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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Debate over the proposed Titan Cement Plant in Castle Hayne has been going on for years and Tuesday night, Cape Fear residents got a chance to listen to possible health impacts from the plant, which include respiratory diseases and premature death. The independent consulting firm, ICF International performed the study and the results were discussed during a public meeting.

“You’re going to see more people having respiratory problems, more people getting sick and more people going to the hospital,” said Geoff Gisler, a spokesman for ICF’s study. “These are going to be real people that are really hurt from the emissions from this facility.”

“These are real lives,” said Kelly Stryker, who lives in Wilmington. “These are children and adults and the health and the millions of dollars that this community is going to have to bare. Many parents like myself are especially concerned if titan builds there facility, what are the impacts going to be, to not just the community that lives around the cement plant but specifically to the kids that are in the schools.”

The study used modeling software to analyze the projected health impacts from Titan during the five month period from May to September, when Ozone levels are at their highest. Gisler says the study predicts a dramatic increase in healthcare costs from Titan’s emissions.

“The cost can either be spent by the company, really making a genuine effort to reduce their emissions or they’re going to be born by the public who is going to pay for it in their hospital bills or when they go to see their doctor,” said Gisler.

“Our concerns are real,” said Stryker. “The physicians concerns are real and parents like my self have a right to be concerned and here are the numbers to show why we’re concerned.”

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