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Mrs. Dorothy Helms emailed the following letter Monday in support of David Rouzer who will face Ilario Pantano in the Republican primary and perhaps Congressman Mike McIntyre in the November general election. Rouzer used to work in Helms’s office:

Dear Friend,

I am writing to ask you a favor. I hope that you will please support David Rouzer in his campaign for Congress.

I normally do not get involved in political races other than our own, but David is a very special exception. You see, David worked in Washington with Jesse for almost a decade, and once you get to know David you will understand why Jesse and I thought so highly of him. He is a smart, hard-working gentleman who has an excellent reputation for getting things done and standing for the conservative principles that made this country great. Personally, I am delighted that David is running for Congress.

David’s farm background and education prepared him well for his work with Jesse in the U.S. Senate. He worked for twelve summers on his family’s farm in Johnston County and had his own tobacco crop. In fact, he saved the money his tobacco brought at market to pay for his education at N.C. State.

David has put his experiences to good use, playing a vital role in achieving the tobacco buyout for our farm families and the many businesses across the state that rely on the production of tobacco. He has been a key supporter and advocate for agriculture and North Carolina business in Washington in the past and has been well-recognized for his good work to reduce government spending and reform the state’s regulatory agencies as a member of the North Carolina Senate.

Equally important, David understands what Jesse called the “miracle of America.” He understands the principles on which America was founded. He knows these principles must survive, and he feels a deep sense of obligation to do his part to ensure that they do.

Though David’s accomplishments and knowledge are impressive, it is his strength of character that Jesse and I always admired most. You will find him to be a committed Christian who will stand firm for North Carolina values wherever he serves.

I hope you will have an opportunity to meet David personally during the campaign. I am sure that you will be impressed and that you will agree his background, knowledge and energy will serve us well. I fear for our country. We need men like David in the U.S. Congress now more than ever.

So please join me in supporting David in his campaign for Congress. Let us hear from you today and help us turn this country around. Not only will David need your generous financial support, but he will need you to say a good word to your friends and support him with your name and in other ways.

I will be most grateful for your help.

Warmest personal regards,

Dorothy C. Helms

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  • LeftyLagoon

    Strength of character? I question if ol’ Dorothy has ever met Rouzer.

    Rouzer being so heavily touted by the Helms should be a sign to anyone that he is likely a racist just like Jesse was.

  • Guest2020

    Had no issue with Helms, but I have read enough about Rouzer to know that he is just another cog in the political machine and will bring nothing new to the table. Again, I won’t vote for someone in favor of amnesty as opposed to holding people accountable for breaking our laws.

  • Guest7

    I am so sorry to see the Helms family abandon the true conservatives running for Congress and to throw their support to “establishment-approved” candidates like Rouzer. This is not the first time that the Helms family (post-the wonderful Senator’s death) have given their support to candidates who do not walk in Sen. Helms’ footsteps.

  • Carl Dixon

    David Rouzer touts that he began his political career with Jesse Helms in 1995, right out of college. He was a DC lobbyist, and in 2007, he lobbied for the AG jobs amnesty bill for illegals. Obama also wants to give amnesty to illegals. Obama wants illegals to be given amnesty to increase the democrat voting block.It would be detrimental to the republican party to have their congressman voting with Obama to give illegals amnesty. Rouzer says he does not want term limits, which is also problematic for me. To me, Rouzer, is a career politician, and a lobbyist and he will not represent the conservative values needed for this country to survive.


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