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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Ben McCoy, who is a vocal supporter of New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger, left this comment on the StarNews website this afternoon:

Berger completely owns the fact that he didn’t show up to court. He completely owns some of the ridiculous incidents that have occurred in his personal life. But it can’t be just me who thinks that all of this is so far out of proportion it’s unbelievable. Sending black SUVs to his home to escort him in handcuffs? Isn’t a bench warrant usually issued for failure to appear? I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. All because, as a community leader, he decided to attend a meeting where his girlfriend happened to be – and he had no idea?

It shouldn’t matter your personal opinion of Berger – you should be able to apply the same standard if this was a member of your own family. If your husband/wife/daughter/son had a protection order against them, and went to a meeting where in sheer coincidence that defies logic, the very person they were not allowed to be around happened to be there – would you support such a dramatic and absurd witch hunt? Berger’s got issues – no one is arguing against that – but is he really a “danger” to society? Is this proportionate to the response to others in similar situations? I say absolutely not. And that should concern every intellectually honest citizen out there.

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  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …I wouldn’t try to appeal to the “intellectually honest.” You have no frame of reference on this issue.

    Your boy is a friggin’ whacko. He is a psychological train wreck and we now hear more people talking about his apparent substance abuse problems, which would definitely explain his erractic, immature behavior and incessant tardiness. It would also explain his total lack of care regarding his personal appearance.

    You’ve evidently never heard the phrase, “Don’t hitch your wagon to a falling star.” Your attempts at damage control have become increasingly ineffective and weak. YOU know he’s a nutjob, so why insist on defending him and in the process, destroying your own credibility?


    Mr Berger has been treated as any citizen. Break the law and you are an offender. No special treatment as expected.

  • Lurking in the backgound

    Every time I hear about Brian in the news, it is sad and sometimes just pathetic how he chooses to act and behave in public. Especially since as an elected official whom people voted for and believed in his ideas. I don’t know him personally, or his friends, and I’m definitely not a doctor, but past experiences lead me to believe something is wrong with him. Could be untreated mental illness, drugs, autism, whatever, bottom line is he needs help and being in the public eye is not helping. Mr. Rant, Ben, who I would think cares about Brian in some way b/c every time Brian’s in the news again another rant shows up at the media outlets from Ben defending him. If he really does care for and is concerned about Brian and his well being, nothing will be accomplish with childish actions like pointing fingers, excusing behaviors and defending actions. Most importantly, these rants just keep adding fuel to the fire in the form of more attention being brought to the situation. Unless this stops, the media will continue to follow him, people will keep talking, and the behaviors and actions will continue.

  • Guest757

    Mr. McCoy if you are a true friend of Mr. Berger then you aren’t doing him any favors. You really need to get your friend HELP !!! or you will be saying I should have done more… He is in need of Help.. Or you will be saying woulda, coulda, shoulda…

  • ????

    He will be remembered for his numerous stupid decisions in life and absolutely nothing for his policies to help the people of Wilmington which = 0!!!!!

  • Peyton Garrett

    It should not be long. Being the narcissist that he is, Ben McCoy, I am sure is itching to get on here and tell all who disagree with Him how stupid We are. How intellectually inferior We are to Him and His way of thinking on the Berger fiasco. Not once have I heard Him take any responsibility for encouraging this dimwitted, troubled man to even run for office. If He is the driving force behind Brian Berger as everyone knows He is, He should be ashamed of Himself. He has left this drivel of a man to fend for himself in public. Go ahead Ben, throw another one of Your large worded rambling diatribes out there. Give us all another laugh.

  • Robert Green

    Elected officials are held to a higher standard than ordinary citizens because the public places their trust in your judgement.Thus far, poor judgement and being unprofessional by not showing up on time for county obligations has eroded the community’s confidence in him being a responsible commissioner.Being unemployed would make you think he would be prompt for all obligations.You forgo much of your privacy when entering the public arena.When you have the number of private incidents that Mr.Berger has been involved in, it is completely fair for the citizens to question your judgement and character.When you repeatedly fail to meet your obligations publicly or privately, people have the right to question your integrity as well.Holding elected office is the least of his concerns at this point in his life.Taking care of the basics should be his top priority…..being a responsible citizen.

  • Guest111

    Berger knew his ex girlfriend worked there. C’mon, get real. As for you, please go away. We don’t need a second Berger filling these comment sections with ramblings. If he’s such a good friend of yours, then why haven’t you tried to help him? Why haven’t you tried to get him to meetings on time? Why didn’t you try to resolve issues with his girlfriend before he got in so much trouble? Friends are supposed to be there for you in time of need and Berger has had a LOT of times of need. Where were you?

  • malashley

    Costa Concordia Cruise lines should hire Ben McCoy as their next captain, because he’s definitely going down with the ship.

  • Straight Shooter

    It’s that easy, and move on!

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