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Wrightsville Beach Police Chief responds to investigations of officers

READ MORE: Wrightsville Beach Police Chief responds to investigations into officers

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- We told you this week that investigations of three Wrightsville Beach Police officers have led to them being placed on administrative leave. Thursday the Board of Aldermen held a special meeting and went into closed session to discuss the personnel matter.

We spoke with Police Chief Daniel House afterwards about the progression of the investigations and the next step in dealing with the officers.

"The only thing that we've done in the closed session tonight was just to update the board on what has happened," House said. "We're still in the process. All three of our officers are still on administrative leave, and they will continue to be until we get all the way through the process."

House says investigations into the three officers started back in December, and they have been on paid leave for about a week.

"It has to do with incidents that may have violated our policies and procedures and had potential of impacting some cases that we were working on the beach," he said.

House says the names of the three officers cannot be released because of a state statute. He says the investigations do not reflect on the integrity of the department.

"For the most part we don't have problems. We don't have a lot of these investigations," House said. "Every once in a while you have one pop up, and it's my job to make sure it's investigated and the people are getting the service that they deserve."

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a joke

I know that this police force is corrupted. I have lived here for three years now and have grown up in this area when I was younger. I personally seen two cops beating up a detainee one weekend at the bars. We video recorded them while one cop was trying to take away our freedoms so he could cover for his buddies who where committing these crimes. I personally have been a victim where cops bullied me, put words into my mouth, lied, told me false information about my legal rites and sided with an informant that I know sells drugs to the "kids" on the beach. While an "untouchable" guy like this gets away with sex crimes, selling drugs and preying on college students and tourist, I and others who have been victimized by this force and by their informant are brutally thrown in jail. The cops, the magistrate and investigators know who the rotten apples are on this beach and do nothing about it. Why? Because It brings revenue and they protect the residence regardless of their character. I am prior military and I am disgusted with how I was treated and how they conduct themselves towards the public. Everyone knows that money runs this beach and there are a select few people that get away with crimes due to their statues fiscally. Especially in the area where the bars and residences are located and on the south end as well. The cops don't care. They are out there trying to get an easy quota while administrating their power unresponsively by flirting with subjects. One time I witnessed two cops going thru a guys pockets while he was incoherant finding a small amount of drugs on him. You would think that they would ask him if he needed some help or ask him if he was ok... but no they bullied him because he was easy prey. I watched this from my car and the guy was sitting on the ground at his friends car when this happened. He was doing nothing wrong but he was easy prey for the cops. Are not donations from wealthy residence not enough for the town of WB? Are these funds going to places that are ill managed? This is the saddest most disgusting force (and Wilmington cops too) I have come to see and I've been alot of places. It is equivalent to the cops in MB but at least they have a bigger area and more people to deal with than this small strip of sand.


...c'mon WWAY! Your're not going to take this, are you? You're actually going to wait for facts to report?

Note to WB residents: You will know you have arrived when this station shows up at a WB town meeting with two or three cameras, five or six station employees AND the "news" director.

Never in my life

I was born and raised here. Left for 8 years and came back. Nothing has changed when it comes to this community and their lack of support for law enforcement. It makes me sick. And whoever the crazy person who said starting pay for WBPD is $55K must be smoking crack himself!!! Maybe for the chief but officer starting pay is $32K. You all can talk all you want about the lack of crime and the slack job that the officers at WBPD and CBPD, and LPD, etc, etc, etc....they are STILL putting their lives on the line to protect you people. Show some dang respect!!! No where else that I've ever visited or lived has ever had a community that is so against the LEOs here and so quick to throw them under the bus. Whether these officers made an honest judgement mistake or a violation of policy, they are still human. They don't wake up in the morning every day with a sole mission to go screw with someone's life....protect maybe but GEES!!!! So sick of hearing the negativity. If this investigation proves to be unsubstantiated, I'd love to see a public apology by this town for subjecting these officers and their families to the WOLVES you people are.

public apology?

Why would they apologize publicly just for conducting an investigation? They haven't released any names so it's not as if they've defamed anyone. Sometimes LEOs do the wrong thing, they're not above scrutiny. You're just as bad as the "WOLVES". You're blindly defending them and you don't know anymore about who they are or what they've done than anyone else.

And if you're so easily upset about negative comments that aren't consistent with you're beliefs then you're on the wrong website.

Never in my life

Thank goodness. Finally some one with some common sense and some intelligent comments. Was beginning to think this town had turned into a linch mob.

Hope all of the people that have posted such lies and slanderous remarks about these officers are in church today asking for God's forgiveness.

Well said!!

I couldn't agree more, and it's also shocking to see how so many people have such "balls" to bash others only because they are anonymous. It's people like that, when the time comes they need such officers who have spent half their lives protecting and serving and putting their lives on the line for a piss poor salary, that they are put on HOLD.... Pisses me off!!

Never in my life

You are so right about the lack of support and overall hatred for local LEO in our area. You are damn if you do and damn if you don't. No wonder so many agencies don't want to address problem personnel? when they do, thier whole agency gets thrown under a bus and run over. How about give a little credit to them for addressing what ever thier issue is and trying to correct or weed out bad behavior; every industry has it. As long as you are dealing with people they are going to make mistakes and use poor judgement. It would make it alot easier to bring things foward if one wasn't affaid of the tongue lashings we read about. And what person in thier right mind would want to come and take over a agency in a community that doesn't have anything good to say about it's self. As for that not in this area, the tax payers can't and won't pay that.

response to "Never in my Life'

You need to get a real life! Those involved in LPD do wake up every single day thinking and planning on how they can screw up the lives of their officers and their families. The inside scoop is in every department they have policies. These policies are made by the administration but they don't have to adhere to them themselves. They are very OCD on making sure all of the people they don't like follow every single one of them by the letter. These are people with no morals or scruples. They only protect and hide things that will bring themselves to the forefront and make themselves look great to the public while they are just as scummy as the criminals. Thanks for your insight though but you are wrong in your thinking. They don't think to do the right thing!

I understand

I understand your frustration with the LEO hating posters, and I know that after reading these comments you may think all of Wilmington is just like them. But believe me, we're not.

There are many of us who are grateful and thankful for the service and sacrifice these men make for us on a daily basis. They give their time away from their families, they go out into dangerous situations, they put their lives on the line, and they do it for very little pay, to protect us and our property. They do it willingly.

I know there are some bad officers out there; that's true of every profession. But the majority of these officers are there to help, and to try to make this city a better place with them in it. How they can keep doing their jobs after reading posts like this, how they can still put their lives on the line for ungrateful, mean, and vicious people, I'll never know. But they do it. Everyday.

The negative people may be louder than those of us who appreciate these officers, but that seems to be true of almost everything these days. Negative, self-centered, unappreciative people are their own worst enemies. Meanwhile, these officers will continue to do their jobs to protect them and their families in ways they will never understand.

"They put their lives on the

"They put their lives on the line every day"

these guys are wb cops, not south central l.a. cops. they have without a doubt, the easiest law enforcement job in the nation.


The easiest job in the area? Definitely Kure Beach. Wrightsville Beach has to be a pain between dealing with the entitled college kids, entitled residents, and entitled tourists. Nothing like 30 years ago when it was families and the million dollar mile.

Oh yea, sure it is

Because dealing with drunk college kids or stuck up wealthy people is a walk in the park. Don't forget to add in the tourists that think they own the place. Easy as pie.

Investigation into officers

As a licensed psychologist for 30+ years, I have conducted literally hundreds of psychological evaluations of candidates for hire for law enforcement and for promotions. That there are "rogue" cops out there is a fact. I try to screen to reduce the possibility of these individuals being hired by police officers. I have known Daniel House since he was a child. He is incredibly honest and willing to take necessary action when required. His integrity is absolutely solid. I fully support his actions based on my consulting with various law enforcement organizations. This needs to be done far more often to rid these agencies of psychopathic personalities which are very attractive to these people.

Investigation into officers

Please tell me when you completed your psychological analysis on the three officers in questions that you came up with your diagnosis of "psychopathic personalities?" And your findings of being "rogue" cops comes from what facts?

Your comments are even more aburd than the person that has pulled charges out of the air. And you're a licensed psychologist? That's scarey. Diagnosis without examination.

Response to It Happened To Me

Ever hear of the word slander, or libel. Your post from 2/1/12 had no factual statements in it except that the three officers work for Wrightsville Beach Police Dept. It's obvious you just like to hear your own voice or you're looking for some revenge for something.

Shame on you for posting such rubbish and tarnishing the good name of three officers that have over 40 years of dedicated service to the police department, and with impeccable service records. They put their lives on the line every day, even for people like yourself. I would even venture to say they probably make less money than such ungrateful person as yourself. So your comment about them sitting at home being comfortable and paid was extremely offensive. They earn every penny of the meager salaries they make for the jobs and risks they have to take.

I hope some day you need a police officer and they don't respond to your call. I also hope they find out who you are and throw a libel suit at you for publishing such slanderous statements.

What you should be asking is why a relatively new police chief would suddenly investigate three senior officers. Think maybe there are things going on in that dept that these officers are being sacrificed up for? 1 and 1 are not adding up to 2.

You have done "freedom of speech" a terrible injustice. Shame on you Channel 3 for allowing such garbage to be posted.

Sounds familiar...

This rant sounds familiar...kind of like a recently suspended patrol sergeant's facebook rant tuesday morning. Hmmmm.....

OMG, do people just cut and

OMG, do people just cut and paste responses from other bad cop articles when they stick up for them. They do the job they do because they can not do another job thats why. If you only new how many officers just do not get caught doing criminal things it would blow your mind. Please understand I say these things from experience. Miller is the one who goes into the private clubs in WB. He and the Chief need to know that he is not authorized to do that unless he has ABC authority like 2 WPD officers now have.

Cut and Paste

If you read the post, it does not say all cops are good and never do criminal things. It said these three policemen are not being charged with any criminal activities. Especially those rediculous things of arresting people and loosing paperwork in exchange for sexual favors.

They have great service records and have over 40 hrs of service bewteen them. They are not being accused of being bad cops.

Come on, people. I'm glad I'm not on trial for anything that you people might be serving on the jury.

Disgusted, in your post you

Disgusted, in your post you say "They have great service records and have over 40 hrs of service bewteen them."

Could you kindly elaborate? 40 hrs of service between them?? Over how many years???


40 hrs of service?....I think you meant 40 yrs.

Wow some body struck a raw

Wow some body struck a raw nerve. Which one is your brother. My observance of the WBPD is not favorable at all. They dress like storm troopers, they act like storm troopers etc etc etc.
If it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it is a good chance it is a duck.


And this is true. STORMTROOPERS? Ive seen WBPD cops all waliking around dressed in white stormtrooper gear. The WBPD chief wears a black cape and breaths really heavy. I heard him one night in front of Red Dogs saying something on how he wants to crush the rebellion and rule the galaxy. The Chief got Han Solo back from Jabba, and He's hanging in his office. He did have to mount him to a wall stud. Carbonite is heavy............

Hello Disgusted reader,

Hello Disgusted reader,

What part of the word "Chief" don't you understand? The biggest dangers faced by WB cops are health concerns due to sedentary lifestyles.

Cushy salary, sand, sun & badge

Speaking of Money, it's atrocious what the local beach towns pay their police officers. $55,000.00 starting pay. Far more than most cops from interstate cities make at retirement after 35 years of dangerous duty. Look at the town budgets. Cushy no-crime beach town police jobs should only be offered to retired military service members who have served our country honorably. Give my vote to the 1st beach town council member that implements hiring honorable service military members.

You're right about that!

You're right about that!

What beach town are you talking about?

$55000 to start? Really? Where is that? Its sure not in this part of the world. If you would take time to look at Wrightsville Beach PD's last job posting for a new police officer, it was more than $20k below that. A lot closer to $30k.I completely support hiring military personnel who complete BLET for law enforcement jobs. However, do not think that just because it's a beach town, its a "cushy" job. The year round population will more than triple during peak summer months. For example, Emerald Isle has around 11k year round residents. In the summer it explodes to 40k. Handle those 40k with the same limited staff you comfortably handle 11k. Ask any officer who works a beach town about his/her "cushy" job. Just for the record, NC has one of the highest requirements for years of service before retirement. Its 30 years. Military is 20. Most New England states are 20-25. So next time you decide to speak on a topic, please take the time to get good information so you dont look so completely uninformed.

From the chief's mouth...

During the Sept 8 2011 alderman meeting, Chief House noted individual officers' annual value as "...around $87,000 with salary and benefits.


You really need to verify your source, you've been very misinformed. Not sure who's W2 you look at, but it wasn't a WBPD employee. I wont even respond to your other comments. Have a save day.

Nice idea!!

Nice idea!!


I wonder which one of the officers arrested you to make you this mad.