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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington Police crime scene technician is OK after being hit by a car this morning.

Kim Breeden was taking pictures of graffiti at The Reserve at Forest Hills on Darlington Avenue. She was walking back to her car when another car hit her.

Breeden was able to radio in to dispatch that she was OK.

WPD spokesman Kevin Smith said the driver got a ticket because they had not cleaned the frost off of their windshield and could not see.

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  • Brian

    Only takes a minute or two with a credit card / driver’s license to clear it. If you’re too lazy to do that, bring some hot water out with you and dump it on the windshield. And pedestrians need to watch where they’re walking.

  • Dumping hot water on a frosted windshield is a very good way of cracking the windshield. Water shouldn’t be put on the windshield when it is frozen but if you do it should be cold water.

  • Tom Coop

    I really like the one about hot water on the windshield you won’t have to ever clean it again!!!!

  • anne

    Glad that she wasn’t hurt badly. Glad the other person got a ticket – how stupid not to clean your windshield off. What was the person thinking? Right, he/she wasn’t thinking. Must have been late for the McDonald breakfast!

  • taxpayer

    Too bad the cops can’t cite the driver for being stupid.

  • Guest6969696969

    Both have avoided this accident; BY ONE lil rule that you have to perform on your driver’s test when getting a license…
    Before you back-up; BEEP YOUR HORN!

  • Brian

    Been doing the hot water thing for 25 years, the only thing that’s cracked my windshield was a flying aluminum ladder on I-95. I guess you think putting hot food in the refrigerator will cause it to spoil too?

  • huh?

    you’re like all the smokers who say they’ve been smoking 25 years and haven’t got cancer…. yet.

  • No but I do know what thermal shock is and what it will do.


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