FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Pender commissioner’s DWI case delayed again

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Submitted: Tue, 02/14/2012 - 4:32am
Updated: Tue, 02/14/2012 - 2:15pm

CHARLOTTE, NC (WWAY) — More than a year after he was arrested for his third DWI charge, a Pender County Commissioner’s court case was delayed again today.

As WWAY was first to report in August, Matthews Police in Mecklenburg County pulled David Williams over in December 2010 after they spotted “a suspicious vehicle stopped in the middle of” US 74. The report says Williams’s blood alcohol level was 0.15.

A court date in September was pushed back to December. That hearing was delayed until today, when a judge granted a motion to suppress the breathalyzer results. The case has been continued until a Finding of Facts hearing March 26, according to Charles Keller, a spokesman for Mecklenburg County Court.

Fellow Pender County Commissioners did not know about the arrest until WWAY uncovered the information last summer.

According to criminal records, Williams was convicted twice for DWI: once in 1990 and again in 1994. Williams also has a history of speeding and other traffic violations. Williams has refused to comment on the case.


  • east side resident says:

    Mr. Williams continues to abuse the law as a County Commissioner and as a citizen: Mr. Williams helped force duly appointed members from the Board of Health simply because they didn’t agree with Commissioner Brown’s determination to destroy health department programs that helped many county residents; Mr. Williams then compounded this abysmal behavior by refusing to take responsibility for his third DUI with the help and encouragement of an obviously corruptible judge and his ability to manipulate the justice system for Williams benefit.

  • slapped in the face says:

    People of Pender speak up! This is not the kind of corrupt man we want to represent our county! What judge would even allow the thought of suppressing the breathalyzer. Mr. Williams has really shown what kind of morals he has. Get rid of him people of Pender!!

  • Pender resident says:

    What is really scary here, folks…. This man is representing and is responsible for arranging the SAFE driving in HAMPSTEAD on Hwy 17! His district is the most dangerous drive in the county and he can’t stay SOBER enough to drive HIMSELF! What I and others can’t understand is why he doesn’t care enough about the constituents that put him in office to step down from commissioner! Not only was he dishonest about his criminal driving record when he ran for office,but he continues this behavior! Yes, lying by omission is still lying!

    It is a crying shame that he is so little of a man that he tries to suppress the breathalyzer when he was so drunk that he was passed out in the road! I was raised to admit when you are wrong, accept the consequences, and don’t repeat the error in judgement… Not only did he repeat it, but he threepeated it!! THREE times? Come on!!!

  • P says:

    “a suspicious vehicle stopped in the middle of” US 74. The report says Williams’s blood alcohol level was 0.15.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Like the two time before??? Innocent until he kills someone else? Don’t be an idiot. Hard to prove him guilty if he keeps getting out of his court date stupid.

  • Danielle says:


  • shutem down says:

    3rd offense ……! ! !

    Danielle buy him a 5th of jack Daniels and let commissioner Williams drive the Indy 500 in your neighborhood!

    Mr. Williams just say no! to drinking & driving ! ! !

  • Pender Co Citizen says:

    He is already guilty TWICE of DWI – This time he was suspicious in the MIDDLE of the ROAD and blew TWICE the legal limit of alcohol!! I wonder how you would feel if his car came to rest on TOP of your daughter, son, or parent’s car rather than stopping in the middle of the highway as he passes out? Does this state have a 3rd strike law? This is certainly a man that deserves to serve time in jail, apparently the last 2 convictions meant NOTHING to this DRUNK!

    Remember this Danielle, this DRUNK is allowed to continue to drive on our roads… where you, your family and loved ones are driving every day! He has absolutely no remorse which makes this even more frightening! We can only hope that no one crosses his path on his next drunken drive home…

  • SurfCityTom says:

    test results suppressed, watch for a plea bargain on a reduced charge. Not certain what it will be; but the Judge’s ruling means the results can not be entered into evidence or considered. Unless the DA appeals the decision.

    Not certain what a finding of facts will reveal.

    Time will tell.

    IN the mantime, a question — was he on County business out there?

    And folks, remember this when it comes time to vote on his seat. That’s one way to send him packing.

  • Disgusted Dan says:

    How can a judge “suppress” the breathalyzer results? If this is allowed and the case is dismissed or he plea’s down, I think this will set a precedent. All you folks convicted of DUI in the past better get a lawyer and appeal your convictions to this judge.

    See…power does have its privileges.

  • Guest3 says:

    I am so for your post. Sure everyone has thier day in court.Until a Final disposition is reached they need to sit it out on the sidelines. I bet the court system would clear out faster.

  • Guest61246 says:

    It seems as if the majority of our elected officials are in trouble with legal problems. I am not an advocate of more rules, but I think it is time for a law that stipulates that any elected official who is arrested would not be able to serve in his/her elected capacity until such time that the case has been cleared in a court of law.

  • taxpayer says:

    doing so would vacate the “innocent until proven guilty” aspect of the law.

  • pender county citizen 001 says:

    “Williams was convicted twice for DWI: once in 1990 and again in 1994. Williams also has a history of speeding and other traffic violations.”

    a 3rd time….

    ” when a judge granted a motion to suppress the breathalyzer results.”

    take away his license!

    what if he killed your mother, wife,daughter Judge?

    people of pender demand his resignation of the county commissioners!

    David if your reading this…





  • voter28443 says:

    Maybe we know now why he wanted a median in Hampstead. It will be easier to drive by bouncing back and forth against a concrete wall when you are drunk. He will never get stopped for crossing the center line!!! Only for crossing the ethics line.

  • anne says:

    Wonder what happen if this joker gets back on the road again and hurts or kills someone? What will be the judge’s defense? This is just a ploy to delay and to delay. Get it done and over with and go from there.

  • Guest9743 says:

    Mark my works folks, they’ll keep putting it off and putting it off so he can keep on driving while impaired until he kills someone and then they’ll probably give him 30 days in jail, that’s about all he’ll get. All you need in NC is a fist full of money and a slick a** lawyer, (there’s a plenty of them in this town) that’s on the take and you keep on doing what you were doing!!

  • Brian says:

    The interesting thing here is that despite his right to a speedy trial, he has chosen to delay as long as possible. Why? Because he knows he’s guilty, and won’t man up and take responsibility. Yet another spineless weasel politician.

  • Guest61246 says:

    Maybe not………..many times teachers and other employees are suspended until an investigation is complete. This is the same thing, except until after a court decision instead of an investigation.

  • jeff hill says:

    he innocent

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