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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — On the heels of Gov. Bev Perdue’s announcement that she will not seek re-election, the focus now is on who will take her seat. Many names are being tossed around with local and state leaders showing interest. One of those is Rep. Mike McIntyre.

We caught up with McIntyre Friday during a visit to Carolina Beach to ask how serious he is about a move from Washington to Raleigh.

“I had several folks who contacted me right away and said for me to consider the possibility, and yes, I am open to the possibility of considering that, but I’ve got to have a lot of discussion with folks around the state, my family has to discuss it and then some decisions have to be made fairly soon because filing starts next month,” McIntyre said.

McIntyre has represented North Carolina’s 7th District in the US House since 1997. The Democrat is a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, a group of Democrats that are considered moderates within their party. He says party affiliation aside, it’s time for North Carolina’s leader to put bipartisanship into action.

“As folks know I’ve had a long history of working across the aisle, and I think the problems we’re facing in North Carolina as well as in this nation, you’ve got to have folks who will reach across the aisle, work together and find solutions and not get caught up in party politics,” McIntyre said.

When asked about how redistricting of the Congressional lines will play a role in his decision to run for governor, McIntyre said, “That has to be a separate consideration.”

If the governor’s seat is in fact in his future, McIntyre says he will put personal politics aside to do what’s best for North Carolinians.

“It’s something that I’ve long done,” McIntyre said. “I’ve long strived to work with folks on what the issues are and not whether or not it was a party’s issue but is it the right issue to help the people.”

According to state regulations, candidates must file a notice for candidacy in the filing period between February 13 and February 29.

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