CFPUA responds to major sewer spill

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Submitted: Tue, 01/24/2012 - 10:41pm
Updated: Wed, 01/25/2012 - 4:27pm

WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — CFPUA crews have been cleaning up a waste water spill in Wilmington.

Crews are working to repair a portion of an 18-inch waste water force main along River Road and Barnards Creek. A bypass is being put into place to redirect flow around the affected portion of the pipe. CFPUA says the spill is between 750,000 and 1.4 million gallons, and could have escaped into the New Hanover county Tidal Creek.

Crews continue to investigate exactly how many gallons spilled. The south bound lane of River Road from Independence Boulevard to Sanders Road will be closed overnight because of the temporary bypass line. The road is expected to be open Wednesday morning around 8.

It was first suspected that a spill had occurred when at 1 a.m. on Tuesday, volumes at the Southside Waste Water Treatment Plant showed low volume from the areas supporting pump stations.

Crews immediately responded and began scouring the area for the spill site. The spill was located at approximately 10am and measures immediately taken to eliminate flow through this section of waste water line. Within a very short period of time after the spill was identified and stopped, crews successfully began pumping and hauling the redirected waste water from the nearby pump station. CFPUA Environment and Safety Department also responded and has been in contact with the appropriate local and state agencies; Public Information made contact with area stakeholders to alert them of the incident.

Once all information has been gathered, an update will be provided via email and posted on the Notifications page of our website at


  • Guest228 says:

    I think they have these accidents on purpose just so they can announce a new rate hike.

  • wulmington217 says:

    What a jerk ……really???? You think staff thinks this up….what an idiot!!!

  • Whaddayouknow says:

    The rates increases are justified in light of the crumbling infrastructure and the cost to fix things.

    Explain to me exactly how CFPUA would target a portion of their system and say “hey let’s break this in order to get more money and even more people to scream at us!”

    Your theory is kind of akin to the fire department setting fires and the police department going out to commit crimes to justify themselves and increase taxes.

    Your theory is juvenile.

  • Guest461 says:

    New slogan:
    “Here at CFPUA, we’re NOT No.1 in thuh No.2 bidness, but we’re workin’ harder’n No.2!”

  • Guest0U812 says:

    Let the bashing begin.

  • Just sick says:

    This is inexcusable. We all know about the deferred maintenance and all of that, but 1.4 MILLION gallons? Surely, in this world of super technology…surely when I can turn on my lights remotely, pay my bills online, monitor my power use, program my thermostat, put a timer on my oven….SURELY there are sensors that indicate leaks!! I.4 MILLION gallons of FECES, URINE…and untreated waste poisoning our ecosystem. Unacceptable! Negligent! NO MORE EXCUSES CFPUA….NO MORE INEPTITUDE! Matt Jordan may have to go..Jim Quinn may have to go…so depressing.

  • Whaddyaknow says:

    Kinda like the daily average amount of non-maintained leaking septic tanks in New Hanover County, huh?

  • Guest23 says:

    you should have read the article before posting this. there is a flow sensor and the treatment plant to detect no flow coming from this section of line. it is not feasible or even possible to dig up every existing section of line and install a so called “leak sensor”. this is just another typical bashing post from someone that has no idea of how a sewer system operates.

  • Guest6969696969 says:

    Your theory is kind of akin to the fire department setting fires and the police department going out to commit crimes to justify themselves and increase taxes.

    Your theory is juvenile.

    Police/fire/rescue/EMT, have ALL have been “Caught” numerious, (I think I can reference a story not long ago, of this happening here in Brunswick County?), times,though-out our great Country, as of Late, even here now in our State, Our state is in a real bad state of economic hardship, Shrinking Tax bases, or FORCED Annexation that has gone, lets say, South,,,,,, SOME, (Not all),(Department(s), resort to this kinda thing, (tactic), as a “Justification” to keep the TAX Dollar(s) flowing their way….No matter how putrid, to keep thier job(s).
    In ONE County, if you don’t pay a 75.00 yearly *Protection fee*, (kinds sounds like the Mafia huh?), the fire dept lets your home burn to the ground….
    google it, it’s true and appeared in the MSN news..

  • Whaddayouknow says:

    Yes, I know that they have caught rookie pyro volunteer fire department personnel starting vacant house fires, and I’ve seen the movie “Training Day.”

    I think I see your angle. The CFPUA dispatched their highly secretive advanced scuba demolition team to enter Barnards Creek at 1:00 am…tunnel down to an 18″ ductile iron force main and blow a hole in it, all to increase rates. They know that this action wouldn’t infurate the local population in any way.

    I kinda remember when Tim Robbins did something like that with a rock to escape Shawshank Prison.

    I smell your conspiracy.

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