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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Few would argue Brunswick County’s Jenelle Evans has made headlines for all the wrong reasons as the star of MTV’s “Teen Mom 2.” While the 20-year-old can’t seem to stay out of trouble, Evans’s issues and the show are a boon of sorts for her attorney.

As the second season of “Teen Mom 2” chronicles Evans’s continued legal troubles, the MTV show also introduces a new members of the cast: attorney Dustin Sullivan. When the court appointed Sullivan to the teen mom last year, he said he had no idea who Evans was.

“I was tipped off to who Jenelle was when MTV called me and said, ‘Hey we found out you’re going to be representing Jenelle,'” Sullivan said.

Sullivan says after that phone call, he quickly learned of his new client’s notoriety.

The cameras in the courtroom were not the only thing Sullivan had to adjust to. Soon, media outlets from across the world began contacting him for comment on charges Evans began to rack up. He says he did not really understand why people were concerned with charges he considers minor and initiated by people he says only wanted in on the fame.

“If it were a more serious crime, I think it would be deserving, but you have to understand that most of these charges are self-initiated charges,” Sullivan said.

Through new episodes of “Teen Mom 2” viewers can get more insight on the stories they saw last year in the news and the new addition of Sullivan to the cast.

Meanwhile, the show is making Sullivan something of a celebrity, too. He says he has not been asked for an autography yet, but he is excited to be on the show. He says he is working hard and hopes his passion for his job comes across to viewers.

“I’m really just doing my job as far as providing her legal defense,” Sullivan said. “I enjoy doing what I do and I’m hoping that it’s portrayed that way but Jenelle would be no different than any other client that came in.”

Evans was arrested twice in the last week. Sullivan says the charges are connected to a ex-roommate’s boyfriend. No word yet if this newest drama will make it to the next season of “Teen Mom 2.”

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  • cowgirl

    i bet he’s court appointed

  • Guest51

    it says that in the article

  • guesty

    From the story: “When the court appointed Sullivan to the teen mom last year, he said he had no idea who Evans was.”

  • anne

    “The charges were only initiated by people who want in on the fame” so he says. Now he is going to be on a tv show that capitalizes on that fame – money speaks loudly doesn’t it mr. attorney?

  • Guest757

    What a way to get your 15 minutes of fame..

  • Guest461

    …and don’t care how they get their money…or their attention. It’s well known that money…just can’t buy class!

  • Guest757

    I hope Mr. Sulllivan thinks it all was woth it, but if you go to Huffpost/tv they are laughing at his “silver surfer suit” blinding Janelle eyes.. I hope he can laugh at himself now that he is a joke around the country…

    Was it worth your 15 minutes of fame Mr. Sullivan????


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