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WILMINGTON,NC (WWAY)– The Susan G. Komen Foundation’s funding for Planned Parenthood is back on. Wilmington Planned Parenthood is excited about the move and looks forward to possibly working with the Komen Foundation in the future.

“It’s a fantastic thing and the people that benefit are the women, the women that come to us,” said Suzanne Wertman, a clinician at Wilmington Planned Parenthood. “That’s what we are really happy about, that no one suffers.”

Wertman says that all too often she sees women in need of financial help as they are unable to afford a mammograms. Nationally the Komen Foundation used to assist women in those kind of situations but that changed earlier in the week wehn they decided to drop funding for Planned Parenthood.

The backlash since then was huge, leading to the Komen Foundation changing their decision.

“A crazy week is probably a good way to describe it,” said NC Triangle Komen Foundation Interim Executive Director, Kathy Burns. “We have had a lot of calls into the organization since Komen national made that decision. Our response is to let our national organization know how people fare feeling about the issue.”

The NC Triangle branch of the Komen Foundation is not officially providing any grants to the states coastal region yet. They say in the future they are looking to get more involved in Wilmington and possibly the Planned Parenthood clinic if the clinic applies for a grant.

“We’re excited about the possibilities in the Wilmington area,” said Burns. “In the coastal region there is a great deal of need down there and I think we have certainly had the history and the background to help out in that area.”

Wilmington Planned Parenthood says the more involved the Komen Foundation gets in the area, the better.

“Together we can do great things, divided we will fail miserably,” said Wertman.

Wilmington Planned Parenthood also says that during the controversy this week they received a few direct donations from concerned residents.

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  • Guest2020

    And that woman said they didn’t bow to political pressure. It’s a shame they decided to backtrack. It will cost them donations because I am not the only one who will refrain from sending any money their way. I will not be part of an organization that is in any way associated with anyone who murders unborn babies.

  • Das Weibstück

    Guess you missed the part where PP does more than abortions? More people are donating directly to PP now which is awesome.

  • Guest350

    The money in question is for mammograms for poor women. What’s wrong with that?

  • Guest2020

    I guess you have missed the part where Planned Parenthood is under federal investigation for misuse of funds. You cannot say what the money that comes from the Komen Foundation is being used for.

  • Guest2020

    There are more reputable organizations that help poor women to get mammograms.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …is that bullying wins! Whichever argument you accept, Planned parenthood’s or Komen for the Cure, the bottom line is that ANY private entity has a right to withdraw funding from anyone, for any reason.

    Question for the Komen leadership – How do you people stand erect without spines?

  • GuestDickHertz

    “The so-called “Pro Life” movement is nothing more than a loud group consisting of doctrinaire Roman Catholics, extreme Right Wing evangelical Christians, elements of Orthodox Judaism and Islam.

    This whole conservative collective dedicates itself to a single purpose which is the maintenance of women being second class citizens and completely subservient in society.

    Despite the right wing hate-spew, Planned Parenthood does NOT only perform abortions. The name “Pro Life” is truly a misnomer. It is an extremist view that seeks to ban the performing of abortions in ALL circumstances, EVEN those circumstances where the mother’s life is in danger as well as cases of incest or rape. What the pro life movement is really doing is forcing their CHOICE on the rest of the population.”


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