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WASHINGTON (USA TODAY) — Get ready for another round of pain at the pump: $4 (or higher) gasoline.

After rising 19 cents a gallon in the past four weeks, regular unleaded gasoline now averages $3.48 a gallon, vs. $3.12 a year ago and $2.67 in February 2010.

Prices could spike another 60 cents or more by May. “I think it’s going to be a chaotic spring, with huge price increases in some places,” says Tom Kloza of the Oil Price Information Service. Kloza expects average prices to peak at $4.05, although he and other industry trackers say prices could be sharply higher in some markets.

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  • Guest Redneck Across the River

    Well, now……….since the stage has been set, there is nothing to keep them from going ahead with the rip off. Seems like a lot of planning goes into these things. Little or no economic recovery will ever happen with energy prices like these. When it takes a day’s pay to fill your gas tank to get to and from work, there is little incentive to go out and buy other things. Everyone should drive as little as possible (never happen), buy as little as they can get by with, cancel vacations and eat at home. I think things wouyld improve.

  • Trina

    If gasses prices are going to rise, it would behoove our state to lower the gas tax to compensate so that those who need transportation to work can afford to go to work. Employers will not be giving raises or state reimbursement for travel will not rise to meet the rise in gas prices.
    Its simply the right thing to do.

  • GuestReality

    Yeah, right…good luck with that!!!!

  • Guest51

    the state will do nothing….

    they sat on the bill to stop the 4 cent gas tax hike on Jan 1. I expect them to do the same about this, oh and send us an IOU for any refund you might expect. Our government is failing and taxing its citizens all the way to the poor house and there is nothing that we can do. This is all governemnts local, state and federal, and the blame is bi-partisian, not one party or leader is to blame. The rich has the luxury of tax shelters and high priced tax lawyers and accoutants to protect their interests, and the poor has no taxable income, yet suck the life out of the tax pool with constant hand outs…so that leaves the middle class to support the governemnt.

    special interest groups and lobbyist are to blame, and our elected leaders are too spinless to stand up to them….so people instead of b$%#@ing use your voice and vote….but please make it an well researched vote.

  • need-2-drill-N-usa

    One of the problems with the price of gas going up is that the price of food goes up as well. However, when the price of gas goes back down, the price of food does NOT.

  • taxpayer

    “Hope and Change” thing working out for those of you who voted for Obummer? Change is about all we’ll have left unless we vote him out of office in November.

  • Das Weibstück

    The highest gas prices ever reached in the USA (with an average of $4.11 for unleaded and $4.84 for diesel)was during the summer of 2008. Oh what? who was the president then ……..BUSH.

  • taxprayer

    We’ve now had a republican and democrat president both say that they can do very little about fuel prices, but yet somehow people still seem to think they can.

    Let’s face it, our country is doomed unless people can start thinking for themselves instead of this red vs blue baloney.

    You fools are all drinking the same Kool-Aid.

  • Das Weibstück

    Seriously cant you come up with anything new? “Hope & Change”, “Kool-aid Drinker” really?

    We are personally doing very well financially, better than in 2008. A lot of people are. You don’t hear about us because its not negative news!

  • Robo

    There is no rationale for higher gasoline prices, unless we have a major disruption of oil from the middle east. This is all part of the government scheme to push as many as possible into hybrids and electric cars.

  • Guest Redneck Across the River

    Common sense tells me that the government does not want us driving fuel efficient or electric cars. Look at all the gas tax they would lose out on.

  • taxpayer

    the Kool-Aid I see. I guess the 1/2 Billion we wasted on Solyndra was a wise use of our tax dollars as well. Today we learn that we taxpayers lost another 1.2 Billion on the UAW-Chrysler bailout. But wait…Obummer says he “deserves another term” and is “getting better all the time.”

    We’ll see come November. Until then, make sure you brush and floss regulary…too much sugar will rot your teeth.

  • Das Weibstück

    I don’t drink it but I do appreciate the truth once and a while. Obama haters wont see the truth no matter how many times its presented. Hes done no worse or better than any other president we have had.

  • taxpayer

    The 5 Trillion in additional debt in 3 years?…yep…that falls into the category of “Atta-boy Barry!”

    Our annual debt service is going to bankrupt us. You and I cannot spend more than we make, year over year. Unfortunately, you and I don’t have the benefit of printing our own money.

  • deputy 25

    can you say Jimmy Carter!!!

  • deputy 25

    you failed to mention what they were when he left office. $1.80

  • Guestifer

    I never saw this before President Zero…


    He is just buying votes… he got your’s did he not?
    Hmmmm… what would that make Das?

  • WilliamSmith

    Under obama, we have accumalated more debt in three years than all previous Presidents COMBINED. Under obama, our credit rating has slipped. Another first ever. Since tracking our GDP in 1947 no President has failed to enjoy at least one quarter of 4% growth….until who? obama!

    Now you tell me he hasn’t done any worse you kool aid sipping fool.

  • Das Weibstück

    The free cell phones program was implemented by Congress years before Obama was in office.

    Try doing a little research before you type.

    I didn’t vote for Obama. What does that make me? Do tell.

  • Das Weibstück

    “all previous Presidents COMBINED.” ?? Combined… You might want to recheck your figures.

  • WilliamSmith

    Maybe you should pay more attention to whats going on. You seem to be uninformed.

  • deputy 25

    drill baby drill. the woodpeckers and polar bears will find a place to go close by. leaks above ground are easier to repair!!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I believe that this is the third year in a row that I’ve had to explain this….

    Because of the EPA and state regulatory agencies, there are no less than SEVENTY-TWO different blends of gasoline that vary between Summer and Winter, regions, regions by altitude, states by insane environmental laws, etc.

    Unfortunately, changing from Winter to Summer blends while factoring in greatly increased driving on the Northern tier and somewhat increased driving in the Southern tier means that refineries have to shut down to reconfigure, then reallocate output by region.

    This invariably causes regional shortages. (By law, oil companies cannot coordinate among themselves to synchronize their refinery shutdown schedules.)

    Every Spring and every Fall the prices get volatile, then settle down and roll back when the seasonal blends are in place.

    Obama can’t do anything about it, the oil companies can’t do anything about it. We have allowed our unfettered government bureaucracy to force this down our throat twice a year.

    Just say a quick prayer that Iran doesn’t take any more crazy pills during this time of volatility.

  • Das Weibstück

    That is just too long to bother reading. Just blame Obama… apparently that’s the easiest thing to do around here.

  • coffee

    Gas prices are influenced by supply and demand. We don’t have much control over what we pay for the oil. We do have control over where we get it. Now that the Keystone pipeline has been turned down, our Country has made the choice not to get energy from Canada (already our biggest supplier) but from places further away. The further away suppliers are more susceptible to political unrest and may be controlled by people who don’t like us so much. Of course, a pipeline would be much more efficient than requiring ships to float across the ocean to bring unrefined oil to our very efficient refineries. But the smart guys in Washington know what they are doing and are certainly looking out for us.

  • Grand Ole Party

    We picked up the habit after Bush was blamed for everything and still is. Works both ways I guess.

  • George

    I would not be surprised if they spike up a lot more. This is what happens when printing money without restriction. All that cash is now flooding into the commodities markets and the oil prices and gold prices with skyrocket. This dynamic will net
    stop unless there is a drastic change in policies aimed at propping up the stock market. This insanity will lead to very serious problems down the line.


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