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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County Commissioner Charles Warren had his injunction denied today by Superior Court Judge Jack Hooks. The decision will allow other county commissioners to hold a hearing on whether to remove warren from the DSS Board.

Brunswick County Commissioners say they have been doing everything legally and ethically throughout this whole process. They say the discussion about Warren as DSS chair could happen soon.

“My understanding is the appointee can be removed based on cause and that we can have a hearing maybe as soon as monday the sixth,” Commissioner Marty Cooke said

Brunswick County Commissoners now know they have the legal authority to remove fellow Commissioner Warren from the Department of Social Services Board. The issue is being discussed because of Warren’s attempt to have DSS Board member Pat Sykes arrested in December.

“That’s the purpose of the hearing,” Brunswick County Commission Chair Bill Sue said. “When we hear the evidence, our side and his side, then we’ll come to a conclusion.”

In the first DSS Board meeting since the Warren-Sykes controversy, the two were at odds again. This time one of the issues was the possible conflict of interest in Warren looking to bring in his attorney from this case to work with the board.

As the tensions between Sykes and Warren are clear, county commissioners say their relationship with Warren is fine.

“I’ve always liked Mr. Warren,” Cooke said. “I’ve worked with him and always enjoyed working with him. We just want to move forward from here.”

Sue said, “He treats the other commissioners with courtesy and respect, and we treat him with courtesy and respect.”

Judge Hooks’s decision opens up numerous opportunities for the commission when it comes to Warren. Comissioners say the answer to whether he will be removed from the DSS Board will come at some point this month.

“We’ll just have to wait and go through the process,” Sue said.

We called Warren to get his reaction to the judge’s ruling, but he has not returned our call. His attorney Gary Shipman said they “respectfully disagree” with the judge’s decision and are discussing the possibility of an appeal.

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7 Comments on "Judge denies Warren’s injunction"

2015 years 10 months ago

I beg to differ with Commissioner Sue. I think Warren’s childish behavior that led to his being removed from a commissioner’s meeting does not represent “courtesy and respect”. Warren’s repeated use of the race card does not speak of “courtesy and respect”. If Sue thinks that is “courtesy and respect” then we have a lot to think about before the next election.

Citizen of the Republic
2015 years 10 months ago

That’s what you think, I did too.

“They must present ID’s and fill out tons of paperwork to qualify for FEDERAL dollars”.

That’s really funny. Kinda like dead people voting.

If you think that office is free from fraud, incompetency, your sadly mistaken.

An audit would confirm the funds are going to US Citizens and is operating properly. The people need responsibility and accountability.

2015 years 10 months ago

Throw Ilario Pantano and Pat Sykes in there to, and I’d say you’re off to a good start.

Citizen of the Republic
2015 years 10 months ago

There needs to be an immediate audit.

That’s the only way for the board to move forward with a clean slate.

Citizens demand competency in our leaders. Mr Warren doesn’t inspire that.

This agency desperately needs an audit to make sure the money being spent is being spent on US citizens that qualify.

Go to the DSS on any given day and see if your confident that this is being done.


2015 years 10 months ago

That’s a great idea. Let’s waste some more of our taxpayer dollars. Not like we’re not paying enough to former county employees who were fired. Do you honestly think that people just walk into DSS and say “give me some money”? They must present ID’s and fill out tons of paperwork to qualify for FEDERAL dollars. Enough time has been wasted on this issue. Fire the WHOLE DSS BOARD and find some people who actually care about working together and getting something done for this county. If Warren and Sykes want to fix DSS, run for national office. Or better yet, Columbus County is looking for a DSS director, go apply. Otherwise, keep your traps shut and stop wasting the county’s time with your petty little feud.

2015 years 10 months ago

Once you get kicked out, you can go spend some time with former chief Jayne. He will have plenty of free time now.

2015 years 10 months ago

I think they out to take all southeastern NC’s misfits, including Jayne, Boseman, Saffo, Berger, R. C. Soles, Frog and the rest of the wildlife, put them in a cage and see what kind of toxic brew occurs. Probably be a lot more evil than Progress Energy’s reactor.


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