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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — The conclusions cited in a recent study from ICF International on the potential health impacts of the proposed Carolinas Cement plant are fundamentally flawed for three reasons.

1. The study uses the maximum potential to emit (PTE) emission levels detailed in Carolinas Cement Company’s air permit with the NC Division of Air Quality (as dictated by law). The reality is that no cement plant operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The emissions will be significantly lower, according to both Titan America and NC DAQ officials. Furthermore, even at the PTE level, Carolinas Cement has demonstrated through the NCDAQ and EPA permitting requirements that the facility will comply with the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), which are public health protection levels set by the EPA with an adequate margin of safety to protect sensitive populations, such as asthmatics, children, and the elderly.

2. The ICF International study is not peer-reviewed by independent scientists outside of the employ of ICF. When Titan America employed toxicology company Intertox to conduct an independent study of the potential impact of Carolinas Cement in 2008/2009, the study methodology and results were peer-reviewed by four independent scientists who are experts in toxicology and human health risk assessment. The peer review followed National Academy of Sciences guidelines to determine whether its findings were conservative and appropriate. No such reviews were conducted by ICF International.

3. The ICF study does not account for reductions in emissions due to proposed changes for existing sources, and what the net impact of those reductions will be. There is no cement plant in the world with more stringent pollution controls than those proposed for Carolinas Cement, and the ICF study clearly demonstrates that Carolina Cement’s contribution as compared to the baseline cases is very small. Carolinas Cement’s advanced technologies will enable it to capture 99.9% of all emissions created during the manufacturing process.

Bob Odom, General Manager for Carolinas Cement LLC

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  • greenie

    Bob, how do you look at yourself in the mirror? How do you sleep at night? Keep your polluting, toxic, worthless plant out of my county. Just because the incompetant EPA sets limits does not mean that there are no effects. What are the threshold doses of airborne lead and mercury that cause effects in children? I prefer zero.

  • consider

    If you prefer zero emmisions then

    1) Don’t eat beaf because cows emit methane

    2) Don’t turn on the lights – this come from coal and nuclear – neither is “clean” by your standards

    3) Don’t drive water from the tap – this is supplied with electricity

    4) And leave your car at home – all knids of emissions frm your tailpipe

    How to you sleep with yourself?

  • Martin

    Okay, who decided that Titan was a so evil? Do you really think they came here thinking, “Let’s build something that’ll kill people and destroy the environment,”? I mean really. These people had good intentions coming here, to make jobs to help people out. Why are we judging them so harshly? They are NOT evil, and the only reason they’re losing sleep at night is because people like you are taking what they thought would make people happy and crushing it! Who’s the monster here?

  • Enough

    To suggest that those who feel the Titan project is a bad fit for our area should stop eating beef, should stop driving their car, and should turn of their power is such poor logic. Of course these things pollute, of course we need to be more conscious and implement energy saving strategies, and in conjunction with those efforts we need to recognize that there are better industries to recruit to this region than Titan. Look, just because you have had a problem with your weight historically, for example, you don’t give up…you start making changes and you incrementally improve what was/is an unhealthy circumstance. That’s what we do with our environment…we begin to change our unhealthy habits. He have to start now and we do it by declaring loudly that a cement factory on the banks of the Cape Fear River is a very bad idea.

  • Bee Smart

    You’ve basically compared apples and oranges, and you’ve assumed that the person that you’re talking to 1) eats meat, 2) wastes energy, 3) Drives water (?), and 4) drives an inefficient car.

    Even if this person does all of these things, he or she still has the right to be opposed to this plant and Bob Odom’s feeble attempts to disregard a ligament study, based on his company’s OWN WORDS. That’s a fact.

    If they don’t plan on operating at full capacity, then why ask to? There are plenty of inconsistencies with what Odom suggests and what is actually happening. One of many is his claim that they will be highly regulated and they will operate accordingly. However, all the while his company pours millions in lobbying against EPA regulations.

    It is unproductive to attack Odom as a being a horrible human-being, we don’t really know that—personally, I don’t much care. I care more about what this plant (that can still be stopped) will do to this community and the only reason, THE ONLY REASON, I’ve heard from “pro-Titan” people is jobs (maybe 160) who knows how many really because Titan can’t say what they are or who they will go to. That lack of transparency is enough for me to say “no.”

    So if you’re going to argue for Titan, there needs to be something other than attacking those opposed to Titan. There need to FACTS backing Titan’s claims, and those facts need to outweigh the negative facts stacked against them.

  • J Capen

    Who monitors the air quality when the plant is in and doesn’t comply with the standards it proposes to keep before the plant is here???

  • greenie

    We all emit methane. I am for nuclear power (lesser of all evils until solar/wind becomes viable), I don’t drive water – I drink it, and I bike whenever I can (would drive an electric car when the technology becomes viable.

    We have to preserve our area for the 250,000+ residents (that outweigh 160 jobs.)


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