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WILMINGTON, NC (WTVD) — An FBI agent testified Friday that investigators faked photographs to make it look like a witness in a North Carolina terror case had been murdered.

The revelation came in a preliminary hearing in Wilmington for Shkumbin Sherifi – who is accused of plotting to murder witnesses who testified against his older brother Hysen Sherifi.

Hysen Sherifi was sentenced to 45 years earlier this month in what prosecutors described as a conspiracy to attack the Marine base at Quantico, Va., and targets abroad.

Three other men in his Johnston County, North Carolina-based terror cell pled guilty to terrorism charges in 2011, and three more defendants were found guilty at trial. Another defendant still awaits trial, while an eighth suspect remains at large.

According to an affidavit released this week, Hysen Sherifi confided in an informant that he wanted to kill three witnesses who testified against him and a prisoner he believed had stolen from him.

His brother Shkumbin allegedly paid an FBI informant $4,250 in cash toward the first killing.

At Friday’s preliminary hearing, FBI agent James Langtry testified that investigators staged “a hit” on one of the witnesses who testified against Hysen Sherifi. They took photos of the man in a shallow grave with fake blood on his chest. They also staged photos of a beheading.

An FBI informant then passed the photos to Shkumbin Sherifi – who then allegedly showed the pictures to his brother in jail January 22 – telling him the hit had been carried out. FBI agents were waiting for Shkumbin when he left the jail.

The FBI has also accused Shkumbin’s girlfriend Nevine Aly Elshiekh, a 46-year-old school teacher from Raleigh, of involvement in the plot. Her first appearance is scheduled for Feb. 3.

A judge ordered Shkumbin Sherifi held for trial Friday without bond.

(ABCnews and the Associated Press contributed to this story)

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  • Guest Redneck Across the River

    So, whay do you suppose the legal machine will do with this terrorist? Will he be deported, set free on bond (most likely), or will he actually reside in a prison? I personally think he should be beheaded.

  • slicknness

    wjth a dull knife

  • SurfCityTom

    wait for the gators to become more active with the return of spring and then troll him up the Intracoastal on a tube behind a slow moving boat.

    take him to the zoo out on Carolina Beach Road and let him do his time in a cage with one of the big cats, prefereably a Tiger.

    take him over to LeJeune or the School of Infantry for target practice or seek and destroy training.

    introduce him to the SEALS who were just in Somalia.

    put him under house arrest for 50 years with Brian Berger.

  • snoopdog

    Question I have is, what makes you so sure he’s from another country from what you read in this article when you say he should be deported? Or are you just saying deport him? What if he’s an American citizen?

  • Ken

    Very Slowly.

  • Guest for the day

    Wow Tom. An all new low for Surf City Tom. Really nasty. Don’t get me wrong, this joker should get what he deserves within the law.

  • guesty

    Being imprisoned with Berger for that long really could be considered cruel punishment. All the other choices are fitting punishment for a terrorist.

  • Grand Ole Party

    A nasty death for a nasty criminal. How is that low? You liberal never stop.

  • SurfCityTom

    another “no brainer” who clearly never heard of tongue in cheek humor.

    Another weasel takes a shot at SurfCityTom; and fails.

    At least think before you post.

  • Guestsnicker

    Make him stand on the corner of 10th and Dawson. That’ll do it.

  • Guest11

    You guys are all so pathetic.
    His brother didn’t kill anybody and got 45 years. No substantial evidence except for words from mouths.
    Now, they’re building a case upon his younger brother, an aspiring music-artist & his sister?

    And this is how the news portrays everything before knowledge is even illustrated, you ignoramus fucks. You believe everything the news tells you, so matter of fact, if hopping off a bridge is good for your health, you should listen & hopefully yall will.

    Look deeper into this case before you judge or hate.
    Wherever you go, Cops/Police/Officals will NEVER admit their mistakes.
    And because this issue is labeled with “terrorism” these fat-donut-fucks will have an advantage over a foreign legal resident in this system.

  • Das Weibstück

    “Hysen Sherifi was sentenced to 45 years earlier this month in what prosecutors described as a conspiracy to attack the Marine base at Quantico, Va. and targets abroad.”

    What is this if not terrorism? You ignoramus Feck. You must be another peace loving Muzzie.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Do you mean a musician, Achmed?

    This is America and we speak English here, so if you’re going to conduct your little play-warrior jihads here, please take the time to learn English.

  • Guest461

    ..is that you, my ignorant poster, should NEVER, EVER divulge your true identity. Bear in mind that this person was set-up by his own ignorance…similar, but of a greater magnitude than yours. The audio and video evidence is of his own intent. Tapes and cameras simply don’t lie.

    You hereby win the, “Coward with the Foulest Mouth of the Year” Award! Your award consists of daily swimming lessons for you and your family in the CFPUA 2nd stage sludge tanks while wearing a 12 lb. ankle ball. Enjoy!

  • K

    I completely believe you too! My brother just got four to six for armed robbery, and he did not do it. He was asked for a ride to the store and someone went in and robbed the store. Funny thing is, is that the person who did it actually submitted a statement saying my brother had no knowledge of the crime and the state still did not budge. During my brother’s trial, they violated 3 of his constitutional rights!! He was tried in absentia. He was involuntarily committed to a hospital during his trial, and they proceeded without him, although he was incapable of attending!!! That violates due process, which should have been protected under the fifth, sixth, and fourteenth amendments. I even spoke with a lawyer who verified this information. Also, the judge told the alternate juror to go out into the hallway during deliberation and ask questions to the prosecutor, the public defender, police officers, and then go into the room with the rest of the jurors. ILLEGAL!!! One of the prosecutors was actually taken off of the case because of suspected foul play against my brother. She is currently under investigation by North Carolina State Bar!! SO, there is so much corruption within the legal system its ridiculous

  • awesome1

    Muzzie. i like it.

  • SurfCityTom

    he either meant an artist who sings while painting or sculpting.


    a singer who paints or sculpts while singing.

    The weasel must think the would be beheader is a Tony Bennet type.

    Perhaps he’s like a float ride on the Intracoastal come spring.

  • Guest8765309

    Just goes to show you can’t trust the feds.

  • Guest08

    Remember, everyone is innocent until proven guilty..

  • Justin America

    What if he’s an American Citizen? Oh, it’s fine then. He just wants to murder people.


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