Berger released from jail after being arrested for failure to appear

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Submitted: Sat, 01/28/2012 - 2:30am
Updated: Thu, 03/29/2012 - 1:06am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Brian Berger was back behind bars Friday. The New Hanover County Commissioner was arrested this morning after he failed to appear in court.

Berger is no stranger to running behind schedule, but today there was a serious price to pay for his tardiness.

For more than half an hour sheriff’s deputies walked around Berger’s home Friday morning after he did not show up to court. After finally making contact with him, officers arrested Berger for failure to appear.

The deputies said Berger thanked them for their professionalism, but they did not discuss why he had not made it to court.

Downtown, court waited on Berger. He was scheduled to appear at 9:30 a.m. for a violation of a domestic violence protective order filed by his ex-girlfriend Heather Blaylock, who was in the courtroom.

Fellow County Commissioner Jonathan Barfield was subpoenaed to testify. He waited more than an hour before the judge let him and other witnesses go. Barfield said he had a busy day, which was wasted waiting for Berger.

“We’re wasting taxpayers’ dollars,” Barfield said. “For those of community action who are just sitting here for the last hour and a half, those folks could have been at work as well doing their jobs. So I just see it as a total lack of respect and disregard for other people’s time.”

Almost two hours after the hearing was scheduled to begin, Berger finally arrived at the court house in hand cuffs. Judge Shelly Holt quickly issued a $25,000 secured bond pending a forensic evaluation for competency. The evaluation must be done within seven days. The judge may then revisit the bond depending on the results.

The sheriff’s office says Berger’s case was handled according to protocol.

“Mr. Berger has had issues in court the past couple of months, and we’ve tried to address those equally the way we do with anybody else,” Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer said.

We tried to talk to Commissioner Berger’s attorney Thom Goolsby after the bond hearing, but he declined to comment.

Berger posted bond Friday night and was released from the New Hanover County Detention Facility. He is due back in court Tuesday morning.


  • Guest-of-the-day says:

    “Mr. Berger has had issues in court the past couple of months, and we’ve tried to address those equally the way we do with anybody else,”
    Equally??!! excuse me!!??? Since when does an FTA on a farcical “domestic battery” that was little more than an argument with one’s girlfriend warrant an immediate execution of bench warrant? If the county executed those “equally” the jails would be overflowing with those kinds of trivial persecutions.

    Does Burger obtain this kind of “special” treatment explicitly because he is a county commissioner who doesn’t tow the party line? This does NOT look good to those of the general public who are not happy with this current administration. This is really starting to LOOK like a good ‘ol boys network who are used to getting what they want and are even dropping all pretenses about keeping it under wraps. Any fool can see that now…

    There are those out there watching this with a very jaundiced eye, commissioners. Very jaundiced indeed….

  • brendle99 says:

    I think he should run for governor.

  • anne says:

    This man is crying out for help!!!!! It is evident that there is something seriously wrong with him. I used to think he was just thumbing his nose at the good ole boy network, but he has proven that something is seriously wrong. There has to be a way to get him out of office. No one deserves this type of representation and we should not have to put up with it any longer. I think he has become a danger to himself and to all around him.

    But in saying that, there are a couple of others – Barfield and Thompson that need to go too. Hopefully come election time, people will recognize the fact that these are egotists who have their own agenda and it is not the best interest of the people their are representing.

  • dittos says:

    Yeah…thank god he only did this and didn’t decide to run a male brothel out of his house.

  • I will tell you one thing for sure. I live around some mean mean mean heartless individuals. This man is not the best person to be in office, I will surely admit that, but he is still a human being. I think his break-up with his girlfriend has sent him over the edge and he has had some sort of mental/nervous breakdown. The same thing happened to Britney Spears, Charlie Sheen, and now Demi Moore. It could happen to any one of you. He is hurting inside and you all are making fun of him constantly.Several people have killed themselves from being bullied on the internet. If Mr. Berger kills himself will you all be satisfied? Or will you be able to live with yourselves knowing you might have contributed to it? All because he is not the best councilman ever !!!

  • SurfCityTom says:

    one other option.

    He could show maturity and resign

  • Peyton Garrett says:

    Very well said. I agree 100%. On another note. These posts are not about Jason Thompson. Not about Barfield or the rest of the board. They address, or should the failures, personal or as an elected official to perform with diligence the duties He was elected to do. Mr. Berger can not. Never has, never will. As far as this Good ole Boy system and corruption crap goes, Put up or shut up, just as Jason Thompson asked. I myself know of no verifiable financial gain by anyone on this board. Bring proof and I will be the first to applaud the effort. The county has enough problems without dealing with Brian Berger on a weekly basis. He has enough explaining to do, enough of his own fish to fry.

  • Frank Richardson says:

    You nailed the evaluation, Anne…thanks for the post! I’m so glad I live down the road in Calabash but trust me…some of our “leaders” are equally disoriented…from Calabash to Hanover County to North Carolina to the east coast to the nation to the western hemisphere to the entire world.

  • poochie says:

    what makes him any different from anyone else. he should be in jail for failure to appear just like anyone else.Do the courts or judges arrest anyone else an take them straight to court,then ordered a mental evaluation. No,they are arrested,taken to jail,an either make bail,or sit in jail until their court date.I guess it is true MONEY AN POWER takes care of everything. It’s not what u know it’s who u know, Anyone straight off the streets would never been offered a chance. OFF TO JAIL.

  • Ida says:

    I also have to agree….local reporters and government and individuals are constantly waiting , just waiting for Berger to draw a breath and bingo….they critique. Leave the guy alone for pete’s sake!! Get a life. He has the entire world practically lying in wait and finding fault. Has he any friends? If so, you need to rally around him and guide him as I too think he is feeling the weight of all the hatred. After all, it must feel real good and elevate the very lives of trashy people that can’t seem to care for him in any regard and who haven’t a life themselves. Say a prayer, and don’t keep kicking a man when he’s down. Let up, be kind to one another, you wouldn’t like the feeling of it all I’m sure.

  • Mike T says:

    In the slammer for a least 7 days. Hope this means we are going on a NO Berger Diet and wont have any Berger to digest for a while on this site.
    Getting tired of him.

  • Native Wilmingtonian says:

    The photo gives one cause to ponder the view. The Public Information Officer, Sgt. Brewer, was the leader of the arrest team?
    “Mr. Berger has had issues in court the past couple of months, and we’ve tried to address those equally the way we do with anybody else,” Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer said.
    It makes you wonder if this is a publicity effort or professional equal treatment by a sheriff’s department? One must further consider if Sgt Brewer will be the lead on all major arrests in the future; how are we to get “just the facts” from the department?

  • Lola says:

    No! he knew the cost of being a public official and he knew his responsibility including being on time and at meetings vital to our city and county. If he has medical problems then he needs to get this task in order and get help. He has time and time again gone against common sense. Sorry but he has been given more than most citizens understanding from citizens, media, law enforcement and officials in government. Being in a certain party has nothing to do with accountability in this particular case. He disregarded a judge’s order. Sorry Berer be glad I am not a Judge. You would either serve time or get mental evaluation and time in the OAKS!! Plus excused from your position for good.

  • Straight Shooter says:

    For continually supporting and defending this idiot!

  • Lola says:

    I have lived here 60 years and we have never ever had anyone act onlike this-well maybe Jason but, I like him because he gets it straight and admits when he is wrong. This guy is just out of his ever loving mind.

    He has been given more time to make amends than one should. And it is not his odd character, it is him. When one tries to put blame on everyone else and comes with a bag of excuses it is usually self inflicted wounds. He has problems. Really he needs a couple of months in OAKS court ordered since he does not get the Judge’s point on this. So, Goolsby see what Judge says now? You will not win this one believe me. And Ms. James does not play. Been here too long so get this man under care.

  • Lola says:

    Diagnosis from Mrs. James:

    Schizophrenia Treatment

    he is parnoid for real.

  • Scott Pickey says:

    Native – I talked with Sgt. Brewer for a little bit here at the TV station this afternoon.

    He told me he’s built a rapport with Mr. Berger during the times he’s had to be arrested or in the courthouse.

    Brewer says that he’s told Berger that he’ll shoot straight with him and try to help him any way he can.

    In fact, Brewer is rarely directly involved in cases like this and today couldn’t reveal everything that was going on at that particular moment or couldn’t take our calls because he was tied up with Berger.

    Sheriff McMahon, I’m sure, is aware of their relationship and sent Brewer in case Berger was in any trouble.


    Scott Pickey
    WWAY News Director

  • GuestDickHertz says:

    Give it up already, Pea Shooter. Your boy Caster was so bad that no matter what Brian has done, the county is still in better shape than had that geezer been re-elected. Hang Sandusky by the NUTS.

  • Guest Lee says:

    I’m afraid that once Berger finds out that Sgt. Brewer is talking to WWAY, the “rapport” that they had will be severed. Everyone knows that Berger is upset with WWAY right now, and after he reads this article, I think he’ll stop confiding so much to Sgt. Brewer.

    If Berger actually continues to talk with Sgt. Brewer after this article, he would indeed be admiting that he needs a mental evaluation.

  • 28472 says:

    Lay off the booze, heard enough out of you.

  • Brian (not Berger) says:

    That’s the thing – if they do this for HIM, they need to do it for EVERY failure to appear, every time. They don’t. Most times the judge will simply issue a bench warrant and send the witnesses and victims home, only to return for the next court date.

  • Brian (not Berger) says:

    I agree. It is time to pressure the courts to do this for EVERY FTA, EVERY time. Trust me, they don’t.

  • hey! says:

    the true religious side of you comes out!

    are you quoting

    “run thou mouth”

    “come gather at the hypocrite well”

    check any mirror to find your true self

  • Straight Shooter says:

    Stupid is forever!!

  • In my humble opinion, anyone who is being charged with domestic abuse should immediately be ordered to undergo a psychiatric evalution while they are still in the same state of mind which allowed them to act out in the first place. Plus, when one attempts a suicide, it ought to warrant a miminum of a three day minimum involuntary mental evaluation.
    It’s sad that a grown man cannot even make himself behave knowing that there are many eyes watching what he does next. Perhaps it IS because he is mentally unstable, in which case he should immediately be removed from office until such a time that he is deemed mentally fit to serve again.
    Finally, no one should be excused for bad courthouse antics; this time for being late for court. As the article points out, he’s has had issues with the court before. A contempt of court charge should have been levied. He’s not that much of a VIP that he can just stroll into court whenever it’s convenient for him.

  • wooduck says:

    roger THAT!!!

  • Guest Lee says:

    I think most people would LOVE to leave Berger alone and never hear his name mentioned again. However, Berger makes that impossible by constantly saying or doing something outrageous to call attention to himself every few weeks.

    I feel sorry for the guy, but I’m not going to stop posting about him. How can public officials and the courts continue to not respond when they keep hearing a consistently loud outcry from the public to get this man some help? It may be that the public outcry is what will eventually save Berger from himself. In the long run, public outcry may be the best thing that ever happened to Berger.

  • GuestDickHertz says:

    Sorry to hurt you with the truth, Shooter…. the county is still better off with Brian than the guy he defeated in the runoff election. I have an idea for you and yours, shooter…. Pool your $$$ and put a bid in on the Rhino Club property downtown. You can save some money on the signage by shortening the name to match Brian’s predecessor’s description: RINO

  • GuestOhPlease says:

    I’m always suspicious when someone says “everyone knows….” The truth is you don’t know. You don’t have all the facts, you aren’t Sgt. Brewer, and you aren’t Commissioner Berger. Like most folks here, you’re just yammering away like an old gossip.

  • Straight Shooter says:

    Got to be one of the very few Berger supporters left!

  • Straight Shooter says:

    Let’s take this slowly so you can understand. Bill Caster had a successful career with US Coast Guard and retired as an officer. Brian Berger has no successful anything and has been on unemployment. Bill Caster started and managed several successful businesses, one of them being Play it Again Sports. Brian Berger, nothing, he is on unemployment. Bill Caster was an honest man, served this county well and with respect for over two decades, Brian Berger has clearly shown us that he is dishonest and totally wacked out and has brought nothing but disrespect to the county. What ever disagreement you may have had with Caster, remember he was one of five votes on the commission. So how are we better off with Berger? You only state that it’s because he is younger. What an Idiot!

  • Guest2012 says:

    and I don’t care!

  • Jonny Blaznolis says:

    A Mental evaluation for this troubled individual should have been ordered long ago. the type of raging narcissistic behavior painfully evident here is ingrained into a persons DNA; mistakes and legal/financial troubles are usually covered up with excuses, money or both.

    I met this character many years ago and my opinion hasn’t changed much: a spoiled man-child who was over-indulged by wealthy egotistical parents who’s lot in life was obsessively making money and excuses for this jerk. I immediately thought he was a “know it all” who hasn’t worked a day in his life…and has his sights on the CEO position when he was barely qualified for the mail-room.

    Oh, he can string a sentence together…but most pathological charlatans can. Mix in a little schizoid “word salad” and a UN-healthy dose of paranoia, alcohol, rage, parental indulgence, and narcissism…and you’ve got a walking talking screwball with one thing on his mind: trying to prove how much he knows while dispelling his critics…creating false firestorms, lies and hacks about his real or imagined enemies.

    The board should have taken action against this menace long ago…but they probably won’t because they don’t have an individual or a collective spine to take a stand. I wonder what actual work is being performed by the board,(if at all). Can’t help but wonder why the entire board hasn’t been audited for their performance, and for wasting taxpayer dollars in this dime-store charade.

    I suggest you put on the old 33 1/3 of “Riders on the Storm” and listen closely. It may be a for bearer of things to come.

    Jonny Blaznolis

  • Guest Lee says:

    Yes, I do know. What I said was that everyone knows that Berger is upset with WWAY right now. I was directing those comments to anyone who reads this forum on a regular basis.

    There was an article that WWAY posted not long ago where Berger ranted and raved and said he would NEVER talk with them again. Most people on this forum read that article. I guess you didn’t.

    That specific sentence wasn’t commenting on the situation with Sgt. Brewer. It was commenting on the way Berger feels about WWAY. You really have a terrible reading comprehension problem. You should probably get some help with that.

    BTW, it’s not gossip if it’s the truth.

  • teabag says:

    Thank you Tea Party for making a great Politician, maybe he could run for Governor.

  • Guestvoter says:

    Finally he is getting the evaluation he so desperately needs! I am not a fan of Mr. Berger, nor did I vote for him, in fact I cannot imagine how he was elected in the first place. That does not keep me from feeling sorry for him. He is obviously in need of professional help, and perhaps he may now get it. Maybe he doesn’t have any health insurance that is why he hasn’t had any help yet. Let’s hope this is not going to be a sad story like the man that burned his house down after being harassed by the HOA who was obviously also in need of help.

  • Curious in ILM says:

    Tom, whoops, I mean “Thom” (is the ‘th’ pronounced? or is the ‘h’ silent?…confusing!) is defending Berger in court: who is paying the legal fees or is this a pro bono case for Tom—whoops, there I go again, I mean Thom?

    I think Berger is a victim of some poorly executed local GOP machinations in the same way in which Patrick Ballantine was thrown under the bus and left by the wayside a few years ago.

    To think that no one in the leadership of the NHCo GOP has demanded Berger’s resignation is telling; to me, it is another case of what is NOT said that is more damning that what IS said.

  • Guest Lee says:

    I sure would like to shake that judge’s hand. Berger should have been ordered to take a mental eval when he slashed his wrists all those many months ago. In fact, for his own safety and the safety of his ex-girlfriend, he should have been committed involuntarily for a 30-day assessment.

  • Peyton Garrett says:

    That’s more like it. Now let him fire off an E-Mail and disparage the Judge. $25,000.00. Let’s see, $3,750.00 to secure a bondsman. He may be there for a little while. Maybe Ben McCoy will pony up. Anyway, He has been dealt a dose of reality. That must be very contrary to the La La land Big Brian comes from. The Mental exam should be interesting to say the least.

  • Guesttellall says:

    The only four ways Berger will leave as he obviously will not resign…
    1) Wait till 2013 long session in January and file local legislation to revote and vote him out
    2) Long term psychiatric commitment – will not remove him from office but will dissolve position for mental incompetency / not being able to fulfill duties medically
    3) Convicted of felony.
    4) Commits Suicide

    You who voted for him, you’re stuck with him till one of the above four action items happen…

    You wanted the right to vote, you sure as heck got it… Next time, properly educate yourself and do a complete discovery of who you are voting for…

  • Ken says:

    I used to enjoy the TV Show called Payton Place until they took it off TV but I’m happy now that it is alive and well now on the Internet under the new name of Berger Place. I wonder if this guy is still collecting unemployement insurance.

    I guess when they came and rousted him this morning, he had a “Gov. Perry” moment and looked at the Sheriff’s Deputies and said “OOOooopps”.

  • Guest1165 says:

    Or even president. He’s as good as any of the others running as republicans at this time.

  • GuestPat says:

    Finally a MENTAL EVALUATION!!! Ive been saying..he has the look in his eyes of ”far and distant”.. now can the taxpayers and the Commissioners get rid of him???

  • Guest12 says:

    The Chief District Court Judge Corpening failed to act in an escalating and very dangerous public safety situation for months. He is ultimately the overseer of magistrates and district court cases. He should have ordered involuntary evaluation the minute Commissioner Brian Berger cut his own wrists.

  • Robert Green says:

    Regardless of your affiliation, I think it is unanimous across the political spectrum that he has been a liability and an embarassment to our community.All responses from and participation by Mr. Berger in county business should be disregarded due to his mental state.I am a conservative but I will freely admit when the Republican Party got it wrong by initially promoting his candidacy.Time is up Mr.Berger, your legitmacy and holding yourself up to higher standard as a county commissioner has been destroyed.You give a black eye to people in public service.This is a unstable individual, who has much bigger concerns than holding public office.The mental illness has impaired his ability to secure full time or part time employment.He is establishing a criminal record,chronically unemployed and defying conservative values that he espouses.This is a personal tragedy unfolding in the public spotlight.

  • dittos says:

    Bill Clinton, Edward Kennedy, Barney Frank, Sandy Burger, Robert Torricelli, James McGreevey, Jesse Jackson, Gary Condit, Eliot Spitzer, John Murtha, James Traficant, Hazel O’Leary, Marion Barry, Daniel David Rostenkowski, Lamar Hastings, Lena Swanson, Gerry Studds, Chris Dodd, Charles Rangel….AND I COULD GO ON AND ON AND ON!! Seems you have alot of winners on you side of the aisle.

  • Guest228 says:

    Boy, you republicans really picked a winner!

  • deputy 25 says:

    that what we said about the dems when Obama won!!

  • Guest558 says:

    You are right that’s our one! Let’s not forget Katherine Moore! I do believe you Democrats kept on putting her crazy a– back in office. Let’s not forget the entire city council and majority of the county officials over the decades. You dems have alot to be proud of here! We will take this 1. Bet we don’t put him back in unlike you FOOLS! Now go back to your Maury episode life loser!

  • JH says:

    He is there because of abysmal voter turnout in an off-year election. When his gang all showed up at polls the plurality balance of a very small group has weight to it. Just take a look at the voter turnout that election, it was embarrassing.

  • Guest228 says:

    never had the police to show up to their house and put cuffs on them and order a mental evaluation and placed in jail..your turn?

  • Guestsmiley says:

    I don’t know the guy and I will not judge… Let me say this, though, it certainly seems like a Lynch Mob going after this guy. There’s so much worse going on in Wilmington, don’t you think this guy has had enough persecution?

  • Peyton Garrett says:

    No, not until He man’s up and resigns from the County Board. There is no Lynch Mob. Just citizens who have had enough of His behavior which by the way, He has brought upon Himself. If You think He should be coddled, that is Your decision and your right.

  • Guest5689 says:

    lawyer or no lawyer……if it was any other New Hanover County TAX PAYING Citizen we would of gotten a FAILURE TO APPEAR and a BENCH WARRANT would have been issued for our ARREST! And if his OWN attorney doesn’t know where he is…….then issue a FTA!! ….. do NOT consider sending someone from the county to check on him…..send someone from the county to ARREST his crazy butt!!

  • Guest1234 says:

    Looks like someone called in favor.

  • Guest447 says:

    I think that most of the local elected officials are a running joke. Mr. Berger is just front and center and has the spotlite!There have been decades of questionable actions in this area. I have been in New Hanover County for 77yrs, And there have been some that are just as crazy and bizzare as Berger. But they got away with it! The local politics here is oozing corruption and has for at least 20plus years. You folks voted this clown in now DEAL WITH IT! We need a complete overhaul of 90% of the people we have placed in power locally. If you think we don’t, then you are just as Crazy as Berger!

  • Guest Lee says:

    I agree with you on every point except one:

    “…and there have been some that are just as crazy and bizzare as Berger.”

    I have lived here over 60 years myself, but I don’t recall any other elected official who has carved up his arms with a razor blade, sent over 120 suicidal texts to his ex-girlfriend, pulled his ex-girlfriend’s car mirror off her car, been issued a restraining order, been arrested numerous times, and been kicked off numerous boards and urged by his fellow commissioners to resign.

    I mean, seriously, how can you get any crazier or more bizzare than Berger? Corrupt officials, yes, but the crazy and bizzare awared HAS to go to Berger.

  • Guest461 says:

    And thank you for your highlighting of problems besides Berger. Some of these tunnel-visioned posters have put their bullseye on Berger and forgotten what the other 4 commish’s have done to us. Sometimes I think that is their strategy as it seems to make one heck of a smoke screen for them.

  • Citizen of the Republic says:

    Usually, it’s the client that’s scurrying around trying to find their attorney.

    Attorneys bounce from courtroom to courtroom at the last minute because they’re juggling too many clients.

    It’s funny that lawyers don’t want to waste their time, but clients spend all day waiting for a process that takes 10-15 mins.

    If the courts worked honestly, the lawyers would get penalized for not being present when a case is called, but since they enjoy a special relationship (officer of the court), they’re allowed to juggle the courts time and client’s time and patience.

  • Guest28451 says:

    to buy this guy an alarm clock or 2?

  • GuestReality says:

    He can buy it with the taxpayer dollars that he’s getting from his Washington, DC unemployment check.

  • Speculator says:

    I predict four possible outcomes:

    He won’t resign, but that felony option seemed like an honorable way for him to leave the position (good for us).

    He self-referred into a psychiatric facility (good for him). The court might at least show some leniency, here.

    He is on the lam (bad for him).

    His earlier cries for help ended with in a permanent solution for a temporary problem (ugly for all).

  • gmoney says:

    My hope is he gets re elected! I want him to keep showing how dumb the voters are here! Hows that convention center doing you guys? You bunch of IDIOTS! Let’s force folks in the city! You Morons re elected them. Local law enforcement dealing with scandals on a weekly basis as well. Keep standing behind these folks too! Berger is just not as well connected as others in the political arena here. I think it would be funny to see him elected again. You folks are dumb enough to do it. you’ve done worse before!

  • guesty says:

    Maybe he finally decided to obey the law and not drive on his suspended license and since he has gone wacko, he couldn’t con anybody into giving him a ride.

  • Guest Lee says:

    But he still could have ridden the bus. Maybe he felt it was beneath him….hahaha hahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha!!!!

  • Monkey Junction says:

    Mr. Berger needs to resign to get his life back in order. He is no doing himself any good and certainly not us in New Hanover County. We need to do a better job preventing candidates like Mr. Berger from ever winning office.

  • Guest25479 says:

    when they say he needs to resign. He can’t. Berger can’t quit this job for the same reasons you can’t quit yours. This is likely his only source of income and health insurance. This isn’t Richard Nixon, circa late 1973, early 1974, who was stubborn to the very end, but knew that he could ultimately go to California and collect a pension while making millions for speeches and writing. If he quits, how could he ever get a job now? As soon as a potential employer, here or anywhere Googles his name, he’s getting a rejection letter. He’s clearly not able to get himself to meetings on time and I’m sure he’d enjoy the luxury of doing nothing but he does not have that option. There is a myth that commissioners, like Congressmen, have pay and benefits for life after one term but that’s not the case. I don’t think this whole saga will end with him resigning and quietly moving on. You’re either going to have the General Assembly step in and give the citizens the chance to recall him or he’s going to be a great source of news stories for the next three years. I’m no Berger defender but people should understand that calling for his resignation is a waste of typing or breath.

  • Peyton Garrett says:

    Roust Him? Hmmm. Should make him blow a breathalizer and submit to a blood test. It is like the other poster stated, a failure to appear bench warrant should be issued. At the very least He should be found in contempt. He was probably up all night firing off E-Mails. This clown wants to march to the beat of His own drum, The judge should show Him who runs the courtroom. Of coarse they sent the sherrif out there to make sure He had not scratched himself again. What a jerk.

  • deputy 25 says:

    you have the city and county commisioners mixed up. he is county , not city. now who looks like the dummy?

  • how's that change? says:

    Dep25 I think g money just bunched them all together as one. That’s how i read it. If you have worked for a local department for at least 5 years here. You will see alot of the local elected crazies around and how they act. I sure hope you got to experience the NHSD years of 97 thru 2010! Boy what a SHOW! Hey WPD don’t laugh you guys have plenty to hang your head about too… Maybe things will turn around soon? probably not!!!!! Just sit back and enjoy the show….

  • nypd3398 says:

    I sure hope the sheriff is watching to see if his Deputies are going online calling tax paying citizens dummies! If you want to get into a debate about local corruption we could go there.. Did Mr. Berger support a 760K helicopter and a local thug to pilot it??? The answer is no! It was Causey who ordered it without county approval and created a Lt salary to fly it at 65K a year.. Then got a wink and a nod from the commissioners… Not Mr Berger at the time.. We the taxpayers took a 400K bath on that sale of ego, corrupt politics.. If you need more Dep25 keep on with the comments.. I bet you will stop now!! so who is the dummy now?

  • GuestCitizen says:

    Can’t you correct someone without resorting to name calling? Your last sentence wasn’t necessary.

    Is this the way you are when you’re on duty, Deputy? If so, New Hanover County citizens deserve better.

  • guesty says:

    Nobody knows if he/she really is a deputy and if so, for what county? He/she might not even be in this state.

  • Guest Lee says:

    Being a county commissioner is NOT his only source of income. He’s also drawing unemployment from Washington, DC.

    If he can’t find a job in the future, it’s his own fault due to his extremely bad decisions. I can’t blame any employer who wouldn’t want Berger working for him.

    If Berger has no income at all, then he could qualify for welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, free cell phone, free housing. Just think…he would be so much better off than working (not that he does that much anyway).

  • Guest25479 says:

    emphasis on was. Is he still drawing unemployment from DC with his commissioner’s salary? I don’t know, I’m asking. It came to light when he was running for office that he had been drawing unemployment but is he still doing so now that he has income? Is the DC unemployment system so lucrative that he is still drawing money off of it?

    I didn’t say I feel sorry for him for being unemployable but that’s the reality and it’s one more reason that calling for his resignation is a waste of time to the point of silly. He can’t get another job for the foreseeable future and he knows it as well as you, I and everyone who reads local news.

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