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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — For months we’ve been following reports of corruption within the Leland Police Department. Tonight we have new information on allegations against the former police chief.

Tim Jayne was fired earlier this week, but we’re still uncovering controversy within the department while he was chief with officers saying they did work in his neighborhood and at his home while on the clock.

An officer who worked under Jayne, who wants to remain anonymous, says Jayne ordered him to run personal errands and do personal assignments in Jayne’s neighborhood when the officer should have been doing police work. The officer says he knows he was not the only member of the department made to do personal things for the chief on duty. He says he knows that officers were made to do work at Jayne’s home – like setting up his Internet connection and WiFi – while others were made to pick up supplies for and do work at the community pool. He says one officer was ordered to drive to masonboro harbor in wilmington to pick up lawn chairs for the neighborhood and then made to set them up at the pool.

Although Jayne has already been fired from the department, he could now face criminal charges based on these allegations. The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office says Jayne could be charged with embezzlement of city funds or misappropriation of funds for having officers do work at his home, much like former Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett, who was convicted in 2008.

Our source says he has been questioned by the SBI, but not about working at Jayne’s home.

We tried to talk to Jayne about the allegations, but he did not return our phone call.

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69 Comments on "ONLY ON 3: Cop says he did personal work for Jayne on town time"

2015 years 9 months ago

My message is for WWAY….

Now don’t get me wrong, yes Leland and its Chief are obviously booger’d up and I am glad things are changing like many others.

Though you guys have been so blood thirsty and have thrown your “personal opinion” so much into these articles it makes me wonder how you guys can say you are a real News Agency. You make Fox News actually seem “Fair and Balanced”.

You guys started to turn me off about midway through this whole thing. Just report the facts as they are and leave your personal opinions to yourselves.

IT IS NOT your job to make our minds up for us, it is simply your job to report the findings and allow us to draw our own conclusions.

Those of us who have read the information have mostly all agreed that there was problems , we are not stupid and did not need your help.

I will never again watch WWAY nor will I turn to you ever for News ever again. Should you ever approach me for a story I may be involved in , no matter how small, I will never speak to you all. Based off the crap I have seen you guys report, if I were to be ringing a bell for the Salvation Army I would not be surprised if you guys turn me out to be some sort of Muslim Extremist Terrorist funneling money to the Taliban for heaven’s sake.

Frankly you all should be ashamed of yourselves and your management need to remind themselves what their job/duty is as journalist and new casters!


2015 years 9 months ago

for all of the Jayne haters, but don’t get too excited yet.

TO the person who questioned his salary, I believe it was posted elsewhere at around $84,000. The appearance of his house, no big deal. With the real estate bust a few years ago, many were able to purchase upscale homes for much less than they initially were listed for. Did he have a wife and did she work? Could have contributed to a larger mortgage. Did he have proceeds from selling a Yankeeland house before moving south? All of those and other factors could have allowed him to purchase a nicer house than some of you felt he was entitled to.

Remember, one of his programs sought to fight crime was built around officer involvement in the neighborhoods. That may be his defence for all the work in his community.

So the only thing you may have to hang your hat on for criminal charges will be whether officers performed pro bono work at his residence. Is that crimminal? Not certain it is if the affected individuals all state they were just helping out a buddy and co-worker at his home; just as they help other buddies at their homes.

Not saying that was smart; but that could be a possible defence. Then the question becomes were they on the clock being paid by the town?

A superior defence lawyer can find more ways to make a worm wiggle and look like something other than what it is.

2015 years 9 months ago

Oh you grammar guys are so annoying. I didnt follow the articles, but slamming someone on grammar is about as lame as it gets.

They were the hall monitors in school.

It is a good way to avoid an argument.

Guest 4545
2015 years 9 months ago

Tom, spell check is a wonderful tool, you should try it some time. FYI Chief Jayne retired from Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD as a captain before taking the job in Leland so lose the “Yankeeland” crap.
Facts before acts.

2015 years 9 months ago

You are obviously news illiterate because the only place I have read or viewed opinion is in an editorial piece (The Rant) which is the appropriate place and time for news agencies to do that. Show me one line in the article above that is opinion. My opinion is those who lack an understanding of journalism and basic reading comprehension skills should stay off message boards. Goodbye. You won’t be missed.


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