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Police Department investigation continues in Wrightsville Beach; smoking ban, Crystal Pier discussion to come

READ MORE: Police Department investigation continues in Wrightsville Beach

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- The Town of Wrightsville Beach Board of Aldermen held a town meeting Thursday night looking for some answers on a police department investigation. The board also discussed the future of Crystal Pier, but answers were hard to come by.

The town has three of its police officers on administrative leave, and the investigation is ongoing

Mayor David Cignotti said he cannot comment on the investigation.

"Currently the chief of police has been working with the town manager and our town attorney, so we will release information as soon as we can," Cignotti said.

Police Chief Dan House believes the investigation is nearing a conclusion. He also said there is no comment until then.

There was also interest at the meeting in what the town will do about the damaged Crystal Pier, but that, too, will have to wait.

"That will be a public hearing that has been postponed, so we will probably discuss that at the April 12 meeting," Cignotti said.

The mayor said a proposed smoking ban on the beach will be heard at a March public meeting.

While many issues were down-streamed, the Board of Aldermen announced a surf contest and beach cleanup in March and Surfers Healing autism event in April.

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Stick With The Facts

I read these string of comments and find them to be very entertaining. However; I also find that the comments are getting off track. What we do know is that three WB Officers have violated policy and or have done something wrong and they should be held accountable for their actions. This is what is required of any citizen in any community, including law enforcement. The reason there is so many negative comments is because the named police officers walk and ride around with a "holier than though" attitude. They profile and discriminate to those who they think are less of a person then they are. This is from personal experience with one of these officers. This is not towards the department as a whole or the chief but against one of the three officers involved. I won't mention names but it rhymes with lawn crapper. I think he and the other two stooges graduated with honors fron AH attitude school.

Crystal Pier

There was also interest at the meeting in what the town will do about the damaged Crystal Pier, but that, too, will have to wait.

"That will be a public hearing that has been postponed, so we will probably discuss that at the April 12 meeting," Cignotti said.

There are Plently of people that are interested in the "re-opening" of the Old Pier to fishing once again...
Once again People/Organistions such as the!/pages/Southeastern-King-Mackerel-Club/275406617942
AND this other Soctiey...!/pages/North-Carolina-Fishing-Pier-Society/286090417397

Are trying to work with the Pier Owners, gather mememberships, to preserve a "Culture" that are a hertiage of NC Piers....
Only together, We can access the "Ocean" without a boat, allowing great times between Dad's and Son's, Daughter's, conversation, and yes, catching "dinner" for that evening.....

Think; there are times in Sept/Oct/Nov, that a HUGE amount of people come into ILM/beaches, "just to fish" the Fall Spot run...
No piers, NO MONEY, NO Hotel bookings etc,.......

Crystal Pier is known, being so close to the Inlet rocks, that fish, "stack-up" there... It's a huge fishing oppertunity for Alot of people fishing from that pier through the years,,,... In addition to what would be the ONLY second OPEN WATER Ocean access on Wrightsville beach....


So let me see if I got all this straight. The Wrightsville Beach board met to decide the current matters at hand...police, pier, beach rules...they decided they couldn't decide on we'll take care of it.....LATER! But hey.....LET'S SURF DUDES!!! yep....that's government efficiency at it's best!

They forgot about this topic

Weren't they going to add a mandatory credit check at the bridge to try to keep the undesirables off "their" beach?

That would be a fantastic

That would be a fantastic idea!

add it

They could add it next to the license plate scanner.

The credit check is a

The credit check is a fantastic idea. The smoking ban is the stupidest idea I have ever heard. The beach is OUTSIDE!!!!

True, but...

It may may be true that the beach is outside, but most, not all smokers refuse to dispose of their butts properly. Just take a look at the beach or any road you are driving on.

what will be next?

Let's see...
No urinating in the ocean at WB...would LOVE to see them try to enforce THAT one as well, ha!


they can start up the ol' pee patrol that they had to catch people peeing behind the bushes.

Yes, but smokers cannot

Yes, but smokers cannot police themselves and must make a mess with their smoking materials, so, someone must step in to correct the problem.