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UPDATE: R.C. Soles upgraded to serious condition after heart surgery


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Former Sen. R.C. Soles is recovering after undergoing heart bypass surgery this morning at New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

Hospital officials confirm Soles was upgraded from critical to serious condition tonight.

Soles, the longest serving member of the General Assembly in state history, left office in 2011.

For years, the former senator has been in the spotlight after allegations of sexual misconduct and assault involving several young men.

His contentious relationships with the men have led to their arrests, many court proceedings and jail time.

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I totally agree Senator

I totally agree Senator Soles is a sick man. One who has used power and influence to hide crimes that would have sent most to prison for years. The whole time Columbus County has turned a blind eye to pedophilia while writing traffic tickets to those driving 10 miles over the speed limit. Shame on him, shame on Columbus county, shame on our Judicial system!

You Hit the Nail on the Head

Couldn't have said better, myself.


I pray R.C. comes through this, heals well and has a long life as did his father. My wish is for him to recover so he lives to face what he has done all these years.

Do You Really Think That Will Happen?

I wonder if, maybe ,there are a lot of dignitaries rooting for him because it will unleash Pandora's Box. In other words, if he goes down - he will take others with him!!!!!!!

a pleasure

It's been so nice not hearing 'Frog' in the news lately.


This is not a time for vulgar remarks and etc. Mr. Soles is a sick man and needs our prayers now not someone nasty remarks. Leave him alone and let him recover in peace.

I don't go around wishing

I don't go around wishing ill on anyone. I won't pray for peace for him. He doesn't deserve peace. His victims have no peace.


Why...he and frog wouldn't leave us alone. What comes around goes around. DEAL WITH IT!


Not the time??? Are you kidding me? You want to pray for ole Chester the Molester??

You need to get your head out of the sand!!! Let this piece of garbage rot in hell.


You have no proof he did anything you know what they say about people who assume!


You have no proof he didnt. Now shut up.

Must Be

getting in shape for Frog's upcoming release.


That is an acute observation. Very good SCT.


I dread that from now on to eternity the 'On This Day' reminiscences we will read "On this day Senator Soles..."