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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue has dismissed an invitation by legislative leaders to debate her sales tax increase proposal, calling it a political stunt.

Perdue Press Secretary Chris Mackey said Tuesday the pitch by Senate leader Phil Berger and later House Speaker Thom Tillis for Perdue to hold a public forum with them is designed to distract attention from what Republicans have done to public education.

The Democratic governor announced last week her budget for next year would raise the sales tax by three-quarters of a penny to make up for the GOP-led Legislature’s decision last year to let expire a penny increase. Perdue wants the proceeds to restore education cuts.

Republicans have panned her idea but Berger said the public would benefit greatly from a debate.

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  • robo

    The people in this state cannot stand anymore increases in taxes. Gov. Perdue is totally out of touch with NC. I’m glad someone is challenging her.

  • ChefnSurf

    Cut the money from the budget then raise taxes to put the money back in the budget that was just cut from the budget. Now you’re right back to where you started except that your taxes are even higher. Don’t see much chance of that being a winning argument.

  • Guest-of-the-day

    instead of taking the easy way out and sock the sucker tax payers again. I thought those lottery’s were taking in BILliONS? Isn’t that money supposedly going to education? How much does education need anyways?

  • Mike T

    It appears Senator Berger is full of Baloney on the tax issues. The issue of refunding education is small compared to the recent gas tax increase which we hear little or nothing about. Prior to recess the house tried to block the gas tax and Senator Berger left town and shelved the issue from the Senate. Instead of grand standing over three quarters of cent you would think a responsible leader would fight a little bigger battle. My daughter is a public school teacher and like many she spends a lot of her salery on supplies and teaching aids because the schools dont have the funds to give teachers what they need to do their jobs. Here in Southeast North Carolina we have a lot of transplant retirees and education funding hits their hot button. However when your body is in one place and your heart is in another, educating our children is less important than driving from golf course to golf course.

  • SurfCityTom

    read the message being sent by a vast number of taxpayers.

    Eliminate frivilous spending like Medicaid, for which the state now owes the Federal Government $2.4 BILLION. Annual interest payments of $154 MILLION to cover that debt. And the state begins paying on the principal in 2017; at which point the outlay goes up.

    Focus on jobs creation. Private sector jobs will always stimulate economic growth more rapidly than will public sector jobs.

    Hold teachers accountable for the results just like employees are held accountable in the private sector.

    And candidly, give the students a supply list and require them to supply their own goods so teachers don’t have to fig into their own pockets.


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