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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Move over, Dr. Spock. Moms today now have a new way to get important information about their pregnancy and their babies.

Smart Start of New Hanover County has joined a national campaign called Text4Baby.

Cynthia Boulay is 37 weeks pregnant with twins. She has been getting a wealth of important health advice, but it doesn’t always come from her doctor. Instead, it’s delivered to her cell phone.

“Reminding me to drink a certain amount of water a day, eating, making sure I actually eat for myself and for the baby, making sure I talk to my doctor the way I’m supposed to, ask the right questions,” Boulay described the advice.

Boulay signed up for the Text4Baby program when she was just ten weeks pregnant. Ever since then, she’s been getting two or three free texts a week.

“With the text messages, you get them so regularly and so frequently and the timing seems to be insane, like it’s always spot on, like exactly what I’m going through or I’m worried about,” she said. “I get a text message reassuring me, telling me not to worry.”

This free program isn’t just for expectant moms. Nikki Bascome had a baby boy two months ago. She just signed up.

“I think it will help me learn a little more about him and know what to expect with him, and I think also to remember to take care of myself, that I can’t take care of him if I’m not taking care of myself,” Bascome said.

Smart Start of New Hanover County has joined other national organizations to promote the Text4Baby campaign. The group hopes all pregnant and new moms will realize education begins at birth. That’s why these text messages, which also offer parenting tips, as well as critical health information, can play a big role.

“This is a way for moms to get hints on ways they can interact with their children, even things like singing to them or talking to them or making sure they get their immunizations,” Smart Start Family Services Manager Mebane Boyd said.

Welcome advice delivered right to in the palm of your hand.

To sign up, simply text the word BABY, or BEBE for Spanish speakers, to 511411. The messages are catered to your due date, or your baby’s age.

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4 Comments on "Text4Baby offers helpful tips to moms on the go"

2015 years 8 months ago

my wife is currently 32 weeks pregnant with twin boy and girl and this excellent information.thanks

2015 years 8 months ago

Sounds like it’s just sending out common sense messages that everyone should know. I mean, I never needed reminders to drink water and I never needed reminders to get my children vaccinated. If you are so empty-headed that you need to be reminded of such things, you shouldn’t be having children to begin with.

2015 years 8 months ago

Did somebody give you an award? Pat yourself on the back again.

2015 years 8 months ago

Sometimes we all get so busy we forget to do things for ourselves. And honestly, if you were pregnant with twins, do you know exactly how much water a day you are supposed to drink? I didn’t and when I was told, I was floored. And sometimes, just sometimes, it’s about having support. Some women have never gone through a pregnancy before and they worry about every little twinge and cramp. It’s a reassuring message for soon-to-be and current Mom’s.
I’m glad you have nothing else to worry about then what you need to do with your child. I have a four year old, a partially disabled parent who just lost her spouse, a husband attending school full-time, is working full time, and I worked full time until recently, and quite honestly, I worried about everyone else first, and felt guilty when I put me first. It’s funny how a simple text message can reassure you when your mind is racing.


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