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JACKSONVILLE, NC (WWAY) — The Hallmark Hall of Fame movie “A Smile as Big as the Moon” debuted on WWAY Sunday night. The family film was shot in Wilmington and many of its extras are from Jacksonville. Family and friends rolled out the red carpet for their special night on Sunday.

From the network to Jacksonville Country Club, these special extras enjoyed their night in the spotlight.

“It was good,” says Brandon Rhodes, an extra for the movie. “I was kind of excited and I’m really happy I can be in a movie.”

Proud parents were on hand for the festivities.

“Oh this is amazing because, I mean, when you have a special needs child that’s born you have no idea what they’re future is going to bring them,” says Jeanette Martinez, an extra’s mother. “Jessica has reached for the stars and tonight she is a star. What more could a mom ask for?”

It was a night that these special extras will not soon forget. For many, they hope it will not be their last acting job.

“It’s a great night, being here with my mom and dad,” said extra Jessica Martinez.

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  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I especially enjoyed Mrs. Martinez’ comments regarding her daughter. I have a friend with a special needs adult child and know how much these triumphs mean.

    BTW, I saw this report while running on the treadmill this morning. I watch your morning show on cardio days. (No TV in the weight room) Katie Harden inspires me to go a few more miles every day. If I was a hundred-forty years younger and she had absolutely no standards in men…….

    Anyway, thanks for a great story.

  • Amanda

    My husband and I watched the movie last and we really loved it. The kids did a fantastic job. What a great family movie! Congratulations!!


    I enjoyed the movie too. I could not watch it on Sunday so I taped it.
    Unfortunately it was cut short. So I did not see the last 15 minutes.
    Can you fill me in on the ending??? I really would appreciate it.

  • Marcie

    Was proud of the young adults that stared in this movie; even prouder that some of them were from Jacksonville. Keep reaching for the stars. Marcie


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