Details hush-hush on new effort to bring jobs to Brunswick County

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Submitted: Tue, 01/31/2012 - 4:57am
Updated: Tue, 01/31/2012 - 3:03pm

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — After a failed bid to bring “Project Soccer” to southeastern North Carolina, Gov. Bev Perdue may be trying to get another company to bring jobs to the area.

In October Contintental Tire chose to build a new facility in South Carolina instead of Brunswick County. That meant the loss of 1,600 potential jobs.

The details on the new effort are slim, but as it stands now, the governor is trying to get a company to invest in Brunswick County.

This morning, Gov. Perdue met with company executives to discuss matters over breakfast at the Executive Mansion. A Perdue spokesperson declined to identify the interested company.

After that, the governor came to Brunswick County to meet with economic development teams from Brunswick County as well as other surrounding counties.

We tried to get more information about the project, but local leaders as well as Perdue’s press office could not reveal much information, citing confidentiality agreements that accompany these projects. We do know the unidentified company could bring about 1,100 jobs to the area.

We’ll keep following this story and will bring you the very latest as it becomes available.


  • Fed Up and Disgusted says:

    Perhaps you should do a little more homework. Continental Tire was NEVER coming to No. Carolina. They used us as leverage to get the deal they wanted all along in So. Carolina.

  • Mike T says:

    Lets all hope Phil Berger wasn’t invited. As we all know he led the blow out of the Tire Company Deal. If this deal goes well we could have had 2,600 jobs and eliminated much of our jobless rate on South Eastern
    NC. If Phil doesn’t know about this , Please Please don’t tell him!!

  • Peyton Garrett says:

    Caterpillar. That would be a great addition and close to the port. Don’t blow it!

  • Mike T says:

    The homework your talking about wasn’t done by Phil Berger. He was blinded by partisan politics and it cost us 1,600 good jobs. My information comes directly from Republican Senators and the Dept.of Economic Development. Maybe you missed the press release and press conference. The fact was that 16 Republican Senators along with the Democrats had committed to vote in favor of the incentive package. North Carolina was given a deadline and Berger refused to call a session to raise the vote knowing he would lose. Now we will never know if we were being played or not because we never had the chance to find out. We might all be interested where your information comes from.

  • Peyton Garrett says:

    While I know She is still Governor, is there not a better contingent than a lame duck politician to perhaps push this through? The incentive packages should for all practical purposes be in place. Still the same piece of property? Whoever the phantom industry is knows what was offered before. There Must be interest. Can she screw this up? You bet she can.

  • robo says:

    Perdue may as well bow out now. With her anti-business attitude for our state, no company of any consequence would want to locate here.

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