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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — We’re starting to get more details about a plan to bring a new industry to southeastern North Carolina.

State Rep. Danny McComas (R-19th District) says the so-called Project Road Runner is good for the community, the region and the state. He says it would be located at the Columbus/Brunswick County line, right across the road from where Project Soccer was supposed to go.

McComas said the project, which is rumored to be a Caterpillar factory, is moving quickly and should get a formal announcement in a week or two.

It does have competition from South Carolina and Georgia.

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1 Comment on "McComas: Project Road Runner speeding along"

2015 years 10 months ago

North Carolina is ranked 7th from the bottom in terms of favorable business climate when corporations view the state for expansion?

The primary drawback, the state’s overall tax rates. Look in the southeast, which includes South Carolina and Georgia, North Carolina has the worst business climate of all states.

So North Carolina competes against two southeastern states with far superior business climates.

One would think North Carolina will have to offer additional incentives to offset the advantages enjoyed by the other rival states. It is unlikely just matching other state incentives will get the job done.

And remember, it is the tax rate which puts us in that position. And Smiley, just prior to her announcement, proposed an increase.

One of the reasons for our heightened tax levels? The need to pay back the Feds for the $2.4 Billion which she and Mike Easley borrowed to keep Medicaid afloat. Until that albatross is off the back, how will the Democrats pay for all of the things proposed such as reinstating Medicaid to former levels and all of the educational initiatives, without further taxes?

Saffo admits it will take new taxes to pay for a downtown baseball stadium.

Rather than looking for ways to govern more efficiently, and lower taxes, they propose additional taxes.

In that light, does anyone think we have a serious shot at this industry locating a facility in Brunswick/Columbus county?

Think about that unemotionally; look at the numbers.

They don’t add up.

And remember, the local unemployment rate increased to 10.6%.

Does anyone in government read these reports?


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