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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — For months, we have been following the developing situation within the Leland Police Department. The many issues came to a head last week when Chief Tim Jayne was fired.

Today, we sat down with Interim Police Chief Karl Smith to find out what he has planned for the future of the department.

Officers say that was the first step at making necessary changes at the department to restore confidence in the community, but Smith says he does not think the department is broken.

“I’d say we’ve got some steps to take to get to the level that we want to be, but I don’t know any department from around the nation that doesn’t,” Smith said. “We’re gonna get there. We’re moving forward.”

Smith says it is time to get back to business in Leland. He says he knows the town doubts the department, and he thinks it’s time things change.

“The citizens need to have confidence in the police department, so that’s our priority right now is getting that, and one of the ways we’re going to work on that is getting the officers’ confidence back in the department,” Smith said.

Smith says it’s been a rough couple of months for the officers in Leland with all of the allegations and controversy centered around the department and former Jayne.

Smith says citizens can expect to see more officers in their neighborhoods with increased patrols. He also wants to hear from the community so he knows what changes to make to truly improve the police force in Leland.

“We want to hear those things, good or bad,” Smith said. “It kind of gives us a measure of what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong, so we would like to hear the comments that the citizens would have.”

Smith says he first plans to improve the morale of his staff, and he hopes that will overflow into the community.

Smith says he is not sure what the town’s plan is to fill the chief position permanently, but he does plan to submit an application to be considered.

When we asked how he felt about Jayne being fired, Smith said he would like to keep his opinion about the issue private.

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14 Comments on "FIRST ON 3: Interim Leland Police Chief sets goals for department"

2015 years 8 months ago

That is so cute, No I don’t work for the town but I live here, I just hate to hear people that don’t even live in the town run it down. I know we have problems but we don’t need people from neighboring towns telling us whats wrong and how to fix it. They need to clean up their own little towns (North of Leland and South of Leland) before they try to straighten Leland out.

2015 years 8 months ago

So you think the problems have been resolved now that one person is gone? And you think KBlue, LNR and WWAY are picking on LAPD? If it wasn’t for them pushing the issue, Jayne would still be there. If you think that there still isn’t corruption and problems in that department, you are living in a dream world. Keep them honest, route all the problems out!! Only in the light of day can you fix Leland – if there is nothing to hide – like pulling guns on officers and ganging up to assault Ms. Lewis by the leadership at the PD, including the interim Chief – then you shouldn’t be afraid of some media scrutiny.

2015 years 8 months ago

Again, I’m not saying Karl will be a bad Chief, All I’m saying is as long as certain people are still on the payroll, still pulling cars over, and the public still see’s this? Then he losses credibility every time it is seen. He has “one chance” not 2, not 3, no do over’s. If he don’t? Then it’s the Karillicky show at which point we huff and we puff and we blooooooow that Chief out! Make the changes, we go away. Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

2015 years 8 months ago

I ain’t Kblue but I’ll answer enough already. U need to get a clue-the reason it continues is because they have only scratched the surface of the deceit in Leland. It has been said before-you can’t hide from the truth and until those in charge are willing to admit to all the wrongdoings and come clean then the fight continues. Getting rid of experienced people, hiring more incompetent people or short termers, promoting those who aren’t qualified, paying measly sums of settlements doesn’t make it go away. It has also been said that if U think it is enough already then maybe u need to stop reading the posts, get a life and leave the rest alone and I soooooooooooooo agree.

Keeping the ones on board who threaten others employment and are willing to do whatever and look the other way all for the sake of a paycheck is not the answer either. Eventually they will tire of u too. No one who works for the Town of Leland is completely safe. When they are tired of using u will go out the door too.

Each and every one of them need to look deep into themselves, admit that what they did was wrong and make amends to those they wronged and if that means being open, honest and stepping aside for the better good then they need to do that. They have ruined the careers and lives of hard working people who actually cared about the community and you are right enough is enough so Bozeman, Battle man, Farris, Jayne, Hollis, and anyone else who was involved need to grow a conscience and set the record straight.

And as far as any heart attacks you need to worry about your own. Is your heart straight? Are you one of those working for the town that shouldn’t be? Have you assisted in the wrong doings?

Let’s be real –
A-accountability &

From top to bottom

2015 years 8 months ago

He is being honest. I saw a Leland Police car in my neighborhood patroling yesterday for the first time since I moved there in 2006. The problem is I do not live within the town limits.

2015 years 8 months ago

Does he really live in Sneads Ferry? If so, that is one department policy that needs to change quickly. Most departments will only let an officer have a take home car if they live within 20 miles at most.

Old Guy
2015 years 8 months ago

Hey Karl,
What YOU are doing wrong is staying in Leland. YOU need to go and retire in Sneeds Ferry where YOU live. I guess that Leland tax paying citizens don’t know that YOU drive back and forth there every single day using their gas huh? Since YOU were in charge of the training the day Sherry got shot twelve times in the vaginal area with simunition rounds I guess YOU were in on the plot to get rid of her too! Since YOU knew of the plan by Jain then that makes YOU just as culprable doesn’t it? YOU knew she was hurt and laughed right along with the rest of the rats “Kozak”, “Dellapia” and “Landen”. YOU were the one that set her up each and every time to get shot and laughed. I guess YOU are very proud of YOURSELF huh?
Hey Leland,
The rats are still there and growing bigger every day. All you have done is lopped off the head of the snake but guess what the rest of the body is still there doing whatever they want too because they think you are all dumb emough to believe that everything is ok now. Don’t be fooled Leland! These guys are two and three time loosers! They are just waiting for you to believe them again. It is not over by any meaning of the word!
New appearances are conceiving! Different face being the Interim Chief but same ole person who is a cutthroat and the biggest rat of them all!

2015 years 8 months ago

Dear Karl,
As you certainly can imagine everyone is watching and waiting for you to make a mistake, so that they can point their finger at you until Town Council fires you as well. Also being that you worked closely with Mr. Jayne some will say your “just like him”. I’m not here to say you are either. I am here to say however that you have only “ONE CHANCE” to make this right. And perhaps keep the current Chiefs position. I’m not sure what your way is but if you intend on keeping certain people on your department then your time there is limited I assure you. Let the public tell you who those Officers are. Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!!

2015 years 8 months ago

Council does not fire Hollis will

2015 years 8 months ago

Kblue why don’t you leave Leland alone, you, LNR and channel 3 is like the three stooges. You will worry yourself into a heart attack if you keep on, and I would sure hate to see that happen.

Get some
2015 years 8 months ago

last week I gave hollis some credit to finally firing Jayne. After something really stupid last week by him I take it back. Firing Jayne will be the easiest thing he does, he broke a protocal that any semi expereinced town manager would never have done. It’s one inexpereinced person after another over here in Leland, to save a buck they hired a guy with no expereince, now do you think they might go out and interview outside the department? not if it comes to saving a buck. How stong a position it would be if they hired a Female, experienced police departmental person to come in, with federal backgound. That way protocol and respect will have been taught at a much more stringent requirement. Smith is not the answer, nor is hollis, he stepped in it a week ago, wow what a blunder, in time it will come out to.

2015 years 8 months ago

On paper yes………………….but just exactly what do u think happens in those private meetings or when Council goes into closed session for “a personnel issue” is all about.

2015 years 8 months ago

So what has been done by firing Jayne is that we have changed from a pompus, corrupt leader to a craftier corrupt leader who has been sitting on the sidelines, doing Jaynes bidding, covering for him, working on his boat on duty and just waiting for the inevitable self-destruction by Jayne until he could get his shot at Chief! Don’t be fooled, Leland, he’s no better then the last guy, just not as big a bafoon to show his ass in public. He has a temper and is vindictive and has let DellaPia, Kozak and the rest manipulate him. Sure his morale booster to the staff his keep your head down, smile for the public and, when it all blows over, we can talk crap about the citizens, the council and other police departments like we did before! Please, Mr. Hollis, dont let this clown be your new chief – you lost better people through Jaynes purge that would be a better choice!!

fellow officer
2015 years 8 months ago

This deputy chief served as a key supporter and right hand man o the former police chief. How on earth does he think he is the leadership solution everyone has been waiting and hoping for? The town manager would be wise to tell Smith before the process for naming a permanent police chief really begins that he IS NOT someone the town will consider. In fact, he should not have been named interim police chief in my opinion. From the times I’ve seen Smith in the media, he presents an insular good ole boy unprofessional image. And how can he go on the record and say the department is not totally broken and be taken seriously? The town manager would be derelict of his duty to permanently appoint Smith as police chief after saying himself that Leland needs to go in another direction.


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