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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Unemployment was up in 93 of North Carolina’s 100 counties during December, including four of five counties in our area, according to numbers released this morning by North Carolina Department of Commerce – Labor and Economic Analysis Division.

Brunswick County saw the biggest jump in our area, as unemployment increased to 11.9 percent as the year ended. That’s up from 10.5 percent in November and 11.3 percent in December 2010.

Columbus County has the highest rate in the area at 12.9 percent. That’s a 0.8-point increase from November. Bladen County saw the same increase from month to month to a rate of 12.6 percent. New Hanover County was 0.4 points to 9.7 percent from November to December. New Hanover saw the biggest jump in the past year, up 0.8 from 8.9% in December 2010

Pender was the only county in our area to see a decrease in unemployment. The rate fell from 11.6 percent in November to 11.5 in December. That’s still nearly a point higher than the 10.9 percent rate in December 2010.

COUNTY DEC. 2011 NOV. 2011 DEC. 2010
Bladen 12.6% 11.8% 11.9%
Brunswick 11.9% 10.5% 11.3%
Columbus 12.9% 12.1% 12.4%
New Hanover 9.7% 9.3% 8.9%
Pender 11.5% 11.6% 10.6%


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5 Comments on "Unemployment surges in Brunswick, Columbus, Bladen"

2015 years 10 months ago

The numbers must be wrong. After all, we did get that stimulus money to build that new road in Shallotte. What a boon our economy has seen since that stimulus money came our way.

2015 years 10 months ago

Look back at what you are saying— how do we train a workforce without public education? Homeschooling? The private sector is only concerned with making a dollar, not bettering our community or caring about its employees.

In MOST cases the private sector is completely dependent on government to provide roads, security, transportation. What if we were to take bridges and roads and said let the “private sector” maintain it?

At the end of the day government is essential to economic recovery because only government can provide the checks necessary to ensure that making the almighty dollar doesn’t destroy communities and lives. And only government can provide the infrastructure necessary for businesses to thrive. Our oppressive government prevents an even more oppressive private sector. If you need evidence– look at the triangle factory fire– when businesses are left unchecked, its the worker that suffers with lower wages, less benefits. Throughout our nations history, the private sector has pressed for more profit, while our government has forced the private sector to consider the worker’s quality of life. The key to our recovery is more regulations (like penalties for outsourcing) not less.

Robert Green
2015 years 10 months ago

Hopeless with a little change will continue to be the recurring theme for years to come due to numerous variables.The government does not create wealth therefore the only way to have a real turnaround is when the private sector is willing to make financial commitments.With OPPRESSIVE government breathing down their necks,their unwillingness will prolong the personal agony.Our nation WILL default on their debt obligations.American politicians are kicking the can down the road to make it through another election cycle.Gimmicks that artificially stimulate the economy and silly slogans, such as “The Summer of Recovery”,Cash for Clunkers,Shovel-Ready jobs,have made no appreciable difference in the lives of average Americans.Politicians know the intellect of the average American and know the majority are a bunch of dumb mASSES.Expect the status quo until you realize you have to stand up in mass and demand better.

On the personal level,many folks in these rural counties are ill-prepared to advance in the new global economy.They are poorly educated and do not have a skill set that is attractive to prospective employers.Prospective employers will not be patient or willing to invest time in folks who have failed to invest in themselves.Counties such as Bladen and Columbus are dead zones of economic activity.This is why there are few major industries in Southeastern N.C.You can be assured Catepillar will be looking at the quality of the workforce when considering their options.

In Wilmington, you have a mayor promoting projects( baseball field and convention center) that have been shown with definitive proof to be poor returns on their investment but they surge ahead regardless of public opinion.This community needs to build upon the remaining remnants of the Atlantic Coastline Railroad( now CSX), which still has a little infrastructure in place to build upon and generate commerce.This city was built upon the basic foundation of the port and the railroad being a job creator.This is where the answer lies for private sector expansion.

2015 years 10 months ago

The government cannot provide any service or benefit to the private sector without first TAKING that money out of the private sector. That’s the inherent and fatal flaw in Keynesian economics – it requires taking the money out of the private sector or simply printing it, risking first-order inflation.

Your call for penalties for outsourcing is remarkably similar to the calls to ban automobiles that came from farriers, wheelwrights and harness makers in the early Twentieth Century. Government regulation is always the first refuge for those who cannot compete with technology or more efficient labor. It rarely works. If your job is outsourced it’s because someone will do it as well or better than you for less money. Welcome to real life.

BTW, if you follow trends in infrastructure management, bridges and highways are being leased to private enterprise all across the globe. They maintain them and collect tolls for using them. The roads are better, the bridges are safer, and they make money.

It works very well. Yes, free enterprise and capitalism ARE concerned with making money. Government is only concerned with blowing it.

2015 years 10 months ago

“The private sector is only concerned with making a dollar, not bettering our community or caring about its employees. ”

You’re kidding me, correct? Did you forget all the charities around the country helping everything from animals to the homeless that are privately run? What about the religious organizations that have charities around the country that don’t get a dime from government?

Typical government educated dolt. “I am too weak to do anything for myself or take responsibility for my actions, government needs to fix it.”


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