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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — UNCW says it reached a major fundraising goal nearly a year ahead of schedule.

The school today said it’s reach its goal of $65 million in “The Campaign for UNCW: Soaring to Greatness.” The main purpose of the fundraising effort was to increase the number of and funding for student scholarships.

Former Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo started the campaign back in 2005, but it was new Chancellor Gary Miller who made the big announcement today in front of hundreds of students, faculty and staff.

“Virtually every part of the university was touched,” Miller said. “Every college was touched. Over 27,000 people donated to the campaign, and it will be an enormous advantage and help to every student, faculty, staff who works here.”

The money will create 239 new scholarships and eight professorship endowments. It will also assist in funding for both university athletics and their outreach programs.

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  • Guest1234

    Shouldn’t some of that money go to a raise for the state employees there who bust their tails everyday to keep the place running? Their insurance is dwindling down to nothing and they are working for peanuts. This college is not at the standards of pay for the employees there. The other colleges all around us are at standards. So, before all of this money goes away how about a handout to the ones who put their lives on the line in the extreme jobs out there.


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