FIRST ON 3: New Hanover Co. School Board member files for county commission

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Submitted: Tue, 02/14/2012 - 2:41am
Updated: Tue, 02/14/2012 - 3:20pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – A New Hanover County School Board member has officially thrown his hat in the race for county commission.

Dr. Derrick Hickey filed his declaration of candidacy for New Hanover County Commission on Monday.

In a press release, Hickey said his campaign will focus on fiscal responsibility, fostering economic growth in the county and promoting education for the children of New Hanover County.

Hickey currently serves on the New Hanover County School Board. He was elected to that position in 2010.

Hickey is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand and upper extremity surgery, microsurgery, and arthroscopy.


  • Holy carp says:

    Ben’s at it again, he’s another candidate from the people who gave us Berger. At least we can expose this one before it’s too late. From their website….

    ABLE is dedicated to reaching out to all of New Hanover County: The City of Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Castle Hayne, Monkey Junction, Landfall, Porter’s Neck, Ogden, and even the rest of Southeastern North Carolina. We are actively preparing for the May 4, 2010 Primary, and the subsequent general election in November of this year. At this time, ABLE can legally only officially support and endorse candidates who represent an area inclusive of New Hanover County – and cannot lend its official endorsement to candidates whose representative area includes portions of Pender, Brunswick, or and other surrounding counties. This year, we are supporting: Thom Goolsby for NC Senate District 9; J. Michael Hutson for NC House District 18; Brian Berger and Justin LaNasa for New Hanover County Commission; Ed Higgins, Don Hayes, Janice Cavenaugh, and Derrick Hickey for New Hanover County School Board.

  • RSimmons says:

    I don’t agree with most of Derrick’s politics (GOP) But so far he has been a pretty fair guy overall. He is smart,articulate and hasn’t been arrested lately that I know of. He is involved in the community and knows what is going on. He may not be my first choice for a county commissioner but he would represent us well.

    Just because “A-Bunch-Loonies-Enraged” put their stamp on a political slate two years ago doesn’t mean all of the candidates are nut-jobs.

  • Guest Lee says:

    If they’re endorsing Brian Berger and Justin LaNasa, I’ll make sure I don’t vote for anyone else on their list either because their judgement is seriously flawed. Thanks for the heads up!


    First of all if able is whom i have to thank for senator Thom Goolsby thank you a great deal . AS someone that has to spend alot of time at the nc general assembly he has served us well.AS for Mr.Hickey I have not heard any thing but good remakes .They both deserve our support. thank you Chris Anderson

  • Wilmgal says:

    It is amazing to view some of the nonsensical comments about someone who volunteers their life to serve our community. Hickey has support in many groups with differing political views. He has put our children first with regard to his service on the school board. I think he will make a very effective county commissioner. As for the comment about “being educated beyond his intelligence,” it sounds like something said by a frustrated bully that can’t get an intelligent person to cave to his ideals.

  • ConfusedInilm says:

    As far as I can tell, Dr Hickey has only run for one political office, board of education, which he won. He does not appear to have a political agenda for himself other than fixing what problems that exist in the areas his office affects. I am a democrat with a special needs child. He has consistently stood up for this group of kids like he said he would. How are you comparing him to Brian Berger?? Are you thinking of Chad Hogston (judge)? They look alike…

  • Ahmed says:

    you’re probably the type that tells everyone that you’re open minded, tolerant and never submit to prejudice. What on earth does Dr. Hickey have to do with brian berger???

  • Guest23 says:

    Derrick Hickey is a right wing version of Brian Berger with a brain. Hickey comes across as another power hungry, egomaniac, jerk, out for himself. Hickey has been running – or trying to run – for one office or another for years. So much for Hickey’s commitment to education…. Please voters, spare us another Brian Berger. “Vote NO Hickey”.

  • PF says:

    Seems on surface to be a good guy, but I am VERY uncomfortable with his close ties to the ABLE crowd. Brian Berger, Ben McCoy, Russ Hauptman, LaNasa, Carolyn Bordeaux, etc. Frightening how much this crowd has damaged conservative causes in this town

  • Erlkoenig says:

    Dr. Hickey has been a steadfast voice for American ideals, which is why the Statist, big Government crowd can’t stand him.

  • Guest40 says:

    Hickey is just another fruitcake that is educated beyond his intelligence.

  • Erlkoenig says:

    Typical lib spew. Long on insults, short (absent) on facts. I’m guessing some here are afraid they won’t get their free ride to Wrightsville beach on a WAVE bus.

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