is labeled “FREE Money”…even though the $20 fee was part of the deal.
    The only ones “Free Money” applied to, were the 2 ladies in the video dodging the reporter. I think the applicants know this now.
    But are all the facts in on this case? “Probably Not”…after all…this is the news isn’t it?
    By the way…whom started the notice these people were having this application event…the church officers…or Joey on the street????

  • Watching Wilmington

    I worked for the Department of Social Services for years in Wilmington, NC in the Foodstamps Department. Most of my clients were white. They were soooo afraid that their friends, and co-workers would find out that they were getting foodstamps until we could not even call their jobs to verify their income.

    Most of the fraud cases involved white people who lied about their income and about having the husband or wife in the home.

    The only difference between the blacks,whites and hispanics who receive foodstamps and welfare, is that the blacks don’t try to hide it. They consider it a fact of life. Hispanics have more babies to get more benefits. They know how to con the government because they are over looked.

    The whites know how to scheme, and have their jobs cover for them so that nobody will know that they are using an EBT card to shop at SAMS Club.

    BTW, I am white.

  • Das Weibstück

    Try using your pc for some research instead of trolling.

    2010 Census. Blacks are 12.3 percent of the U.S. population, Hispanics are 16.3. Whites are 72.4%. The rest are Native Americans, Asian, Pacific Islanders and you.

  • Guest CommonTater

    You will never rise above what you fail to grasp……

  • Guest13

    Her picture is right here. She is the one who needs to be arrested. She got defensive when the reporter was trying to interview her because she is part of the scam. The police should identify her and arrest her immediately. That will be a start to bring down the whole group of scam artist. START THERE. End this entitlement fraud.

  • cyclone

    Where did you get your PHD??? Blacks make up 12% of what population on what planet???? Surley not this one!You need to get back to the census and look again, or they just aren’t counting the ones in prison! And all the baby Daddy, 12% isn’t even the mixed children from this century!

  • Off The Cuff

    Listen, I am willing to bet my paycheck that 1/3 to 1/2 of the people that showed up to pay their $20 to get in on this are not even “farmers”. They are there to find an easy way to get more handouts. People, when will you learn. If it sounds too good to be true then most likely it is. Just another example of the steps scammers will take to earn their “free money” at the expense of those who might be entitled as well as at the expense of those who are there to see if they can get on the free money train too.

    Look at what happened after Katrina for example. Many, many who never even lived in those areas applied for and got FEMA money. Most who were not even paying taxes to boot. This all makes me sick as if there were not as much fraud taking place out here, then maybe the government could keep the legitimate programs going.

  • GuestReality

    “…we could not even call their jobs to verify their income.”

    Then you didn’t do your job right, and you should have been fired.

    Seriously, I think your post is total bullsh*t because Social Services would NEVER give out food stamps without verifying income. That’s the biggest part of the process. That’s just how they do it. They ALWAYS verify income or the applicant is not accepted. Period.

  • Guest7658

    And yet it is so easy for you to stereotype the tea party as racist. How are you so different than the person you criticized?

  • dittos

  • Guest105

    Let me be the first to say that I attend Ekklesia and our church is used for many purposes not just a holy service. This building is also used for AA meetings weekly so who’s to say the members of the church were in on it ?? Gather all of your facts together first people.

  • Guest461

    And see what he has done? What are you REALLY complaining about?

  • Guest7969

    it will take her a week to figure out what you just said…

  • GuestReality

    “Why are our people so dumb?” – They’re not dumb…they’re greedy. Big difference.

    I’ve lived here all my life, as did my father before me, and his father before him. They worked hard for everything they got, just as I have, and just as my children will. No one gave us anything. We never lived off of anyone else’s dime. We never accepted free handouts. Yet we had everything we needed.

    When a man (or woman) works and honors God with their labor, God blesses them. He opens doors for them that would normally be closed. Instead of moaning and groaning about how unfair life is, work on changing your attitude and honoring God. The rest will fall in line.

    I find it ironic that you’re upset about “racist” Wilmington and you’re calling others racist, when your very post sprews racism to overflowing. You have a bitter and sour attitude about life and about other people. But then, it’s always easier to cast stones at someone else than to look in the mirror, isn’t it?

  • Guest461

    All you have to do is look at any disaster here in the United States. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc. There is always looting going on from hitting businesses to individual residences. Look at the idiots that didn’t have enough sense to get on a bus and get out of Louisiana during a major hurricane, but there are thousands of pictures of looters stealing everything from beer to TVs (which were basically worthless) and anything else they could float or carry.

    You didn’t see that crap going on in Japan with a tsunami and a nuclear disaster going on at the same time!

  • alexb

    so there is anger because reporters went into the church to expose the fraud. however, no anger at the fraud that was going on in the church, nor at church leadershp for allowing the fraud to happen. There was no anger at the people who were trying to get money they did not earn and did not deserve. No anger at the greed that brought the people to the church and no anger over the one’s trying to defraud the greedy people? I’m thinking we are missing the bigger picture

  • SurfCityTom

    8 whites and 1 black on the School Board?? How is that relevant to this topic?

    Did you ever hear of statistics? Look at the population breakdown & you may find the answer. Add to that the fact that too many Blacks do not want to expend the effort to get elected. Remember the School Board is an elected position.

    Where are the Black politicl leaders?

    At least one former “leader” is still in Central Prison. I have seen nothing in the media indicating Mr. Wright earned an early release.

    Mr. Barfield is probably up late studying travel policy and available out of state junkets which he can enjoy at the taxpayers’ expense. And maybe he is secretly negotiating to being that ballpark to the area. Comp him with tickets and free hot dogs; it might arrive with his support.

    Another is defending himself over professional misdeeds, not related to his former political position, when he failed to properly inspect a HUD project and faces a significant lawsuit.

    There’s three of your leaders. Maybe you can add some more.

    But why is it, when you folks fail to come up with any defense for African American actions, you pull out the race card?

    Is it to incite racial tensions? Or is it to detract attention from the real issues.

  • Brock

    Ever since that girl ate the apple. Being going down hill day by day.

  • shocked at all of this

    Agree 100 percent

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Yes, there are more Whites on welfare than Blacks, but that’s because there are so many more Whites than Blacks in this country.

    On a per capita basis, you have a six-times higher probability of being on Welfare if you’re Black than if you are White.

    Accuracy counts.

  • Maggy

    I want a popcorn sandwich. Where can I get one???? Pleeeeeeeze!

  • Brian

    Oh don’t worry, Al’s working on a plan.

  • Brian

    Oh come on, you have to be kidding me. You honestly think that they are THAT ignorant? Ok, maybe they are, but still…

  • Watching Wilmington

    I know some of the members and the Pastors of Ekkesia United Holy Church.

    They are basically good people. I personally do not think that they were involved in the scam at all.

    However, I think that they should investigated the background of these scammers before they opened their church doors and allowed these wolves to come in and bring a reproach upon the church.

    The Pastor is supposed to be the head of the church. He/she should be the first to know who comes in and goes out of the sancturary. They are the watchmen. They protect the flock. (John 10).

    Maybe the pastors in Wilmington should spend some more time seeking God in prayer and fasting so that they can get filled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will show you things to come, lead and guide you into all truth. The pastor would have known that they were being set up for open shame if He had the real deal.

    You do not allow money changers in the temple. It is supposed to be a house of prayer for all people. Get back on track! Line the ministry back up with the Word of God, and you will not have this problem again.

    Ekkesia, you were hurt this time. Don’t let the devil trick you again. Get prayed up and be lead by The Spirit of God. Move on and let this be a testimony about how you learned obedience through the things that you suffered.


    Have you ever seen the smirks you get, when the well-heeled Escalade, Cadillac-driving, protected-class citizens, standing in line, pull out their EBT cards, paying for junk food, cigarettes, liquor, and McDonalds? Their bruthas simply enable the behavior, giving you that smug, snarky look, manning the cash register, enjoying their quota protected guaranteed jobs, with that “whatu lookin’ at MF?”. Oh yeah. Plain, in your face, confrontational, arrogance, courtesy of JFK, RFK, LBJ. Welcome to the “Great Society”. Welcome to hell.

  • taxpayer

    “and just so youll know, there are more whites on welfare than blacks…”

    >As a percentage of the white/black population or in total number? Care to cite your source for that statement?

  • Das Weibstück

    There are about the same amount on some sort of public assistance per race BUT not percentage wise. Blacks make up 12% of our population and whites make up 72%. Do the math.

  • willia

    im sorry,you really are a racist. I was out there and most of the ppl were elderly or working poor ppl….and just so youll know, there are more whites on welfare than blacks.. Americas best kept secret.
    Get your facts straight.

  • not shocked

    The people at the church were not in on the scam. This is my belief. They honestly thouht that they were helping out citizens here, but there is one thing to think about here. If the money is from the Gov. then there is usually no fees for things such as this. So give the church a break.

  • Guest:guest2

    I guess this just goes to show, you don’t have to be a corporation on Wall Street to be greedy. These same people who are seeking to scam others are the same people who condemn corporations on Wall Street for being greedy. We have turned into greedy, envious, covetous of what others have, society. This just reflects the condition of the heart of man and how low we have sunk.

  • Guest Reply

    2 pieces of white bread…a little mayo…pile on the popcorn…and there you have it.
    Salt and butter at your own discretion……

  • Das Weibstück

    “could not even call their jobs to verify their income.”

    So what you are saying is you gave white people food stamps without the proper income verification? That is fraud on your part Miss Social worker. Thanks for spending our tax money for us.

    At least the white people where somewhat ashamed of sponging off the taxpayers unlike the blacks who think its their right. You said a lot more in your post than I think you meant to say.

  • scoutsout

    It scares me hear you say that your not a racist and follow it by racist stereotyping. I served my country in combat and had a sense of confront by knowing my enemy. I have more respect for them because they knew they were the enemy. You on the other hand cant look in the mirror and see the racist, because you no longer wear the hood your grand daddy wore, you call yourself a “realist” Lets talk about the real reason there is a black farmers fund. Because old hood wearing “realist” ran black farmers out of business. And for you from up north, who asked about where are the black farmers. Before you moved here to enjoy the beachs and nice weather, there were many black farmers in this area. But your grandpops felt they were better served by working meaningless jobs directly for him and letting their wives clean his houses and riseing his kidds, “realist” and if you want to talk about the Church being the wrong spot. Maybe ole grand mom and dad shouldnt have packed a lunch basket after church on sunday to go watch the local hangings. The only videos I need to see to remind me of whats real is of you hood hiding card carrying tea party members are the one of the 1960s of the public beating and cowardly murderes. I pray when I think about you working in the public for years and yet you think the way you do of the people you served. For all those years you worked for the public, did you count the number of whites on social services? research it. This was a scam and a crime, but you cowardly racist find something else. You find a way to justify your sick thinking. There are much bigger crimes being commited by people wearing business suites and uniforms, like you serving the public and believing your not a racist. Thanks for your service.

  • Guest Reply

    “Stupid is…stupid does!”
    Reminds me of the time when my sister sent my name & email address to one of those Dumb A** scam e-mailer’s that hit her email to see if there was unclaimed federal money in the government banks for me!! It took me forever and a day to block all the stupid spam emails that followed. I almost had to sell my home, and move to Inner Mongolia to get away from them! :-(
    I guess there are some people (probably a lot) that are so desperate for $$$ hand outs for a $20 fee, then receive 100 times their return…or more…they will try anything and everything…including eating popcorn sandwiches for a month patiently waiting for the check to arrive.
    Sad :-{

  • Not a farmer

    Dear Sir,

    Recently WWAY TV3 recorded on video an illegal activity being perpetrated at Ekklesia United Holy Church on 17th Street.

    The operators of said “Church” knew, or should have known that this activity, and actions were in violation of rules of law, and probably knew that members of said “Church” were conspiring to defraud the Federal Government in what has become known as the “Pigford Farm” settlement case.

    With “claimants” coming from as far away as Virginia, these actions were across state lines, and most likely used telephones, computers, or other devices to lure or induce “claimants” to come to Wilmington.

    This would be some violation of Interstate wire fraud.

    When confronted by TV3, two women in particular were not surprised that fraud was being perpetrated, but rather that thier actions were being recorded on Video and demanded the reporter leave with a
    “in your face” confrontation designed to intimidate and remove the reporter and cameraman.

    We, the citizens of Southeast North Carolina, demand, yes demand an investigation into the illegal and fraudulent activities that have occurred at the Ekklesia United Holy Church on 17th Street.

    We further demand any and all cooperation from the State SBI, and FBI
    to root out ALL INVOLVED, and arrest any that have violated the law.

    We also ask that the Internal Revenue service conduct an investigation and REVOKE the tax exempt status of Ekklesia United Holy Church if found to be involved in fraud.

    Also, the senior officers of church knowingly participated in this scheme by “renting” the church to fraudsters.

    We look forward to your impartial and fair investigation and look to be informed of progress, arrests, and any information you uncover about this attempted fraud against our government.

    Thankfully, I know TV3 will stay on this story, and we all await your actions.

  • 2sexy

    Wow… Free Money that easily now come on people think lol lmao!!!!!

  • Guest262626

    Blacks preying on blacks, just like the drug trade.

  • Guest155879

    I’d love to see an individual interview with the applicants to find out the specifics of their farming operations. If this story doesn’t open your eyes to the level of money being stolen from the Treasury, I don’t know what will. Kudos to WWAY and the reporter for not backing down. This is on the level of shocking as James O’Keefe’s exposing of ACORN. If people are driving from Virginia to take part, I’m willing to be that this isn’t an isolated case. Also, it’s one thing to have your identity stolen, it’s another to have paid the person $20 dollars to do it for you. D’oh!

  • anne

    Be grateful – at least no whites were involved in the scam or Al Sharpton would have shown up to claim racism.

    People were doing what they thought they should do. Get in on a benefit. Too bad there are scammers out there ready to take what you have. But again – if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.

  • Brian

    I’m with you on that, as I worked in the public sector for four years before I got fed up with the entitlement mentality and had to get out. I’m still waiting for the race card to be played on this ‘scam’. :)

  • bubbles

    Am I shocked that these people got busted..no… however I am shocked at the lack of education in the Wilmington area. Why are our people so dumb? I know why because we have been taught to listen instead of read. If anyone with common sense that would have went to Google and did some research would have found out that you can APPLY for FREE online at the website. To the person who stated something about Black Farmers in Wilmington, you must be the most racist and unrealistic person on Earth. There were parts of Wilmington and surrounding areas pre-Race Riots of 1898 that were owned by Blacks and their families. When was the last time you drove out the the Wrighstville Beach area around Airle Gardens and along Military Cut-Off Road? That was ALL BLACK at one time until Whites felt that they were being out numbered and educated by Blacks and did everything in their power to destroy families and businesses. I bet you didn’t learn that sitting in Hoggard or New Hanover High! When will this city wake up! And to the lady who is questioning the sanctity and the respect of the House of God, blame the person who created the disorder. The same people who ALWAYS causes disorder. The one who is quick to tear down another person. Afraid they will be left behind because they are not caring the latest Coach bag or driving the Benz E Class 420… When will our people come together on issues that matter like why is the school board always 8 whites and 1 black? Where are the black political leaders in the area that are about making change instead of worrying about the change in their pockets? If you wanna be mad about something be mad about the road our people are going down and CHANGE THAT!

  • Guestfarmer

    Why did law enforcement not escort the film crew and arrest these scammers? See how the women quickly turned on the reporter? That was the first sign that this was not legit. Instead of using this opportunity to promote their activity (if it was legal), they scrambled like the rats they are and went on the attack. The sad thing is they were preying on their own but blame others for taking advantage of “them”.

  • Das Weibstück

    Baby farmers.

  • Honest_guest

    I’ll guarantee that the closest the majority of the people that showed up have actually ever been to a farm is using their EBT card at the grocery store.

    I worked the public sector for a long while and I’m not a racist, I’m a realist. The greatest burden on our government services comes from a segment of society that thinks they are “owed” something just because. You only need to look at videos of riots and looting to see the mentality of justification.

  • Erlkoenig

    The payout was a transfer of wealth scam and no more honorable than the $20 scammers.

  • Reginald Denny

    Just how many “black farmers” lined up and how many “black farmers” live in Wilmington?

  • Guest14

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is . . . Just goes to show what a little greed will do to people. Too bad WWAY didn’t get a photo of the scammers so police could identify them

  • stratcatz

    Every person who applies for this money and are obviously not eligible should be prosecuted for fraud!

  • cyclone

    Greed is Greed, be it inside the church, on the church lawn The scammers AND the people who thought by paying $20 they were buying a government Lottery ticket— Greed is still Greed don’t matter what color your skin is if your heart is tainted by Greed!

  • Hammertime

    Serves them right. I hope they did lose their $20.00. Freeloaders looking for more hand outs.

  • exactlyright

    Your exactly right

  • guesty

    It will be funny if the people that showed up looking for “free” money and filled out the paperwork now all have their identities stolen. Serves them right for trying to be sponges.

  • scoutsout

    you know I’m tired of reading these blogs from all the unhappy white people that love to read the papers and get a little drop of happiness out of seeing what bad happened to the blacks. The lost colony was looking for something free too. Wilmington is full of middle class rednecks ” tea party” ” KKK ” get a life. Crime is crime a it shouldn’t be funny because someone is black.If they would have been targeting whites with some net work marketing scam, I bet you would been got for a lot more. If you want to know way your so unhappy, look in the mirror. And that advice is free!!!! Take off the blind fold, if you go to court, you see more young white in there for stealing and drugs. Just because your using meth and pain pills don’t fool yourself.

  • Guest350

    Most probably have multiple identities for public assistance and legal reasons. Doubt if stealing their IDs would net anybody much.

  • Searching for the Truth

    Having multiple identifications is a white crime.
    When was the last time that you watched, “I Almost Got Away With It?”

    White folks are the masters of multiple fake identifications.

    Whew! Wilmington really does have people who thinks that White is the Superior Race. This is tooooooooo sad!

  • Guest 4545

    Did these folks have to show Picture ID; maybe they thought it was time to vote.
    Mo money, mo money mo money!!!!

  • thegiant

    the people that lined up for farmers money are a bunch of dirtbags,
    why are they not being investigated for attempted goverment fraud
    isn’t it funny they got taken while trying to rip off the goverment
    and the police are only investigating one half of the criminals

  • get your facts

    OK one part is a scam but you should look into the whole story see the reason folks are due this money. But they have certain requirements that you must meet most of this people are no longer with us SO WHY CAN’T THEY FAMILY GET THEIR MONEY….. what you want to give it to the government?

  • (NOT) right

    Free money or (NOT)!I know that each and everyone of you would be there if it was benefiting you. Taking average of the local black community is still (NOT) right no matter what circumstances are!

  • rosettagal


  • 2sexxy

    Free money that easy !! wow unreal

  • rosettagal

    I agree it is pitiful to see red neck white trash pleased to see black folks scammed. It is so predictable and trite.

  • Guest_99x

    Hello, scout! There really aren’t too many a$$wh0les on this board, but the few of them really do get around. Remember this, talk radio and Faux News have to get their audiences from somewhere.

  • Guest7969

    Wow your a racist!!! I especially like the tea party part. Yup looks like your one of the freeloaders NOBODY who works for a living likes.

  • Brian

    I’m never pleased to see anyone scammed, but I am relieved that it’s going to be harder for them to claim that they were victims of the white man this time. They will probably find a way, though.

  • Guest2020

    The people of the lost colony were looking for a better way of life and if you think they were looking for a free ride then you have no clue as to conditions back then. People who colonized America had to work for what they got. They were no different than the others that came to live in America in that time period.

    If there are more white people in court it is because there are more white people who live in the area. If you look at percentages you will find that there is a larger per cent of the black population in the court than white.

  • scoutsout

    sorry “bud” never been on any social services. And served my country so those “freeloaders” have the right to live here too.Im just tired of you cowards who say “freeloader” and other words, rather than being man enough to say what you really mean. And I quess you must be one of republican wannabes that think you finally made it ” tea party” And while youre talking about people who works for aliving, I hope your job is a sure thing for life or you may become one those people nobody who works for a living likes. But we really know thats not whats it is all about. So make your 40 hrs a week while you can and if it dont workout, theres always meth and pain pills to make you feel better. You can call me what ever you like, because Im a proud BLACK MAN that dont need your approval. I want this scam exposed, but I know that everybody out there wasnt a freeloader and some of the other names you racist undercovers call them. Get the real facts, by numbers the real freeloader in this country werent standing line on 17th street! If it would have been the white farmer funds, you and half your hard working buddies would have left work. $20 for this $200 for network marketing scams, here in wilmington, who’s the real fools.

  • Jasmine

    And I do agree, all the unhappy white people that love to read the papers and get a little drop of happiness out of seeing what bad happened to the blacks or what blacks have done. But yet they are the ones who are all through the papers with killing there families for or over money.

  • Guest7969

    RACIST much???

  • Guest2020

    So all of those people who got shot attempting to rob the convenient stores are white? How about the fella on orange street the other day that the two white fellas held down until the police got there. Was he white too? Oh and how about the shootings in Creekwood and the stabbing on Dawson street. Were all of those people white? What rock do you live under if you think that the only criminals showing up on the news are white?

  • TV3 Violated a House of Worship

    While I find the story itself to be one that should be reported, I am very disgusted and disappointed that the reporter barged into a House of Worship so disrespectfully. Would they go into a Mosque or Temple in such a brazen manner? I think not!

    Ms. Reporter, you should have interviewed people as they left instead of going into that church’s SANCTUARY with your cameraman and microphone. Is nothing sacred any more? Of course, report on the story – chase down all the leads, but you could have done so without violating the church. How DARE you chase a story into God’s House! A church is a place of worship – this church obviously believed it was doing a service to the community by allowing them to rent the space for that time period. Community Service is what the church should be about. Who do you think you are, going into God’s House and being so disrespectful to the people who were there? Catch them as they leave and follow them to their cars asking your questions. And most importantly, if you think a crime is being committed-CALL THE POLICE!! They are certainly better equipped to deal with the matter than you.

    Shame, SHAME on you! And SHAME on Channel 3 for not censoring you for being so blatantly inappropriate when coming into God’s House!

  • snoopdog

    And when does the house of God become a house of crime. Shame on you for thinking you can hide behind the walls of your religion. More than this, your want to take advantage of someone for your own gain. Can you pray for forgiveness. Yes you can, but you will still be the same person when you die. Maybe God will forgive you.

  • Citizen of the Republic

    You have to be kidding me.

    Your “house of worship” is more like the den of thieves. All I saw today were vipers.

    Where did the people from Virginia do they’re farming at? The vegetable isle at Food Lion?

    “The church of whats happening now” needs to lose tax exempt status, and every moocher that was trying to get something for nothing arrested.

    “this church obviously believed it was doing a service to the community by allowing them to rent the space for that time period”.
    OH PLEEEEZZZ. I’m sure they researched the project well.

    What your really saying is “Damn TV3 for having the nads to walk right into a PUBLIC CHURCH”, and catch crooks in the act. If you were really honest, you’d be thanking Channel 3 for exposing deadbeat, mooching, thieves.

    Where do all the ACORN stooges go when the money dries up?
    CHURCH and the liquor store.

    I hope the detectives view the video, and investigate every single one there. No doubt there would be a few wanted for parking tickets, child support, or other crimes that they can’t resist the cheese.

    Obviously, the two church going women in the interview were happy the cameras showed up to document the event. Instead of thanking TV3 for exposing the fraud, they were beside themselves that they had been caught on film for EVERYONE IN TOWN to see. They sure didn’t act like they were glad someone put a stop to the fraud.

    Evidently, whoever gave permission for this project was responsible to the church for what went down. Maybe we need the “SHEPARD AND THE SHEEP” to go downtown and give statements to the Detective Ken Smith.

    Your lame excuses cant cover that what happened was evil, a scam, and an RIP OFF RIP OFF RIP OFF RIP OFF

    “A church is a place of worship”. Maybe they should have kept it that way, instead of trying to get their 30 pieces of silver.
    IF Jesus was there he would have driven them all out and givening him an he still has a ship to sackh

  • Das Weibstück

    You’re mad cause the TV people came in to “gods house” But its OK that unscrupulous thieves were in there ripping people off???? You just mad cause you didnt get your cut of the profits ? LOL you christians never fail to crack me up.

  • SurfCityTom

    if the Church rented the facility to the “scammers” than would you not think that changes the formula and sets aside “the sanctity” of the sanctuary?

    Was there not an incident in the Bible where Jesus chased the money lenders from the temple?

    Not that the reporter is Jesus, but when the Church is used for something other than what it is intended for, than that does set aside the sanctity.

    And this program was to benefit local residents. Why would the Church charge a fee; and I must confess I saw no reference of a fee being charged.

    It seems to me, some years back, the media “invaded” the sanctity of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker’s church when it became apparent they were soliciting millions illegally. Didn’t Jim go to jail?

    And maybe, with some of the recent reports of Pastoral abuse of youthful members, there should be more oversight to protect the youth and uninformed.

    Did the Church governing body do any investigation, prior to opening the temple doors, to ensure the organizers were not running a scam?

  • stratcatz

    Jesus saw corruption in the Temple and overturned the tables of the money changers who were ripping off God’s people in God’s House. Tell Jesus he should have waited outside!

  • stm

    was shown by those who chose to run their scam from a house of worship. Images of the dishonest tax collectors in the temple come to my mind and we all know how he was handled.

  • Das Weibstück

    If these people were legitimate they would have been given a government building space for the day NOT a church room. THINK about it.

    Where the thieves black or white, just curious?

  • Guest7969

    ITS NOT YOUR MONEY…its not the GUBments EITHER!!!


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