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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — The last time there was a DSS Board meeting in Brunswick County, Chairman Charles Warren tried to have fellow board member Pat Sykes arrested. The fallout from that December meeting has been extensive. It’s led all the way to county commissioners attempting to remove Warren from that board and, in turn, Warren fighting them this week in court.

Today was the first DSS meeting since that initial dispute.

At Tuesday’s meeting, tensions were once again high as Warren and Sykes revisited their December mix-up.

“You’re basically just saying he escorted me out,” Sykes said during the meeting. “That’s not what truly happened, and so I was ordered to leave twice out of the meeting. I want the minutes to reflect the actions of what happened to me.”

Warren says despite the controversy he has no hard feelings for Sykes.

“I have no feelings against Mrs. Sykes,” Warren said. “I’m here to take care of the business of the DSS.”

Sykes and Warren were at odds a few times during Tuesday’s meeting. The second time over an issue surrounding the board hiring a new attorney.

“He’s representing you in court right now,” Sykes said to Warren about attorney Gary Shipman, “and I don’t think your court stuff’s finished, so I can’t see bringing him in here when there’s another issue.”

Shipman is currently involved in Warren’s injunction against the Brunswick County Commission. Sykes told WWAY Monday she hopes desperately commissioners remove Warren from the DSS Board. A superior court judge is supposed to rule tomorrow whether commissioners can hold a hearing on whether to remove Warren from the board.

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  • Gertie

    Warren is not acting in the best interest for DSS. Ask any DSS employee!

  • Guest000000

    Neither one of them know anything at all about running a social services operation. They should let someone who has earned a Master’s degree in Social Work run DSS.

  • Challengetheworld

    Judge will rule today that he can’t serve on this board anymore, then he will be off to call someone else a racist and cry wolf.

  • Guest000000

    Neither Charles Warren or Pat Sykes is acting in the best interest of DSS. Perhaps they should let someone with a masters degree in Social Work handle running DSS.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    When was the last time that DSS was fully audited? I’m talking about a full, wall-to-wall, to the dollar audit. We’re talking about an agency that sucked in $109 million dollars of the county money this fiscal year. When was the last time we had an accounting of where it all goes?

    When was the last time we took a good look at how many family members work in the one agency?

    When was the last time we looked at DSS jobs awarded by political influence, friends of friends, etc.

    When was the last time we had an accounting of how many people awarded TANF and EBT are related to DSS employees?

    Why is Sykes being stonewalled? What isn’t she supposed to know? Why is Warren willing to go to court to fight removal from this board?

    Lots of money….lots of strange activity…..raising lots of questions….

  • Guestimation

    Just like a wayward child(ren)…..or spoiled reality tv star(s)….any attention/press is good attention/press…..What an embarrassment!
    It would seem there are many important issues that the DSS Board could attend to, but the business of running the DSS keeps falling by the wayside while the ego feeding frenzy continues.

  • Guest2012

    Well Gary Shipment is representing Warren. Going to be nothing but a show of BS. Thats all Shipment and Wright does. Might as well be Al Sharpton. lol.

  • Brunswick1764

    “I’m a danger to society!”

  • supplync

    Why can’t a mental evaluation be ordered for this moron like Judge Holt ordered for Wilmington Councilman Brian Berger? Seriously, he looks like a psycho. I’d be glad he threw me out of the DSS meeting just so I wouldn’t have to at look him. What is wrong with Brunswick County and New Hanover that these men are the best they can vote into office.


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