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NEW YORK (NEWS RELEASE) — iVillage’s Married Sex Survey debunks the idea that marriage stifles the libido by revealing that married women want and need good sex with their spouse. Husbands will be happy to know they can woo their wives simply by sharing loving feelings with her, which got 67% of women in the mood, as well as saying nice things, which nearly half of wives say turns them on. Wives say these actions are much better aphrodisiacs than receiving a gift, seeing their spouse naked or in sexy clothes, or having dinner made for them by their husband. Moreover, 1/3 of married women say they would rather have sex with their spouse than watch a movie, go to a spa, get on Facebook, or chat with friends. iVillage will showcase the survey results throughout its first ever “We Want Sex” week. (For more, visit: www.iVillage.com/MarriedSex2012.)

Further setting the record straight on how much wives value sex, a whopping 75% say a good sex life with their spouse is extremely or very important. A majority of married women are not only happy with their sex life, but also believe their spouses are happy with their sex life.

Maybe the happiness is tied to the fact that married women are getting creative in the bedroom – more than half admit to trying something new in bed within the last year. Women are also using their imaginations to fantasize – 49% of married women have fantasized about having sex with someone who is not their spouse. Asked if they would actually have an extra-marital affair if there was zero chance of their spouse finding out, a surprising 23% say they would do so, or are not sure what they would do.

“This is the ultimate ‘am I normal’ study – women want to know if their friends and neighbors are doing it more or better, and they come to iVillage to talk about subjects that no one is comfortable discussing face-to-face,” said Liz Zack, Editorial Director of Love and Sex for iVillage. “This research sets the record straight: married women definitely value good sex in their relationships, and the results of this poll gave us some great insight on how to help make the sex they’re having even better.”

Beginning March 5, iVillage’s Better Sex, Better Relationships Community Challenge will offer couples a free, four-week online program filled with tips, tools and even an expert coach to help them have a richer, more satisfying sex life. The Better Sex, Better Relationships Challenge is the latest in a successful line of iVillage community challenges, which to-date have rallied over one million women around their personal goals. Signups for the challenge are live now at: http://www.ivillage.com/challenges/bettersex/signup, with a chance to win a romantic getaway. Author and sex expert Ian Kerner serves as challenge coach, and will host a conversation about the Married Sex Survey on Twitter tomorrow evening, February 8, at 9 pm ET #WeWantSex (@iVillage).

Other findings from the research include:

•In the last month, 4 out of 5 women were in the mood to have sex with their spouse
•46% say they married their best sex
•Nearly half of the women say sex got better, or did not change, after marriage, while only 1/3 say they had better sex before they married
•38% say both she and her spouse initiate sex equally
•Close to 1/4 (22%) have “sexted” their husbands, and 1/2 have used some technology device to “flirt” with their spouse

A nationally-representative survey of 1,001 married women ages 18-49, between January 10-18, 2012, fielded in partnership with Insight Express.

About iVillage:

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