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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — The Friends School of Wilmington (FSW) recently announced the hiring of Brenda Esch Boggess to serve as the new Head of School (HOS) effective July 1, 2012.

The in-depth HOS selection process began in September of 2011 and incorporated the input of all of the School’s stakeholder groups—students, parents, teachers, administrators, the Board of Trustees and a specially selected Search Committee.

The initial search identified a pool of 14 promising candidates that were brought before the school’s Search Committee. From this group, the Committee chose seven semifinalists to interview. Thanks to the Search Committee’s enthusiasm and a consensus decision, the Board approved the committee’s recommendation to offer the position to Boggess.

Boggess, mother of two and current Head of School at Greenwood Friends School in Millville, PA, will come to Wilmington and join FSW with over 17 years experience working with independent schools and 13 of those years working with Friends schools. According to her references and colleagues, for the last four years Boggess guided Greenwood Friends from its low enrollment condition to the thriving school it is today.

She is a member of West Richmond Friends Meeting in Richmond, IN and sojourns at Millville Friends Meeting.

Boggess earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Guilford College and has completed graduate coursework in Women’s Studies, Social Work and Counseling. She will complete a Master of Education degree in School Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania in July 2012.

According to FSW representatives, “The decision to hire Boggess was largely based on the School Board’s sense of unity between Brenda’s experience and vision and the needs of FSW at this stage of our development.”
FSW representatives sited specific statements made by Boggess that suggested a closely shared vision between school and candidate. Said Boggess: “I believe that healthy, collaborative relationships are at the core of a successful school. Leaders in schools should be people who are able to have authentic connections with all constituents.”

“The Friends school head I am now and want to continue to be is one who prioritizes student learning, teacher professional development, and parent support for the instructional mission of the school”

“Leadership in a Friends school attends to the spirit, reminding the community that spiritual belief, values, and practices in a school are diverse and important.”

FSW Administrators said members of the FSW community were, “…thrilled to find a Head of School with so much experience and a proven track record for developing an effective and progressive educational curriculum.”

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