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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Critics are crying foul on a plan to build a baseball stadium with taxpayer money in Wilmington.

Many people are questioning why city leaders would consider the possibility of raising property taxes to help fund the ballpark, instead of letting the private sector build it. One group, Americans for Prosperity, took its concerns to city hall today.

“We are here today because the taxpayers in Wilmington are being sacrificed by an unquenchable thirst for tax dollars in an unwise move to get people who may or may not have any interest in baseball to be forced to raise taxes,” AFP’s Dallas Woodhouse said.

City Council meets at 6:30 p.m. Representatives from the Atlanta Braves and Mandalay Baseball Properties, which want to bring a minor league team to the Port City, are in town for the meeting.

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  • Sick of Idealogues

    Dallas Woodhouse and the rest of the Tea Party need to stay out of our local business, they have done enough damage in Raleigh to teachers and working families.

  • Erlkoenig

    The Tea Partyers are trying to save local business. Nice try on dodging the topic SOI with a fake issue. Can you libs ever do anything without bigger, more oppressive government.

  • Guest965874

    Tell me Sick of Idealogues, how have concerned citizens damaged Raleigh and teachers? In the last year over 4,000 positions were filled within the state education system with almost 2,000 of those were teachers.

  • ChallengetheWorld

    Failed Tea-Party Back Candidates:

    Ron Paul – wants to advocate homeschooling and eilminate the TSA. Those are horrbile ideas; think…lets create more anti-social children who are socially inept and lack common skills to navigate in society. Furthermore, lets eliminate the TSA (and the brilliant suggestion was to let the “property owners” handle the security of our ‘friendly’ skies.) No, I don’t want Joe landowner of the Wilmington airport hiring some “security company” to keep me safe. I travel to much to rely on backwoods ‘leave me alone’ ideas.

    Christine O’Donnell – Don’t hear much from her anyomre! I wonder why!

    Sarah Palin – I don’t need to say anymore.

    Tea Party Endorsement = worthless! Any person, candidate or someone like Woodhouse will be silenced in my opinion the moment he aligns himself with the militia known also as the Tea Party.

    But…tax payers should NOT pay for this stadium. The Atlanta Braves and some conglomerate of public business should do so. I think the ordeal with the Convention Center was room enough that we should have recall elections.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    In 2010 they pulled off the greatest accomplishment in American Politics in the past thirty years. They stopped Comrade Pelosi and her Socialist cohorts dead in their tracks. They still have that Marxist in the White House so balled up that he admits on national TV that the Constitution gets in his way. (Thank God!)

    Here in North Carolina they wrestled both houses of the legislature away from the tax-n-spend, wealth-redistribution vote buyers.

    The Tea Party pulled off a fantastic victory…..

    ….then they promptly went home and went back to sleep. Look at 2011 the Wake County School Board results. Look at the slimey, lying weasels re-elected in Wilmington with a seventeen percent voter turnout. Look at the failure to curb public sector unions in Ohio.

    Now, thanks to a Republican National Committee that wants to ram a liberal masquerading as a moderate down your throat and a sound asleep one-hit wonder known as the Tea Party that is letting the RNC get away with it, I am reasonably certain that Obama will be re-elected.

    All beacuse the Tea Party folks are resting on their big fat laurels talking about, “Hey, we kicked their butts in 2010.”

    This is 2012 girls, and if you don’t start doing something soon, you can start playing taps for America.

  • RSimmons

    Though I agree with not wanting a new Stadium. This Americans for Prosperity
    bunch is just a handful of rightwing Obama haterers trying to get their name in the media again. They sure as heck don’t represent me. Put them on a bus and send the SOB’s back to Raleigh!

  • Guest John D.

    You can readily pick out liberals like Simmons who cannot use logic in a discussion, can’t spell and can only swear.

  • Rightwing Obama Haterers

    Maybe YOU need to get on that bus?? Sounds like you actually agree with them…….

  • Gramps1935

    It’s a great Idea. We should also put a domed football stadium, like the Dallas Cowboys have, right next to it.

  • Guest_99x

    Gramps1935, this is a CAPITAL idea! We could then host our very own Super Bowl. Why heck, with a big enough sports complex we could even host an Olympics.

  • Guest461

    And I fully agree with you. While we’re at it, let’s put in an 18 lane curling gallery combination pro-hockey rink! Them “city dwellers” will go for anything Hairspray Saffo introduces!

  • guesty

    Once you are addicted to spending other peoples money, the sky is the limit. Why stop with that? Maybe a race track, basketball court and pole vaulting arena would work as well.

  • RSimmons

    John D Simmons is a reporter for the Charlotte Observer, and he writes much better than I.
    We are not related.

  • Guest_99x

    Actually, John D., Simmons made two points in his post, both of importance. His first point is clearly expressed that he is against the use of taxpayer funding to develop this stadium in Wilmington.

    I am only able to infer from his second point that he finds you and Americans for Prosperity to be of no benefit or use to this community as it deliberates the stadium.

    If you have a couple empty seats on the bus back to Raleigh, please take Berger and Pantano with you too. Thanks!

  • RSimmons

    You seem to complain a lot yourself. Perhaps you would be happier elsewhere.

  • Guest2020

    There’s a comma between “John D” and “Simmons”–the “John D” being a reference to “Guest John D” who also posted.

  • Challengetheworld

    I’d feel perfectly fine with a smaller government. However, I would also feel fine if the Tea Militia would move to Utah and start their own country. I feel that you all could fit in there and no one would care. You can make Sarah Palin your president and call it the republic of the tea party or something.

    The tea-party has done nothing good but stir the pot and point fingers. The occupy movement is exactly the same. Both are not helping anything to improve the situation.


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