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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — For months we’ve been following reports of corruption within the Leland Police Department. Tonight we have new information on allegations against the former police chief.

Tim Jayne was fired earlier this week, but we’re still uncovering controversy within the department while he was chief with officers saying they did work in his neighborhood and at his home while on the clock.

An officer who worked under Jayne, who wants to remain anonymous, says Jayne ordered him to run personal errands and do personal assignments in Jayne’s neighborhood when the officer should have been doing police work. The officer says he knows he was not the only member of the department made to do personal things for the chief on duty. He says he knows that officers were made to do work at Jayne’s home – like setting up his Internet connection and WiFi – while others were made to pick up supplies for and do work at the community pool. He says one officer was ordered to drive to masonboro harbor in wilmington to pick up lawn chairs for the neighborhood and then made to set them up at the pool.

Although Jayne has already been fired from the department, he could now face criminal charges based on these allegations. The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office says Jayne could be charged with embezzlement of city funds or misappropriation of funds for having officers do work at his home, much like former Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett, who was convicted in 2008.

Our source says he has been questioned by the SBI, but not about working at Jayne’s home.

We tried to talk to Jayne about the allegations, but he did not return our phone call.

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  • deputy 25

    thank you brother for your service. we have a 30 year retirement here not 20 as they do in unions or other states. i did not come from an entitlement society and do not want a thank you. i would be one to help and just go on about my business and not wait for it. my reward is in heaven and i await it. the humble shall inherit the earth!
    thank you for your service in New York. i am sure it was more stressful than down here. but i guess that is why people move down here to get away from some of that stress. by the way, i retired early, had a few years to go along with that 25.

  • deputy 25

    i see you vented here. please try spell check next time [ it’s free! ] on some of your words so you will not look as foolish as Chief Jayne.

  • ohjezzz

    Oh you grammar guys are so annoying. I didnt follow the articles, but slamming someone on grammar is about as lame as it gets.

    They were the hall monitors in school.

    It is a good way to avoid an argument.

  • guesty

    Many of the people down here are yankee transplants that sold their shack for a fortune and now live like kings down here. They just can’t do without the corruption they so embrace as a way of life so they start running for public offices, getting jobs in law enforcement and otherwise whining about how much better it was back home.

    You also seem to forget that corvettes really are not that expensive. Especially when you realize that they are not brand new but a few years old. Also add in that many have a spouse that also works, a car payment really isn’t that much.

  • Guest33

    …”Yankee mentality”…?…i hate to use the term “ignorant redneck” but it appears to fit very easily considering the ignorance of your statement…what there is here is a “good ole’ boy” system where if you scratch my back, i’ll scratch yours…if your from around here bo…!…police officers, from all areas of the country, appear to believe they live under their own set of rules while they hold the citizens to a different standard…not just up North…I seem to see officers living in the area with brand new Corvettes in their garage when their salaries don’t appear to support that kind of purchase…you do the math, if your mentally capable

  • SKIP Wittkofsky

    Hay EX Chief Jayne….I am so dam glad to see your azz out of the Leland PD…The one time we talked about the DARE car i wanted the DARE car to be given to brunswich county DARE program you told me i was barkeing up a tree that there was nothing up. Well EX Chief you were right at that time. but NOW im barking up a tree and your AZZ is up there. WOOF WOOF OOOOOOOOOOOOO By the way the SBI FBI CSI know your AZZ is in that tree…. A Retired Firefighter said what happens if the SBI Investigation Concludes EX Chief Jayne Actually did nothing WRONG? NOW Thats Funny LMAO. The only way that would happen is if they let EX Chief Jayne do the Investigtion. Like He did with Officer Sherry Lewis. Lets see EX Chief in your socalled Investigtion 1. YOU didnt talk to officer Lewis????DAAA 2. YOU didnt talk to Officer lewis 2-Doctors??? DAAA 3. YOU didnt ask for the photos of Officer Lewis Injuries??? DAAA And your dumb AZZ didnt even talk to Officer Lewis????BIG DAAA Now EX Chief Jayne what in the hell is wrong with this picture???? Well YOU EX Chief Jayne in your deep deep Investigtion in this case YOU EX Chief Jayne FOUND NO WRONG DOING.daa Your AZZ aint gonna be so lucky. The SBI FBI CSI They do real Investigtions buddy your AZZ is grass and they are the rideing Lawn mower.. I love it and I Love calling you the EX Chief Chief.

  • Retired Firefighter

    25 Deputy…

    Every job in America is voluntary. You apply and sign the application by choice. And EVERYONE is motivated by the all mighty dollar. Even Kblue needs to keep his ol’lady happy.

    Thanks for your 25yrs of service. Serving 25yrs as a deputy has had to of had it’s moments I am sure. I do find it provacative though, you won’t put your name out there because…

    1. You don’t want people to know you’re not a team player or whistle blower.
    2. You know once you do, no other officer or deputy will ever trust you with anything….ever again.
    3. You want to make it to retirement with your self, family and peers respect.

    The only thing that has not happened was Chief Jayne was arbitrarily fired without cause or due process. The only other thing that has happened was the lack of leadership and commitment of the Leland Town “Fathers” behind one of their own.

    I can say that when you blow whistles or drop dimes, the only place you find yourself is out.

    The “court of public opinion” thinks they are entitled to have say so because they pay taxes. They should say thank you to those who are dealing with the crap they are either to scared to deal with, don’t want to deal with or think about and are probably too scared to do it themselves.

    Again, go get the training, get hired somewhere and do it yourself.

    A random act of kindness to anyone, not just police officers or firefighters or soldiers is really not that hard. But a little extra special to those who have earned it. So, forgive me if I feel if I am entitled to a thank you for working in the Bronx for over 20yrs. Like you 25 deputy, Chief Jayne and to all the others who are serving now, we earned it.

    Getting home to do the wife, family or girlfriend thing is just a bonus.

  • Guest99x

    I like snow cones.

  • deputy 25

    did you not read the report. officers were paid while on the clock with tax payers money!!! no defense not [ defence] there!!

  • deputy 25

    to Fire fighter. i have been a deputy for 25 years. i did not get in this job to go around and receive thanks from people that i am getting paid for. i chose this profession as well as other public servants. did you ever hear of anyone telling the people that work down in the sewers thanks for what you do from the public!! or the ones picking up your trash?? you get paid for what you do and there is nothing in the contracts or hiring stage that says you are to receive thanks from people each day!! what are you? do you think that you deserve thanks? yes,when you dive into a fire and save a life or the officer stops a bad guy from hurting someone, or the ems worker who does CPR all the way to the hospital , you get thanks from that person, maybe? if not , you go on about your duties and feel proud that you did something to earn your salary. sure it is nice to hear, but it goes without saying and you have to deal with that. now as far as slander goes with Chief Jayne, i am sure as a fire fighter , ‘you know where there is SMOKE THERE IS FIRE!!!! you can be fired, but it has to be a rightful decision and not a wrongful termination. he may be exonerated from wrongful actions or laws, but it may be the policy of the town that got him fired as well.

    “no thanks needed”
    i get paid anyway with or without it.
    as long as i make it home, that is thanks enough for me.

  • guesty

    From retarded firefighter: “I would to ask the “court of public opinion” what happens when the SBI investigation concludes Chief Jayne actually did nothing wrong?

    What happens when he is exonerated of any wrongful actions? Will WWAY compensate Jayne for the libelous and slanderous comments that lead up to Jayne’s wrongful termination? Or will it have to go to court?”

    Except Jayne admitted to hitting the officer on the bachelor party trip and admitted to driving the city owned car. So reporting facts isn’t libel or slander. Never has been and never will be.

    We know the yankee mentality is that you rely on a union to protect you from being fired, so the kind of “stunts” he pulled is common up North. Down here, we don’t tolerate that crap.

  • jozey wellz

    The media fail to mention that theres atleast 3 crooked cops in every
    Police force in and around the world! Also half of their salaries comes
    From busting drug dealers using drug money to go on expensive vacations and have bachelor lavish parties in myrtle beach! Wow!

  • SurfCityTom

    not certain if that is your IQ, but I gather reading comprehension was clearly a class you missed in school.

    At no time did I defend the departed Sheriff.

    I did, however, note several defense positions which his attorney might take should crimminal charges be brought against him.

    I also noted the content of statements, off camera and off the record, by an unidentified individual can certainly differ when that same person is under oath; on the witness stand; and being cross examined by a sharp tongued defense attorney.

    Why is it, when you weasels can not rebut a statement with fact, you resort to insult laden comments with no basis in fact or even fiction?

    Another failed attempt by several. Well, go back and enjoy your entitlements. You’ve got 23 days until the next dole is dispursed.

  • Guest y

    Kblue, you the man
    Go to Tabor
    And kick some can
    Living there is much like Labor
    Cant let it go, cant give the upper hand.

    The dirty are the protectors
    And here, they still are
    The minions and the molestors
    The new DA should beware
    Surely he is a defector

    It appears they are behaving now
    They see the microscope
    Amazing how they know, when to take a bow
    Hope they are not given too much rope
    Karma to the cash cow.
    Karma to the backers of dope.

  • Retired Firefighter

    I would to ask the “court of public opinion” what happens when the SBI investigation concludes Chief Jayne actually did nothing wrong?

    What happens when he is exonerated of any wrongful actions? Will WWAY compensate Jayne for the libelous and slanderous comments that lead up to Jayne’s wrongful termination? Or will it have to go to court?

    Sgt Coward…how appropriate.

    From what I understand, NC is a right to work state so anyone gainfully employed can be arbitrarily fired without cause. Hollis, KBlue, Citizen, Sgt Coward and even Scott Pickey.

    Funny how no one is signing up to go get trained, attempt to get hired some where and enforce the law themselves since guys like Jayne and I are so horrible…

    You know why there are police officers, deputies, firefighters, paramedics, 911 and soldiers? Not only do they protect our country, they also protect you from your self.

    Said thanks lately? I didn’t think so.

    Good luck!!

  • Guest_99x

    Guest #1, my apologies! I didn’t understand your context. The “Surf City” guy is this board’s chief pontificator in residence. I am quite surprised that he took time away from teaching the Pope how to be Catholic to communicate here on these issues.

  • Reading Rainbow

    Wow. Actually, I think you should apologize to every English teacher you’ve ever had for that post. You are a hot misinformed, uneducated mess. If you write the way you read in that little brain of yours, that explains a lot. The saying “put your heads together” only works if at least one brain is up to par. You and Guestmaster appear to have similar learning disabilities, so it’s no wonder you came to his defense. Yet, you were unable to point out a single opined statement. Too funny! How about you go sit in the corner with the dunce cap on!

  • Tricia

    I really don’t think you need to worry “Guestmaster”…………. wway is most likely not going to approach you for your input in one of their news stories. Rest easy my friend.

  • SurfCityTom

    and making statements under oath, and subject to cross examination can often be miles apart.

    What is it you weasals fail to understand?

    Annonymous statements, hidden behind the cloak of seclusion, are often far different from the statements made in a court of law.

    Better luck next time.

    When you have nothing else to hang your hat on resort to simpleton statements lacking in fact.

  • SurfCityTom

    why not learn to read?

    I was not defending the former chief.

    I noted a number of plausible defences which any half wit defense attorney would use in court.

    Too bad there are so many SurfCity Tom bashers who speak before they read.

    Better luck next time. You failed this time.

  • Guest #1

    Insider as in at least a Brunswick County resident if not Lelander. Certainly not someone from Surf City. Thanks for allowing me to clarify. Not with the Leland Police.

  • GuestBlaster

    Show me your evidence of this. Go ahead. Give me one link to an article where this has occurred.
    I stand by my post, my own observations, and my knowledge of journalism practices. You should apologize for making unfounded accusations. Show me. Oh, you can’t, can you? Didn’t think so.

  • 0+0=0

    Sadly, too many posters prove the old adage, “it’s better to remain silent and appear stupid, then to speak and remove all doubt”.

    You should practice what you preach, you remove all doubt with every post you make – JETHRO

  • Guest2020

    Apparently the article states that the officer said that he and others did personal things for Jayne while they were on duty so I guess that would qualify as doing things “on the clock being paid by the town”. And I think the officers should be able to discern what was personal and what was in the line of duty for the community.

  • Guest_99x

    Whaddya’ mean #1…. the insiders messed this one up. By the time you “insiders” would have gotten around to fixing this world of crap we’d all be on line waiting to by snow cones in hell.

  • The Red Ref

    Guestblaster you are wrong actually. I have read the same thing i have several other articles on this topic and they do insert their agenda and opinion. Its not just the rant.

    So i think you owe the Master an apology and go sit in time out.

  • giveusabreak

    Daily Dose Of Ignorance From SCT

  • Guest #1

    Let the insiders have this one. We know that you know everything, but we got it. Thanks. Stay tuned. There’s more.

  • GuestBlaster

    You are obviously news illiterate because the only place I have read or viewed opinion is in an editorial piece (The Rant) which is the appropriate place and time for news agencies to do that. Show me one line in the article above that is opinion. My opinion is those who lack an understanding of journalism and basic reading comprehension skills should stay off message boards. Goodbye. You won’t be missed.

  • Guest 4545

    Tom, spell check is a wonderful tool, you should try it some time. FYI Chief Jayne retired from Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD as a captain before taking the job in Leland so lose the “Yankeeland” crap.
    Facts before acts.

  • SurfCityTom

    for all of the Jayne haters, but don’t get too excited yet.

    TO the person who questioned his salary, I believe it was posted elsewhere at around $84,000. The appearance of his house, no big deal. With the real estate bust a few years ago, many were able to purchase upscale homes for much less than they initially were listed for. Did he have a wife and did she work? Could have contributed to a larger mortgage. Did he have proceeds from selling a Yankeeland house before moving south? All of those and other factors could have allowed him to purchase a nicer house than some of you felt he was entitled to.

    Remember, one of his programs sought to fight crime was built around officer involvement in the neighborhoods. That may be his defence for all the work in his community.

    So the only thing you may have to hang your hat on for criminal charges will be whether officers performed pro bono work at his residence. Is that crimminal? Not certain it is if the affected individuals all state they were just helping out a buddy and co-worker at his home; just as they help other buddies at their homes.

    Not saying that was smart; but that could be a possible defence. Then the question becomes were they on the clock being paid by the town?

    A superior defence lawyer can find more ways to make a worm wiggle and look like something other than what it is.

  • Guestmaster

    My message is for WWAY….

    Now don’t get me wrong, yes Leland and its Chief are obviously booger’d up and I am glad things are changing like many others.

    Though you guys have been so blood thirsty and have thrown your “personal opinion” so much into these articles it makes me wonder how you guys can say you are a real News Agency. You make Fox News actually seem “Fair and Balanced”.

    You guys started to turn me off about midway through this whole thing. Just report the facts as they are and leave your personal opinions to yourselves.

    IT IS NOT your job to make our minds up for us, it is simply your job to report the findings and allow us to draw our own conclusions.

    Those of us who have read the information have mostly all agreed that there was problems , we are not stupid and did not need your help.

    I will never again watch WWAY nor will I turn to you ever for News ever again. Should you ever approach me for a story I may be involved in , no matter how small, I will never speak to you all. Based off the crap I have seen you guys report, if I were to be ringing a bell for the Salvation Army I would not be surprised if you guys turn me out to be some sort of Muslim Extremist Terrorist funneling money to the Taliban for heaven’s sake.

    Frankly you all should be ashamed of yourselves and your management need to remind themselves what their job/duty is as journalist and new casters!


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